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Chapter 954: 954

For safety sake, Wang Mou and a few others followed Sima You Yue while the rest stayed behind in the guesthouse inn to wait for further news .

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 Later on in the night, it was windy in Blood Fiend City and by the time Sima You Yue and the others reached the City Lord’s Residence, the gale was already so bad that they almost couldn’t open their eyes .

 “Everyone, City Lord has been waiting for you for a long time . ” The City Lord’s Residence’s steward was waiting at the entrance with his men, watching the last ray of sun setting into the clouds as he spoke with a smile .

 “City Lord is waiting for us?”

 “That’s right . ” The steward replied, “City Lord says that you will definitely make a visit here today so he asked us to wait here for you and that after you’ve arrived, to invite all of you to come in and have a cup of tea . ”

 Looked like this City Lord knew everything .

 “Are we going in?” Hu Yang asked .

 “Go, City Lord is already waiting for us, how can we not go in?” Sima You Yue replied, “I think, City Lord will have something to tell us when we’re having our tea . ”

 “Please . ” steward gestured a please sign and led Sima You Yue and the others in .

 He left one person behind and told the guard at the door, “Today you need not guard the entrance, go on and do your own things . ”

 The steward brought them back to the same little courtyard which they had tea previously . Sima You Yue had already come for the third time but every single time she came, it gave her a different feeling from the last time .

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 “Young Master Si Yue, we meet yet again . ” Li Zhi was dressed in black as he sat below the tree, as he invited Sima You Yue .

 There were a few tea cups on the table which matched the exact number of people in their group . Whereas before him was a luminous goblet, filled with fresh blood .

 Sima You Yue walked over as she sat down, picking the teacup in front of her but not having a single sip from it, as she looked at the tea leaves in it and smiled while she spoke, “We have not met before right . City Lord Li . ”

 “Hur hur, haven’t we just met yesterday?” Li Zhi’s two bright eyes watched her intently as the words he said made her feel startled .

 “Met yesterday?” She counter-asked calmly .

 “Ha ha, didn’t you almost damage my little tree in my home yesterday?” Li Zhi gave an evil smile, “You need not be so shocked, anything that happens in this Blood Fiend City are all detected by little tree . ”

 “You didn’t stop me . ” Sima You Yue responded .

 “Why should I stop you?” Li Zhi smiled, “Stopping that fellow Li Hong from acting upon his own initiative to give you hints on whatever news or stopping you from discovering those things underground?”

 “You indeed know everything!” Little Seven stared at him .

 “Right, I know . ” Li Zhi’s gaze shot towards Little Seven, “Although I don’t know what you are, but Uncle said that if he eats you, it can make him evolve completely and he need not worry about being punished by the rule of heaven, having to eat humans and drink their blood carefully every day! If it isn’t for you, god knows just how many more years do we have to wait at this place!”

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 “You’re certain that even if we discover anything, we still won’t be of any obstruction towards your plan?” Sima You Yue held on to Little Seven as she asked .

 “Isn’t that so?” Li Zhi smiled as he replied, “I know that the few of you are amazing but it’s of no use in this Blood Fiend City . This is little tree’s realm, it’s my realm! No matter how powerful you are, you cannot escape little tree’s inescapable net! Moreover, don’t you feel that watching a few clowns who self-assumed that they had already found out the truth is an amusing matter? Only Li Hong that blind fool would be so silly to think that there’s actually someone who can stop me!”

 “Clowns?” Sima You Yue wasn’t annoyed, “Then are you willing to solve the puzzlement of this group of clowns before the incident happens?”

 “Some people just love to find out all the so-called truth before their deathbeds . What is this called, to close one’s eyes in death and die contentedly?”

 Li Zhi swirled the luminous goblet in his hand around, “Before little tree hasn’t gone into a state of insanity, go ahead and ask . ”

 “You have two souls encased in one body?” Sima You Yue questioned .

 “Yes . I have a useless but goody two shoe older brother . ” Li Zhi said .

 “He’s blind but you are not . This is very strange . ”

 “What’s so strange about that . ” Li Zhi said, “He can’t see not because there’s a problem with his body but because his spirit power is too weak . Whereas I, am incomparably stronger!”

 “Incomparably stronger?” Sima You Yue’s lips curled into a smile of ridicule, “Your power is reliant on this demonic tree right?”

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 “Little tree’s capability is far stronger than what you can imagine!” Li Zhi said, “I’m it and it is me . ”

 “Because of the poisonous gas it released, hence the people in the city are unable to cultivate?” Sima You Yue continued asking .

 “You’re indeed smarter than those people . For the last thousand years, no one had thought about this, or it should be put in this way, those who had thought of this are already long dead . ” Li Zhi said, “But there’s indeed no one like you who discovered this problem only just after two days of arriving at this place . ”

 “Not only that, you are using these people’s flesh and blood to irrigate this demonic tree . ” Sima You Yue said, “On the night of the crimson moon, it’s the day when the demonic tree kills people . ”

 “That’s right . ” Li Zhi didn’t deny it as he replied in an insipid manner .

 “What right do you have to do this?!” Hu Yang retorted angrily .

 “Right?” Li Zhi laughed as though he heard an extremely funny joke, “You’re talking to me about rights?”

 “That’s right!”

 “Then I’ll tell you what right I have!” The wind beside Li Zhi’s grew stronger gradually, as the leaves were swirling around causing pain onto them .

 He used the force from the wind to fly up into the sky and looked down onto those below as he laughed loudly, “On the basis that we have provided a safe living environment for you guys . Without Blood Fiend City, people like you guys don’t know where to hide without any peace of mind! What you want is merely a stable life so use your flesh and blood to exchange for it! Hahaha…”

 “Your original intention was to give people a stable life?”

 Sime You Yue stood up as well and with a wave of hand, that golden holding on to human blood flew out as the blood spilled out in mid-air, subsequently landing onto the ground .

 She watched Li Zhi who was flying in mid-air and said, “Your original intention wasn’t to supply everyone a safe haven . You’re merely keeping them so that they can become demonic tree’s fertilizer, in order to supply large quantities of blood for it . Whereas you chose to go through such a slow stream flow method is merely because you don’t dare to create a huge commotion thus causing the punishment from the rule of heaven . Isn’t what I said correct . ”

 “Ha ha, even if what you said is true, so what about it?” Li Zhi’s long hair started dancing along with the wind, “No matter what my motive is, they are still able to find the lifestyle they want right here, isn’t it? I’ve supplied them with a stable lifestyle and they provide me with their flesh and blood, this is a very fair trade!”

 “No! This isn’t fair . ” Sima You Yue also flew upwards to the same height as Li Zhi, “They are not aware and not able to cultivate, they had even unknowingly became food for a demonic tree!”

 “You must have never been pursued after by anyone before hence you wouldn’t understand the feeling of how much these bunch of people thirst for a stable life . ” Li Zhi said, “Speaking of this, they are still able to lead this kind of stable lifestyle whereas you, are the one who interrupted their living, the one who pushed them towards doom!”

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