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Chapter 987

987 Sensible Director

The guards searched, then stood up and said, “Captain, no news has been found . ”

There are no signs on these people, nor anything that reveals their identity .

“See if there’s anything in their spatial ring . ” Hong Yi said .

Sima You Yue found that the status of Hong Yi was not low, and she said that the guards went to check the spatial ring .

But those people have been prepared for failure long ago and have not carried anything to identify themselves with . So, searching those spatial rings, there was nothing to get out of, except for some elixir spirit tools .

“Since they’re death warriors , they will naturally leave nothing behind . ” Mao San Quan said .

“If we can’t find out their identity, the clue will be broken . ”

“No, it won’t . ” Xia Chang Tian said, “If you go back to the guild, you will know who is doing the dirty trick . ”

This thing must have been done in collusion by traitors from the inter regions, the Alchemy Masters Guild, and the Pill Subdivision . Although these people are dead, the traitor of the Alchemy Masters Guild is still there . As long as we find the traitor, we can also know who is the one behind all this .

“Without evidence, I’m afraid that it’s not easy to find those people . ” Zhang Fei said with some concerns .

“Hmph, if they don’t admit, then we will beat them up until they admit . ” Hong Yi sneered .

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It can be seen that this Hong Yi beauty is definitely not a good stubble .

“Now, there is only a dozen days left before the alchemy contest . Let’s go back earlier . ” Mao San Quan said, “If you don’t go back , our spot in the contest will be taken away . ”

“Hmph, if this is really the case, then you don’t need us to find the traitor . ” Xia Chang Tian said . When they thought of the person who hurt them, they were furious and had the urge to drag those traitors out and beat them!

They called out the flying beasts and flew towards Cloud Sea City . The injured people began to use their skills to heal their wounds, while the less injured ones spoke with Mao San Quan .

There was a special one, who was obviously very badly injured, but only took pills and won’t use his skills to heal himself .

“Little You Yue, can you tell me how you guys get together?” Xia Chang Tian sat beside Sima You Yue and asked with a smile .

Wu Lingyu was on her other side and planned not to help her answer, wanting to hear what You Yue would say .

Sima You Yue didn’t want to answer that question and said: “Is it because Captain Gao does not accept you that you are so eager to ask for advice?”

The smile on Xia Chang Tian’s face froze, and he set a barrier to prevent others from hearing their conservation .

“You’re worthy of being like-minded . I can see it at a glance . ”

“…” You are also like-minded!

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Sima You Yue wanted to scold, but she couldn’t say it out loud . She put a smile on her face and said, “Director, to be honest, this can’t be forced, only comes naturally . The more you pressured him, the more he resents it . ”

XIa Chang Tian looked at Gao Zhi Hong, who was meditating, and said: “He didn’t dislike me, but he just didn’t want to be with me . Unlike you and your partner, you both are not afraid to show your identity to the public . ”

“Then, give him some time . ” Sima You Yue said, “If you like him, you should follow his will . If you make him unhappy, you will make yourself angry and sad . ”

“It seems to be . ”

“So, if he wants to reveal the relationship, then reveal it . If he doesn’t want to reveal it, then don’t . As long as the both of you are happy . ”

“But I want to get recognition from the outside world, but he says it will affect my prestige . ” Xia Chang Tian said, “We have quarreled several times because of this . ”

Sima You Yue felt angry . Does that guy really think of her as a confidant?!

She felt a deep sense of pity over it .

“In fact, neither of you is wrong . ” She resisted the urge to beat people and said, “You are just thinking about each other . But I agree with Captain Gao . ”


Think about it . You are the director of the Alchemy Masters Guild, and the outer and inner regions are under your control . ” Sima You Yue said, “In the eyes of the world, you are the master of alchemy masters and a big man above all . If you let others know the man you like, your image will be greatly damaged . He likes you, so he doesn’t want others to look down on you . ”

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Xia Chang Tian was silent for a while, sighed and said, “I understand what you said, but I want to be with him all the time, not in the backs of others . ”

“I don’t think you are the kind of person who likes men, but the one who just likes is a man . ” Sima You Yue said what she felt, “But since you like him, you should think about him . ”

Xia Chang Tian looked at her excitedly, feeling that he really found a confidant . He used to like women before . Now, apart from Gao Zhi Hong, he doesn’t feel anything special seeing other men . Just like what she said, he didn’t like men, but the one he liked just happened to be a man .

Sima You Yue was frightened by his expression . Did she say something that she shouldn’t have said?

“Cough, you said to think for him, do you think I’m not enough for him? I want to give him an identity . ” Xia Chang Tian looked at her and said .

“You want to give him an upright and bright identity, which this original intention is good . ” Sima You Yue leaned against Wu Lingyu and continued, “But have you ever thought about it? After you have announced your affairs, it will hurt him . Others may think it’s him who seduced you and made you bad . Then all kinds of filth will pour on him . Do you think they dare not talk trash about you all ? Would you like to see him pointed out?”

Xia Chang Tian was silent . He had never thought of that before . He didn’t care that others despised him, but he didn’t want the world to insult Gao Zhi Hong .

“To love each other is actually about two people . You like him and he likes you . That’s enough . In fact, the eyes of the outsiders don’t matter at all . Whether it’s blessings or insults, it got nothing to do with the two of you . After all, it’s just the life of the two of you . ” Sima You Yue said her thoughts .

Xia Chang Tian suddenly thought about Sima You Yue, patted her on the shoulder and said, “It turns out that Xiao You Yue is more transparent than I am . No wonder you have nothing to worry about . I understand what you said . Thank you . ”

After he finished speaking, he released the barrier and went to Gao Zhi Hong .

Sima You Yue bit her lips . Since you understood, why were you still including her!?

Wu Lingyu’s laughter came from her side . She glared at him and saw his gloating face . She stretched out her hands and rubbed his face . And in the eyes of Xia Chang Tian, this proves that she didn’t care what others think .

Wu Lingyu grabbed her small hand, whispered to her ear and said, “I like what you said . If you are a man, I think I will still like you . ”

“Piss off!” Sima You Yue couldn’t help scolding . Even if he could accept it, she couldn’t accept it . Although she didn’t discriminate, she never had thought she would have such a day .

Fortunately, they were normal .

“Hahaha…” Wu Lingyu laughed even more when seeing her like this .

With the scouting by the bees, they avoided all the interceptions on the road and smoothly came to the gate of Cloud Sea City .

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