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Chapter 971: 971

“The city on the clouds…” The students were astonished .

 “That’s not a city on the clouds . ” Little Seven said, “It’s a city on a mountain . Why would it be on the clouds?”

 “Mountain? You can build a city on a mountain? That’s a city, it’s not a house . Neither is it a courtyard of a clan . ” Somebody denied .

 “Hmph! It’s up to you to believe it or not!” Little Seven didn’t bother to debate with them .

 In her eyes, these people were akin to ants . There wasn’t a need to bicker with them .

 The people didn’t dare to say anything either after seeing Little Seven’s attitude . Afterall, they saw her battle skills in the billboard contest and nobody wanted to provoke her . They would be asking for it if she punched them .

 “Cloud Sea City is indeed on a mountain . ” Wei Zheng continued, “Actually, it shouldn’t be called a mountain . It’s a plateau . It’s because the height is above sea level and it’s surrounded by clouds, so it looked like it was built on clouds, that’s why it’s called Cloud Sea City . ”

 “I see . ”

 “It doesn’t belong to the central region here, right?” Sima You Yue questioned .

 If someone else said this, Mao San Quan would definitely roll his eyes . However, seeing that it was from her, he faintly replied, “Mm . ”

 “But it’s not considered as the inner region either . ” Little Seven said .

 “You’ve been to the inner regions?” Sima You Yue laughed while asking her .

 “I might have in the past, just that I don’t remember it . ” Little Seven replied .

 Other students couldn’t help but take a glance at Little Seven and become curious about her identity . Everyone guessed that she should be some Divine ranking spirit beasts from one of the higher bloodlines .

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 “It’s neither part of the inner regions or outer regions . It seems like Cloud Sea City is an independent place . ” Sima You Yue guessed, “I wonder what kind of expert we will meet here . ”

 “I heard that quite a lot of people from the inner regions will join too . ” Han Miao Shuang continued, “Maybe you will meet someone who will surprise you . ”

 “Someone who will surprise me?” Sima You Yue stunned, wondering who would that be that could surprise her .

 “I’m only guessing . ” Han Miao Shuang continued, “I heard that those talented from inner regions will come here too . Talented versus talented… I wonder what it would feel like . ”

 “It’s the same feeling when you look at Senior Brother . ”

 “Him? What’s there to feel while looking at him, I’m more looking forward to seeing you battle with those talented ones . ” Han Miao Shuang refuted .

 Who knows, that few talented people might come and if they saw Sima You Yue . She wondered what kind of scene it would be .

 “I think it’s better to think of the matters that are happening before the contest . ” Su Xiao Xiao said .

 “Principal Fan was right . No matter what happens, someone on top will be supervising . We don’t have to worry . ” Sima You Yue continued, “We just have to protect ourselves . ”

 “That’s right . ” Han Miao Shuang added, “We all know how the people from Pill Subdivision are, we don’t have to care about that . ”

 “We are reaching the city gate, don’t talk about it anymore . ” Wei Zheng warned .

 Sima You Yue saw how careful Wei Zheng was . It seemed like the sect’s position in the Pill Subdivision wasn’t that high!

 It was probably that the Pill Subdivision and Alchemist Guild only wanted the results from refining pills . Although the position of Imperial Academy in the continent was very high, it didn’t mean that their position here would also be high .

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 Flying through the clouds, they came to the city’s wall, the guards on the city’s wall saw them and said coldly, “Invitation card . ”

 Mao San Quan took out an invitation card and opened it . It let out a ray of red light from the insides, forming the shape of a furnace in the sky .

 “The invitation card is real, open the city gate . ”

 After that person said it, the city’s gate below opened up .

 Mao San Quan kept the invitation card and brought everyone in .

 After entering the city’s gate, Sima You Yue then asked Han Miao Shuang softly, “Senior Sister, why do we need an invitation card to come here?”

 “Because this contest is more important, not everyone can come here as they wish . You have to have the invitation card from Alchemist Guild to come here . ” Han Miao Shuang explained .

 “I didn’t know there was such a thing!” One student overheard and said softly .

 “Do we always have to verify like this?!”

 “They didn’t last time, maybe something happened . ” Han Miao Shuang explained .

 Very soon, they would know the reason .

 When they reached the appointed inn to settle down, they heard the discussions of the recent incident in Cloud Sea City from the people in the lobby .

 “You guys give a guess . The one that stole the top graded bodhi mushroom from the Alchemist Guild, is he still in the city?”

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 “I guess not . If it’s me who gets that precious treasure, I will definitely have run away long ago . ”

 “But didn’t they lock the city gate once they realised that the bodhi was gone? Other than those that went out to settle this matter, nobody ever left the city . ”

 “That person actually used a fake invitation card to get in . Maybe he could blend into the group and get out . ”

 “No, the amount of people who have gone out and come back has been the same for the past two days . ”

 “You even know this?”

 “Of course . Don’t forget, my Little Brother is the city’s imperial bodyguard . He has been on duty these few days and he told me when he came back . ”

 “This means that the person is still in Cloud Sea City . If we can catch him, we can get a reward from the Alchemist Guild . ”

 “Hehe, we don’t even know who it is . You are bold . ”

 “You guys are stupid . If I knew who stole it, I would definitely kill him and snatch that bodhi mushroom . ”

 “Hehe, if you dared to snatch it, then Alchemist Guild would definitely tear you apart!”

 “I will secretly snatch it, the Guild wouldn’t know . ”

 “You might not know this . The smell of the bodhi mushroom is not easy to cover . It has to be isolated in a special way . If not, even if you put it in the Interspatial ring, the smell will still be emitted . At that point of time, you won’t have any way to cover it anymore . ”

 When Sima You Yue heard about bodhi mushroom, her expression shifted . That was some good stuff! It was the most valuable treasure of the medicine ingredient realm, it was reported that it could make someone rise from the dead, much more amazing than the Golden Snake Fruit .

 If she could get it in her hands, hehe…

 “Now the Alchemist Guild must be troubled, even the problem in the south is not settled, then this happened . We don’t know if this years’ alchemy contest will be pushed back!”

 “Let’s wait and see . ”

 When Mao San Quan was done with the checking in, he walked to them and said . “You guys go to your rooms and take a rest first, we’ll go out for a bit . ”

 Sima You Yue and the rest took the keys and followed the innkeeper upstairs . Mao San Quan and Wei Zheng went out .

 “Bodhi mushroom, I wonder who has such ability to take that from the Alchemist Guild . ”

 “If it was me, I would have eaten it! Nobody will ever find it!” Little Seven said while laughing cheekily .

 Sima You Yue laughed . Little Seven loved eating all sorts of spirit medicine . This was the first thing she knew when she saw her the first time . She ate a lot of it after evolving . Thinking of it, it might be because at that time she hadn’t evolved, so she needed to absorb energy from the medicine ingredient .

 Sima You Yue chose the furthest house . Little Seven was initially arranged to Han Miao Shuang’s house, but she insisted on being together with Sima You Yue, so everyone complied .

 When Sima You Yue opened the door to go in, she immediately felt unusual and shouted coldly, “Who’s there?!”

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