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Chapter 977

977 The Eleventh Alchemy Master

“He really left us like this?!” Han Miao Shuang looked at the flying beast moving farther and farther away, she couldn’t believe what she was witnessing .

Didn’t this person bring them here? How could he just leave so assuredly?!

“Just get used to it,” said a middle-aged man .

“The Alchemist Guild has always been like this . The people who came here didn’t return from before . For this person to bring us this far has been very surprising . ” Another woman said .

“They’re that irresponsible?” Sima You Yue frowned, feeling that the mainland’s Alchemist Guild was too arrogant!

“Ah, that’s not purely the case . There are those who are better but have been suppressed by these people . And those with real power are all like this . Over time, the entire guild has become covered in a murky atmosphere . ”

“Don’t you say the president is not bad, how could he tolerate such a state?”

“The president is obsessed with alchemy and rarely manages the affairs of the guild . Currently, the Vice President, Song Chang Jie is in charge . And that Song Chang Jie is not a good man!”

“Is the Pill Subdivision like this as well?”

“The leader of the Pill Subdivision and the president share the same interest; they are all focused on alchemy . However, because they are rare Eleventh Grade Alchemists and have distinguished status, those other people cannot outrightly seize their authority . If not, the position of president would have been changed earlier on . ”

“Eleventh Grade Alchemist?! So powerful!”

“Ah, I heard that they didn’t return after they came here, and others can’t contact them . I hope we can find them this time, otherwise I’m afraid we won’t be able to return . ” said the woman who spoke before .

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“Can’t go back? Why?” Little Seven didn’t understand .

Although those people didn’t know why Mao San Quan allowed a child to follow, they still answered her questions patiently .

“Song Chang Jie made us come here in order to let us die . If we were to somehow survive, they will not let us return alive . As long as we die out here, they can tell the world that we died in an accident . ”

“So you mean that if we are not dead, they will come and kill us?” Little Seven looked at Mao San Quan and asked .

“That’s more than likely . ” Mao San Quan said .

“Damn it! Why is that guy so evil!” Little Seven exclaimed, “Specially bullying…”

Little Seven wanted to roll up her sleeves but noticed Sima You Yue looking at her, she let her half rolled up sleeve fall back down disgruntledly .

Sima You Yue frowned, not expecting that the situation would suddenly become so serious .

“We came here the day before, and we don’t understand the situation here at all . Now that the person is gone, how are we supposed to start investigating?” Someone asked .

“This is indeed a problem . Director Mao, your college has always been well-informed . Do you know what happened here?”

Mao San Quan spread his hands helplessly, “We don’t know anything either . ”

“Then why did you not let him tell us more information just now?” Some people were unhappy with his earlier actions .

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If it was not because of him, the Alchemist Guild would have told them some other information . Now that the man had gone, Mao San Quan said he didn’t know anything?

“Yes . ” Mao San Quan said, “Although I don’t have any information, I know that what he was going to tell us will definitely not be what we need to know . If you had used the information given by him, it might not be certain if you will survive . ”

Everyone thought about it and agreed that since the Guild people were eager for them to meet their demise, they would not tell them the correct information .

“Then what should we do now?

“What else can we do? Investigate!”

“But the Alchemist Guild and Pill Subdivision people haven’t found anything despite looking for so long . How will we succeed?”

“Yes . And none of the people who came to investigate recently have returned . If we were to investigate, wouldn’t it be dangerous for us as well?”

“It shouldn’t be . I think those who didn’t return did not necessarily die here . Most of them were probably murdered . ” Wei Zheng guessed .

It made sense to say that if the people who come here did not support Song Chang Jie, like them, it was very likely that they were killed by others .

If this was the case, the situation here was not so dire .

Everyone here was a smart person . After being enlightened, they all understood the crux of the matter .

“Then let’s check separately . ” Someone suggested, “This place is so big, with everyone grouped together, it might take awhile before we find something useful . But, if we are too scattered, there may be danger . So I suggest dividing ourselves into two or three groups . ”

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“This is a good suggestion, we have a total of eight forces, let’s divide ourselves into three groups . ”

Because Mao San Quan had the smallest number of people, nobody wanted to be with them . Finally, a group of people reluctantly agreed .

“We are from the Sea Star Palace, and I am the Vice President, Zhang Fei . ” The woman who spoke before introduced herself .

“Palace Master Zhang . Nice to meet you . ” Mao San Quan greeted her lukewarmly .

“I’m Wei Zheng, the teacher in charge of leading the team at the pill competition this time . These four are the students of the sect . ” Wei Zheng saw that Mao San Quan didn’t care much about Zhang Fei so he stepped forward to introduce himself .

Most people in Sea Star Palace were women, and they were weaker than those of other forces, so they had no choice but to be put together with those from Tianfu College .

“Now that we know each other, let’s discuss how to investigate the matter at hand . ” Zhang Fei said .

“Those people took advantage of their powers and selected the safer area first . They let us head to the more dangerous places . ” Zhang Fei’s apprentice Zhang Meng said bitterly .

Although they didn’t understand it very well, they had still heard some general information . At the very least, everyone knew which were the most dangerous areas .

When choosing which area to investigate, the two teams chose the safer routes and asked Mao San Quan to check another route .

“The first choice is not necessarily the safest . ” Sima You Yue said .

“You Yue, did you discover something?” Mao San Quan asked .

“There is some news . ” Sima You Yue said . “At least we know which area has more powerful beasts . ”

“How do you know? Have you come here before?” Zhang Meng looked young and had a lively temperament . She liked to talk to people, so when she saw that See Sima You Yue was so confident, she couldn’t help her curiosity .

Sima You Yue looked at the girl whose indignation and curiosity were written all on her face . She was very fond of this kind of naive little sister-types and smiled: “I have my ways . ”

“Then what you mean is that our route is not the most dangerous?” Han Miao Shuang said .

“No, our route is indeed the path where most of the people have died . ” Sima You Yue said, “It is the most dangerous area when you think about it . ”

“Ah? But from what you said before, I thought it was safe here!” Zhang Meng said with some disappointment .

Sima You Yue smiled, “This is the most dangerous, but we can make it the safest! ”

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