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Chapter 988

988 He wants to stay in her room

“They’ve changed the guards . ” Zhao Xiang Qi observed for a moment and spoke out in a deep voice .

“These people are not your men?” Han Miao Shuang asked .

“Mm . ” Xia Chang Tian’s expression was extremely ugly looking .

“Aren’t you guys the leaders? These guys aren’t your men?” Little Seven questioned .

“These people look very unfamiliar . ” Zhao Xiang Qi answered, “They probably don’t belong to the Guild . ”

“Since they don’t belong to the Guild, then what are they doing here?”

“It is definitely the words of a spy . ” Han Miao Shuang said, “Since that’s the case, can we still enter? Will there be danger after we enter?”

“Have a try . ” Hong Yi said .

“What if we don’t open the door?” Mao San Quan asked, “Judging from our previous predicament, they have already gained control of the entire Cloud Sea City . ”


“If they don’t recognise your faces, then the two of you heading over right now will be equivalent to meeting your doom . ” Sima You Yue said, “Anyway if they kill you right here, the people in the city will never find out about it . ”

What a frank young fellow!

“What You Yue said is right, as long as you’re killed outside, no one inside will ever know . ” Mao San Quan said, “Moreover they have even more people right here . Although you have your own men, but I’m thinking they will not be able to reach as quickly as their men . ”

“That’s true . ” Hong Yi said, “You’re not here so they must listen to those men’s instructions . ”

“Then we’re not entering?” Zhang Meng asked .

“Think of a way to enter . ” Gao Zhi Hong said, “As long as we’ve entered, they wouldn’t dare to deny in front of everyone . ”

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“That is if we are able to enter first . ” Zhang Fei said, “Moreover to whisk out the culprit, these people might already have been prepared if we were to create a commotion right here . ”

“There are just that few spies with rights . It’s not difficult to whisk them out . ” Xia Chang Tian said .

“But to whisk out every single one of them, that wouldn’t do . ”

“So you can only enter secretly . ”

“That is not possible . ” Zhao Xiang Qi said, “If one could slip into Cloud Sea City that easily, then it wouldn’t be known as Mysterious City . ”

“Mysterious City?” Sima You Yue gazed towards Wu Lingyu, hoping that he would generalise a little more for her .

“Most people only know Cloud Sea City is the place where the Alchemist Guild and Pill Subdivision are but they don’t actually know where it is . ” Wu Lingyu said, “Usually it’s impossible to enter that place . There is a secure array and spirit barrier here . You must know that they are on familiar terms with Array Masters Guild . ”

“If we want to slip in?” Sima You Yue asked .

“Without a doubt, we will be discovered . ”

“Any one from any forces?”

“Even if it was the Emperor, it will still be useless . ” Wu Lingyu shrugged .

Wasn’t that nonsense? Was there even an Emperor during these times?

She stared at Wu Lingyu and turned around to find Mao San Quan staring at herself, with a burning gaze .

“Instructor Mao, why are you looking at me for . ” Her neck shrank a little .

“You have a way to let them slip in quietly, right?”

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Ten over minutes later, they weaved through the clouds and reached below the city walls . Right now, there were only people from Starfish Palace and Academy .

“We’re entering like this, but what about the Principal and the others?” Zhang Meng asked .

“You will find out when it’s time . ” Mao San Quan said, “Now go into the city . ”

They came to the city gates and the guards who were keeping watch discovered them quickly .

“Who’s that?”

“We’ve returned . ” Mao San Quan replied, “Don’t tell me that you don’t recognise us after a mere ten over days . ”

“Invitation card . ”

Mao San Quan opened the invitation card and a logo appeared .

“Open the gate . ”

City gate opened slowly and Mao San Quan led the group as they walked in . The city gates closed immediately after .

“Go inform President and the others that these people are back . ” The guard leader instructed to one of his men .

“Yes Sir . ” That guard left after he accepted the order .

“I’ve not expect that they would actually come back alive . Could this mean that there’s a change in plans… . ”

Mao San Quan, Zhang Fei and the others left for the Pill Subdivision while Sima You Yue and Han Miao Shuang returned to the guesthouse inn .

“You’re finally back . If you don’t return sooner, we’d all be worried to death . ” Fu Xiao Dai was the only other female alchemist other than Sima You Yue and Han Miao Shuang and on seeing their return, she hurriedly went up to welcome them .

When the other students and teachers saw them, they also came downstairs .

“What’s wrong?” Sima You Yue saw the worries on their faces and asked, “Has something happened?”

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“It’s not us who’s in trouble . We heard that you’ve all been sent outside and some of the others who were sent outside had not returned yet . ” Fu Xiao Dai said, “You’ve left for so many days, we’re all worried that you will not be able to return . ”

“Who did you hear that from?” Sima You Yue asked .

She didn’t tell the other students about this matter and the people from Pill Subdivision or Alchemist Guild will never say it out, but they actually found out about it .

“Before we left, we had a clash with a lady dressed in green coloured clothes and their men said so . ” Fu Xiao Dai said .

“Who is she?”

“Seems to be a Young Miss from the Guild . ” Fu Xiao Dai replied, “She said she will ask her Grandpa to cancel our competition rights . ”

“A grandpa who can cancel the competition rights? Looks like his authority is rather huge . ” Sima You Yue said, “How did you all ruffle her feathers?”

Although there wasn’t any contact but hearing this made her imagine what kind of lady she was .

“It’s all my fault . I’ve set my sights on the same medicinal herb as her and we have a small argument . ” Fu Xiao Dai said .

“Now that Instructor Mao is back, there won’t be any trouble . ” Sima You Yue said, “Those whatever Young Miss, you need not bother . ”

“Where’s Instructor Mao?” A teacher asked .

“He’s gone to the Pill Subdivision . He should be back in a while . ” Sima You Yue said and then turned towards Wu Lingyu who was standing next to her, “I’ll help you book a room . ”

“No need, I’ll stay in your room and that will do . ” Wu Lingyu said .

“No way . ”

“No way . ”

Two opposing sounds rang at the same time, one was You Yue and the other was Little Seven .

“I’m staying together with You Yue, how can you put your foot right in?!” Little Seven’s hands were on her hips as she screeched .

“You’re a girl and girls should stay with girls, go stay with your Senior Sister . ” Wu Lingyu said .

“There’s so many rooms, just find one for yourself . ” Sima You Yue opposed .

“There’s no more empty rooms . ” Wu Lingyu replied innocently .

“How do you know?”

“Guessed . Don’t believe you can ask the shopkeeper . ”

Sima You Yue took a look at Wu Lingyu and gazed over to the back of the counter .

When that plump shopkeeper saw everyone looking at him and saw Qu Lingyu turning the ring on his finger, he beamed and said, “I’m really sorry, we don’t have any more empty rooms here . ”

“No more empty rooms? Didn’t you say there were a few more earlier? I just heard you telling the waiter earlier . ” Fu Xiao Dai spoke out puzzledly .

“About that, it’s just been reserved by someone . ” The shopkeeper said, “So now we don’t have any empty rooms . If you want to stay here, then you have to squeeze and make do with it . ”

Sima You Yue looked at Wu Lingyu and the complacent smile on his face, the complacency expression which expressed that he had guessed correctly, was really annoying .

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