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Chapter 972: 972

The black shadow who was hiding in the room heard Sima You Yue’s voice and walked out .

 Seeing the one who walked out, Sima You Yue was flabbergasted .

 “Third Rogue, why are you here?”

 “Something happened . ” Third Mo held his chest, fresh blood was oozing from in between his fingers .

 “Are you injured?” Sima You Yue went over and held him, “Why are you bleeding so much?”

 ‘Knock knock knock——”

 Third Mo hadn’t got to speak and there was knocking on the door from outside .

 “Little Senior Brother, did something happen?” Han Miao Shuang asked on the other side of the door .

 “Nothing! Why?” Sima You Yue saw Third Mo shaking his head in denial .

 “Xiao Xiao said he heard you shouting, I thought something happened to you . ” Han Miao Shuang continued, “Since you’re fine, then I’ll go back . ”

 Sima You Yue heard both of them left, sighed in relief, turned her head towards Third Mo and asked, “What exactly happened? Why are you here with such serious injury?”

 “This isn’t a good place to talk . ” Third Mo hinted .

 Sima You Yue fixed up a spirit barrier in the room then brought him and Little Seven into the spirit pagoda .

 After getting into the spirit pagoda, Third Mo then completely felt relieved, falling onto one knee on the ground .

 Sima You Yue and Little Seven quickly went over to assist him, seeing his wound was still bleeding, she held his wrist and read his pulse .

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 “You are poisoned?!” His condition shocked her as she quickly gave him an antidote to take and took out the pills for healing .

 Third Mo ate her pills, laughed and said, “Only your pills are like candies, always that delicious . ”

 “You still can joke at this point of time . ” Sima You Yue’s expression sunk and asked, “What exactly happened? Don’t joke and laugh around if not, I’ll be angry . ”

 She helped Third Mo to a chair, sat him down and said, “Just like you see, I was beaten . ”

 “Given your strength, you actually got beaten to such serious injury and got poisoned that stopped you from healing . Don’t tell me you only casually fought with someone because they were an eyesore . ” Sima You Yue stared at him, “This poison is uncommon . ”

 “I was poisoned by the Alchemist Guild . ” Third Mo said .

 “Just as I thought . ” From the start, she guessed that only the Alchemist Guild had that kind of poison and as expected, she guessed right . ”What exactly happened?”

 “Hey!” Little Seven suddenly shouted, “Don’t tell me you are the one who stole the bodhi mushroom?!”

 Third Mo nodded .

 “You stole the bodhi mushroom?” Sima You Yue shouted in shock .

 “Where is it?” Little Seven looked at him with bright and shiny eyes .

 “I didn’t bring it out . ” Third Mo said .

 “What do you mean by didn’t bring it out?” Little Seven asked .

 “It’s still in the Alchemist Guild . Just that I hid it . ” Third Mo laughed evilly, “Those guys thought I brought it out and they are searching the whole city . ”

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 “You still can laugh at this time . If you didn’t chance upon me, you would have bled to death . ” Sima You Yue poked his head, showing that she was unhappy .

 “Didn’t I chance upon you now?” Third Mo didn’t even have the sense of death .

 “How did you know that we would be here?” Little Seven asked .

 Third Mo shook his head weakly, “I didn’t . ”

 “Don’t know? Then how did you… . ”

 “Isn’t it such a coincidence?” Third Mo continued, “It was indeed coincidental . I was being chased after, so I hid here . I didn’t think that I would chance upon you guys here coincidentally . I was shocked too . ”

 After Sima You Yue heard what he said, her gaze became serious and said, “Tell me in detail later, I need to go out for a while . ”

 “What for?” Little Seven questioned .

 “They lost him here and will definitely send someone here to search . The room still has the smell of blood, I need to clear it up . ” Sima You Yue answered .

 “It’s too late, someone is searching in the inn . ” Little Spirit’s voice echoed .

 The faces of those three people in the spirit pagoda sank .

 A group of guards from Alchemist Guild came in that shocked everyone who were chatting in the lobby, they became silent and looked at them curiously as they walked around in the crowd of people .

 “Where’s the shopkeeper?” The guard commander commanded .

 “Here, here!” A round and fat guy ran out from behind, bowing and scraping, “Commander Luo, what brings you to my small shop today?”

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 Luo Ming took a glimpse at him and said, “Did you see someone with injuries come in here?”

 “Someone with injuries?” Shopkeeper thought and said, “I didn’t see anyone with injuries come in here . Waiter, did you see any?”

 “No no, only people from the Heavenly Sect came in here today, nobody else . ” The waiter said .

 “The people from the Heavenly sect are here?” Luo Ming squinted his eyes and said, “We are catching the person who stole the bodhi mushroom . He escaped and came to this district and went missing . Now we want to search the rooms, especially those from Heavenly Sect . We must search properly in case they have colluded, understand?”

 “Yes, Commander . ”

 “Go, search!”

 Once Luo Ming commanded, all the other guards ran toward the rooms upstairs .


 Just when the guards reached the second storey, they heard explosions from the furthest room, the door exploded from the aftermath of the explosion .

 “Cough cough—— Cough cough——”

 The sound of coughing circulated from the room, others from the room beside them rushed out and ran into that room .

 “Little Senior Brother, what happened to you?” Han Miao Shuang saw the room was filled with white smoke and asked curiously .

 “Why is there an explosion? Are you guys okay?”

 “Cough cough——”

 Sima You Yue tried to scatter the smoke in the room with her hands as she continued choking amidst the remnant smoke .

 Su Xiao Xiao opened the windows, the smell of the smoke in the room scattered a little .

 “You are injured!” Han Miao Shuang shouted when she saw Sima You Yue’s arm had a dark red patch .

 “It’s okay . ” Sima You Yue ate a pill and that wound quickly stopped bleeding .

 “What happened?” Luo Ming brought two guards in, they smelled blood and creased their eyebrows subconsciously .

 The shopkeeper followed them up here, seeing how the room had exploded in a mess and asked, “What are you guys doing? How did the room get exploded into this mess?”

 Sima You Yue shifted her eyes to Little Seven and said, “Come here . ”

 Little Seven lowered her head, minced over and said, “Yue Yue, I’m wrong . ”

 “How many times have I told you, don’t just casually touch my things, see now? Hiss——” Sima You Yue got aggravated and tugged on her wound, she was in so much pain that she broke into cold sweat . “Luckily you hid fast, if not you would have been sent flying from the explosion!”

 Everyone understood what happened in the room when they saw the wreckage of the table on the ground along with the debris from the glass jar .

 “Are you guys from Heavenly Sect?” Luo Ming asked coldly while looking at everyone .

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