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Returned Home, Relaxing before Dinner

Eventually thereafter, after short introductory study with Jigen-san and Oriza-san, we parted ways to return to the castle.  Since the cottage was closest to the other side of the castle, the path returning home involved completing the circle around the castle.  Still, there wasn’t much new to regarding passing around the area below the rooms belonging to Father and Saryuu.  The cobblestone path going from the cottage was decorated by more tall shurbbery, heading back around the castle to the front entrance.

“Your family deciding to put the cottage so close to the castle, along the side, it was quite an interesting financial decision.”

Alica-san mentioned such, having me consider just how old the cottage might be.  I also wondered if the intent was to help reduce the chance of theft for the cottage.  A thief we could be prepared for, but it would be harder to deal with a spy or assassin…well, this world has been full of strange things, like sorcery for example.

Anyway, I somehow made it back to my room and involuntarily collapsed on my soft sofa, catching my breath.

“… Heh.. I’m exhausted…”

“Seiren-sama, it seems you need to work on your fitness.”

“It’s these shoes.  I’m really not used to wearing this kind of footwear, they are difficult to walk in.”

Alica-san seemed troubled, after hearing such an explanation.  It was rough, needing to get used to such girl’s shoes while walking once around the castle.  I was very exhausted.  They weren’t just girl’s shoes, they were high heel shoes specifically, with a very narrow yet long heel leaving me otherwise standing barely on my tiptoes.  It was very painful, mostly at the back edge of my calves and feet.  After all, back when I was a guy I didn’t even wear leather shoes, mostly just cheap sneakers, even to my graduation. …. Yeah, these shoes here were nothing like sneakers at all.

Minoa-san gave a quick sigh and knelt to my feet.  Notably inspecting the foot space within my shoes, she cautiously and considerately felt around the exterior of the shoes, to see what kind of state they were in.  Speaking of which, Minoa-san did ask me about my shoe size earlier.  She raised her expression deep in thought, carefully considering things.

“I think the size is wrong for your feet, the shoes are fitting very snugly on your feet being so new, and are causing chafing to your skin.  I am very sorry for not noticing earlier, I will take care of this immediately.”

“Oh, my feet are getting chafed?  Oh gosh, I hadn’t noticed.”

She softly removing the shoe from my foot, letting me see that my akiresukenatari had turned red.  I really missed my guy shoes at this point.  Well no, it might have been difficult, but I’m certain I will get used to this.

“With new shoes like this, it’s very common to have this happen.  This will not be difficult to take care of, it won’t be a problem.  I’m very sorry about all this.”

“Oh.. it’s alright.  Maybe it was just this bad because I’m still not used to wearing these kind of shoes.  I will simply have to be more careful in the future.”

Oh, while getting accustomed to stuff like this, it also seems like this sort of thing is common too.  Therefore, I should make sure to be aware of this with future new shoes.

“Minoa, I brought some medicine.”

“Thank you Alica.  Seiren-sama, if you will excuse me.”

“Oh, yes, thank you.”

Alica-san came back from a nearby storage closet, rushing back carrying a small tin of strangely colored ointment.  They applied a small dab to the wound, then wrapped it up in a cloth stocking.  A white container with a tawny brown lid, I was somehow familiar with the ointment that they were using.  Minoa-san’s gentle caring hands had applied the ointment, so it only stung for a short time.  The ointment being wrapped in white cloth, it was similar to a bandage dressing, even with the edge tucked in at the end.

“For a while now until tomorrow, it might be best to just stick to wearing socks.  Then we can get you into properly fitting shoes for you to get used to.”

“Okay, thank you.”

Looking up and thanking both Alica-san for bringing the ointment and bandages, along with Minoa-san for applying them, I was very relieved this was taken care of.  Well no, this problem wasn’t over yet.  Well, at least the shoe thing was fully addressed.

Anyway, girl shoes, they are seriously going to be a challenge.  Every day wearing them, while walking around or doing anything else.  Womanhood, in a few ways it was absurdly intimidating.  I wonder at this, will I be alright?  After all, from now on I won’t have another opportunity to simply wear sneakers.

“These shoes, do you think I’ll ever get used to them?”

“I know you’ve been very worried about not adapting to your shoes.  From now on, we should look for more opportunities for you to adjust to such high heels.”

Guō, Minoa-san declared such so decisively.  Wearing these shoes today, I wondered if it might be better if they had a shorter heel.  Thinking things through, will everything here after simply be me wearing more of such high heels?  Having a heel like a pin, with my heel painfully standing on such precarious footing.  Women are just expected to stand composed wearing such, really it’s just terrible, but that’s just how things are.  I’ll need to get used to wearing high heel shoes at every opportunity.

