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Chapter 978

978 Worsening Conditions

People in the Sea Star Palace didn’t really believe in Sima You Yue, after all, this guy looked too young .

Although they didn’t know his specific age, they could still tell that he was young . Would a young man like himself be as powerful as he claimed himself to be?!

The answer was that it was impossible!

Although they didn’t believe it, they still didn’t show their disbelief .

“Little Brother, what did you do?” Han Miao Shuang knew that Sima You Yue must have done something, otherwise she would not be so confident .

“This . ” Sima You Yue took out a Scarlet Bee as she replied with a smile .

“You sent the bee out? When did it happen, why didn’t I see it?” Han Miao Shuang cried out .

“Last night, after you left . ” Sima You Yue said, “They have roughly figured out the situation here, but they haven’t gone in depth . At least, these two days will be okay . ”

“Is this useful?” Zhang Meng asked, looking at the Scarlet Bees curiously .

“Little bee is very powerful!” Little Seven said .

“Really? Then why don’t you just let them check the root cause of this matter?” Zhang Meng asked .

“You are stupid . ” Little Seven gave her a blank look . “These bees can only see the surface situation . To find out the real cause requires us to investigate further based on the surface situation . ”

“Er–” Although Zhang Meng was spurned, she was not angry . Instead, she reached out to pat Little Seven’s head, said: “I don’t understand them yet . ”

Little Seven’s silhouette flickered, and she appeared at the other side of Sima You Yue, avoiding Zhang Meng’s hand .

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Zhang Meng’s hand hung in the air . She was a little embarrassed but still smiled, and returned to Zhang Fei’s side .

“Since you have sent them out, you should lead the way . ” Mao San Quan said .

Zhang Fei saw that even Mao San Quan thought that Sima You Yue was right, and he was a little surprised as he asked, “Instructor Mao, are you sure?”

“Palace Master Zhang, if you can trust me, then please join us . ” Mao San Quan said straightforwardly .

Zhang Fei saw that Mao San Quan wasn’t worried at all . He hesitated a little before nodding in agreement, and said, “I can trust you, of course . ”

“Then let’s go . ” Mao San Quan and Zhang Fei still had some semblance of friendship, and if the people from Sea Star Palace were willing to follow, he would gladly lead the way, lest they died here .

As such, Sima You Yue led the way . Everyone made it over the top of the mountain and emerged at the back .

As soon as they made it over the top of the mountain, the scenery changed . Gone was the lush green appearance from before and they could see that all plants had turned black .

“All of them are contaminated . ” Zhang Fei said in surprise when he saw the plants .

“I didn’t expect it to be like this . ” Mao San Quan was also surprised .

Some of the information they learned before was not so serious .

Sima You Yue looked at the patch of black in front of his eyes, and then looked at the lush green behind him, frowned slightly, and said, “Why is there such a distinction between the front and back areas?”

Everyone noticed this absolute difference .

“It seems like it started from under our feet . ” Zhang Meng said in a low voice with a bowed head .

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Everyone looked down and realised it was true .

They went one step forward and stepped into the dark world ahead .

“This is making my hair stand on end . ” A woman from the Sea Star Palace rubbed her arms as she shivered . It was evident that the situation scared her .

Wei Zheng squatted down and put on a pair of silk gloves as she plucked out a plant, put it under her nose and sniffed, and said, “The fishy smell is heavier . ”

Han Miao Shuang and Su Xiao Xiao also took out gloves and put them on; since both of them often came into contact with all kinds of medicinal materials, silk gloves were a necessity .

However, Sima You Yue just plucked a small blade of grass without any gloves . She smelled it and said, “The scent is indeed heavier . It seems that the situation here is deteriorating . ”

Little Seven copied Sima You Yue’s actions and plucked out a blade of grass as well . She smelled it and threw it on the ground immediately, saying, “This thing is really stinky!”

“This thing is definitely smelly . ” Sima You Yue threw away the grass in her hand, took out her handkerchief, wiped Little Seven’s hands, and wiped herself again .


The painful cry attracted everyone’s attention . Looking around, they saw that a disciple of the Sea Star Palace was clutching her right hand and screaming .

“What’s the matter?” Zhang Meng ran over, and pried open the woman’s right hand to see that her palm was completely corroded .

There was a blade of grass thrown by her feet .

“You touched the grass directly?!” Zhang Fei knew the reason just by looking at her hand .

The disciple nodded tearfully .

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“This grass is poisonous, how can you touch it directly?” Zhang Fei scolded, “Didn’t I say that when you come here, you shouldn’t touch anything?!”

“I…” She looked at Sima You Yue and it was understood then that she had seen Sima You Yue touch the grass with his bare hands, and thus, followed suit .

Zhang Fei took out the detoxifying panacea and gave it to her, and repeated herself to the people from Sea Star Palace, “I’ll say this again, you can’t touch the things here! Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master . ”

“Yes, Palace Master . ”

The people from Sea Star Palace looked at the disciple’s hand, and those who were brimming with curiosity carefully put their thoughts away .

“However, You Yue, why is your hand still alright?” Zhang Meng asked .

“Yes, your hands are not corroded . Nor is this little sister’s . ”

Sima You Yue said: “Little Seven and I have antibodies in us . ”

“What is ‘antibody’?”

“Antibodies are just…” Sima You Yue didn’t want to explain such troublesome things to them, and simply said, “It’s similar to eating a detoxifying antidote . ”

“Then, are you two immune to poisons?” Zhang Meng grasped the crux of the matter all at once .

“You could say that . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Palace Master, this antidote seems to be useless, little junior’s palm is still festering . ”

Zhang Fei’s scrutiny of Sima You Yue was interrupted by the exclamation . She looked over and saw that the disciple’s hand was indeed still festering .

“How can the medicine be useless? Take another one and try again . ” Zhang Fei took out another type of medicine and wanted to give it to the disciple, but was stopped by Mao San Quan .

“Master Zhang, your antidote is useless for her . If you drag on, her hand will be useless . ”

“Instructor Mao, do you have a solution?” Zhang Fei knew that the sect was very capable . However, within such a short time, they weren’t able to find an antidote .

“Here . ” Mao San Quan took out an antidote and threw it to her . Without further consideration, she made her disciple eat it .

After the disciple took the medicine, the festering on her palm slowed down significantly and it slowly began to scab .

“Previously in the sect, we studied the things in this area . Although we didn’t find out what it was exactly, we researched about the suppressing antidote quite a bit . ” Mao San Quan said . “The regular antidote is useless for her . This particular antidote can suppress her symptoms for ten days . If, after ten days, no real antidote can be found, then she’ll have to give up on her hand . ” Mao San Quan explained .

“What?!” The disciple grasped her wrist as she looked at Zhang Fei in tears, and said anxiously, “Palace Master…”

“There are still ten days left, we have to find out the reason quickly . ” Zhang Fei rubbed her forehead . “Let’s hurry up and go in . ”

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