“… there is that, or for going out to a party.”

“Oh yes.  You will need to be able to dance during the parties.”

“You… want… me… to… dance?”

Alica-san laughed as she joined the conversation with such a reply, while I involuntarily looked up at the ceiling.  Oh wow, I didn’t notice yesterday, but there was even an arabesque across the ceiling.  No, it’s too much, if I had to wear high heel shoes dancing, I would absolutely certainly fall down. … well no, actually I think I might likelearning how to dance correctly.  Heck, I could see a lot of folk dance with such a family, ballroom style.  Er, that would mean I would be dancing with a guy’s hand firmly held to my waist, his other hand ready to twirl me around.  I considered such pleasant thoughts.

“Seiren-sama, is anything the matter?”

“Oh, no, everything is fine Alica-san.  I just have a bunch of different things to think about after all this.”

“Such can’t be helped.  I wanted to inquire earlier, about Seiren-sama living in another world.  First of all, is this why you aren’t very familiar with everything to do with the Shiya Family?”

Yeah, I’ve been found out.  However, Minoa-san was firm and resolute in making sure this was clarified.  After hearing such painful truth, it probably wasn’t something I could continue to hide, not any longer.  Hmm, Minoa-san was perfectly right in asking this.

“… That is right.  I remember it being said that Minoa-san had a really good, soft massage.  Could I please have such now?”

“Yes, if you wish.”

Yesterday, both Oriza-san and Alica-san made this claim.  Since my feet are so sore, it would be a good time to experience such for myself.  Having asked for such an opportunity, I quickly thought it was a good chance in this way for such.

“Now, if you will excuse me.”

After saying such, she went to her knees and put my foot atop my other knee, demonstrating her experience to me for the first time.  Of course… actually experiencing her healing motions… yeah…

“Oh, ah!!  That feels great!!”

Well, Oriza-san did say I would feel like I had gone to heaven, it was very accurate after all.  Massaging with such a miraculous technique, I still felt a little sore but other than that I felt much better than before.  Feeling like this, I’m certain I will have a good night’s sleep.

“Seiren-sama, your face, are you in any way uncomfortable?”

“Ah… After Minoa-san’s massage, I’m truly feeling amazing.”

“Oh, thank you.”

I wondered at that, how could my face make me look uncomfortable.  Considering such, maybe I had a silly expression because it just felt too good, in some sort of roundabout way.  However, to be blessed with such a heavenly massage seemed seriously impossible, absolutely impossible.  Going another 3 rounds of massages, my silly expression continued.  Ohh… ahh… Minoa-san has some excellent abilities with her arms.

After the massage was completed, Alica-san brought a small bucket.  There was steam coming from it, due to the hot water inside.

“Seiren-sama, I’ve brought some hot water.  Please rest comfortably so that I can wash your down, since your feet are wrapped in bandages that need to stay dry….”

“Oh.. thank you.”

To relax like this, with my feet both in this state.  This really wasn’t the proper place for a bath, this wasn’t would be called the normal every day way to have a bath.  It was a bit of an extra luxury, to getwashed down clean like this was plenty extravagant.  With the bucket kept at my feet, my feet were cautiously washed clean.  Oh… I was like a middle-aged man relaxing at a coffee shop, considering the warm expression on my face while I was being cleaned.  … No, the Director wasn’t like that actually… I was just projecting middle-aged man habits.  The Director did tell me “You will understand eventually,” though I don’t think I have the form to ever understand such anymore.

“Seiren-sama, it was like I told you.  Minoa’s massages feel the greatest.”

“Oh yes, assuredly, there was truth in your stories… Ahh.. I feel so relaxed I could fall asleep.”

Yes, I keep thinking some weird things, the mind works in mysterious ways.  Shamefully enough, a yawn unconsciously escaped right after saying such.  However, I had other plans.

“Oh, if that’s how it is.”

“This is a problem.  It’s very nearly dinner time…..”

Alica-san stayed held a calm composed expression at this, while Minoa-san looked visibly worried.  This sort of personal irregularity, I’m not really good with.  But I’m so sleepy, it can’t be helped.

“Oh.., so I can’t fall asleep?”

“Yes we have to get ready.. wait, just a minute.. …”


Attempting to answer a troubled Minoa-san, I begun to sway and then collapsed.  Later this evening, please wake me up, in time for dinner….  …..

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