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Chapter 940: 940
Chapter 940: Rogue vs Horse Boot

Sima You Yue looked over and saw that Mu Lian Xin indeed went up .

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“Rogue who didn’t wear any clothes!” Little Seven exclaimed aloud .

“He’s only half naked, take it as you didn’t see it . ” Sima You Yue continued, “Those people who are ready to stir, became dormant . Seems like they are not willing to fight with him . ”

“If i go up there, I will definitely make him fly with a slap!” Little Seven said .

It was a pity that Yue Yue said not to go tonight, so she could only watch in vain .

“Nobody is coming up again tonight?” Mu Lian Xin shot a glance at the people below .

“It seems like he’s used to an empty stage as well . ” Shi Chen said .

“Empty stage means nobody takes up the challenge?” Little Seven questioned .

“Yes . ” Shi Chen nodded .

“That means he doesn’t have any income?”

“If it’s an empty stage, Blood Arena will give him a top graded crystal . ” Shi Chen explained, “But one crystal a night wouldn’t be enough . It’s lesser than fighting in an arena . ”

“Who says nobody?!” A rough and bold voice came from outside, everyone looked towards the voice, a huge guy who was two metres tall squeezed in from the crowd .

The huge guy wore a coarse clothed vest, showing his thick and strong muscles, with that built, it was almost two of Sima You Yue .

“What a muscular guy!” Little Seven opened her little mouth when she saw that built, her expression was cute .

“King of the Eleventh Floor, four match lesser than Mu Lian Xin . ” Sima You Yue saw the wristbands in front of his chest .

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He couldn’t fit in the wristband as his wrist was too thick, so he stringed it to a neckband and wore it on his neck .

“It’s Big Horse!” Someone shouted .

“Big Horse is here! Haha, there will be a show to watch today!”

“That’s right! Didn’t expect that Mu Lian Xin and Big Horse would meet today!”

“Big Horse said he long wanted to fight with him . Today he came here for Mu Lian Xin . ”

“If he beats Mu Lian Xin, his position in Blood Arena will rise . ”

” Big Horse has been arrogant lately!” He came here not long ago and challenged a lot of King of the Tenth Floor continuously!”

“Today he challenged the King of the Fifteen Floor, hehe, if he wins, does it mean that he will challenge the King of the Twentieth Floor?”

“He dares to look for the King of the Twentieth Floor? Pfft, don’t brag! Who dares challenge the King of the Twentieth Floor? That guy is an invincible legend, he can try if he’s not scared of death!”

“Hmph, what King of the Twentieth Floor, haven’t even seen him come up here to fight for so many years . I think he’s only the King of the Twentieth Floor last time, but now, we don’t even know if he can hold for ten rounds . ”

“That’s right! He was only said to be a legend, now that there are so many powerful ones that came here, if he is capable, he should come up and fight with everyone!”

“Hmph! Talk about it after you all can win the King of the Fifteen floor!”

Sima You Yue turned around and peeked at Bi Sheng, he still closed his eyes slowly and rocked in his rocking chair, as if he didn’t hear all these .

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“People already started to provoke your dignity, don’t you want to go down and give them a good beating?” Little Seven said .

“What’s there to care? Bi Sheng replied without even opening his eyes, “These people only use their mouth and talk to cover their agony . ”

“Pfft——” Little Seven ignored him, turned back around and continued watching the ring below .

“You are Mu Lian Xin?” Big Horse carried a huge sword, lifted up his chin and looked at Mu Lian Xin proudly .

Mu Lian Xin folded his arm in front of his chest and said, “You are Big Horse, the current trend, new comer of King of the Eleven Floor?”

“That’s right . That’s me . ” Big Horse touched his nose with his left hand and said, “I heard that you don’t usually come out, everytime you come out it’s empty staged, today I came for you because I want to see how powerful you are! Come! Fight with me, let me stop your legend of being empty staged!”

“Pfft, people with no strength like to talk in vain!” Little Seven said upstairs .

“Who’s talking nonsense?” Big Horse’s hearing wasn’t bad, he heard the disdain from Little Seven .

“You don’t have to care about your little aunt and grandmother’s nonsense . ” Little Seven went back .

“Who are you, dare to look down on me, Master Horse?” Big Horse shouted .

“With that incapable appearance of yours, aren’t you embarrassed to call yourself Master Horse? Little Seven said disdainfully, “I think it’s better to call yourself Horse Boot! Hay, that Rogue, beat this Horse Boot up ruthlessly later, if you can’t beat him, I will come down and beat you!”

Sima You Yue felt that she should have asked Fatty Qu to refine a mask for Little Seven, she wouldn’t be able to talk if it wasn’t taken out!

Mu Lian Xin dully shot a glance towards this side, someone actually called him a rogue, hehe, looked like that person was sick and tired of living!

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He thought he would see a bunch of pushy and overbearing people but he didn’t think that he would meet a pair of deep and bright eyes .

Sima You Yue stared at him, although this guy’s eyes looked violent but it was exceptionally clean!

“What a weird person . ” She mumbled .

Mu Lian Xin and Sima You Yue looked at each other for a while, kept their glance and said to Big Horse, “Let’s start . ”

He wasn’t any gentleman, after he finished speaking, he held up his fist and started attacking without caring if Big Horse was ready .

Both of them exchanged physical attacks, which showed vast differences between both of them .

Mu Lian Xin’s figure was towards the small side, bigger than Sima You Yue by a little, Big Horse’s figure was almost two times that of him . Although his figure is small, his strength wasn’t weak, a punch to Big Horse’s stomach made him fly a few metres away .

Although Big Horse liked to boast, he had his strengths, if not, he wouldn’t be King of the Tenth Floor .

His right leg took a step back, his body used strength to bounce Mu Lian Xin back . He didn’t give him a chance to respond and wielded the huge sword towards him .

Striked down and avoided, both of them moved a few metres, but it didn’t hurt Mu Lian Xin .


Mu Lian Xin stepped on the huge sword, making use of the strength, flipped upwards and landed on Big Horse’s head .

Big Horse then wielded his sword and chased, chopping towards his own head . Mu Lian Xin’s leg paddled and flew in the air, avoiding the striked .

Big Horse was ruthlessly paddled by him and became faint with blurry vision, that sword almost hacked onto his own head .

Mu Lian Xin used this chance to flip his body to land, he clenched his right fist and hitted Big Horse’s head .

Big Horse felt danger and used his sword to block immediately, but couldn’t shield his powerful strength .


Big Horse spitted a mouthful of fresh blood .

Mu Lian Xin flipped and landed with a punch on his chest, Big Horse’s strong build flew to the end of the ring like a piece of paper .


The moment before Big Horse landed on the wrestling ring, he used his leg to hook the side of the ring, using his sword to support him, the edge of the sword bent, with a bounce, he bounced back to the ring .

He was not entirely out of the ring, so it wasn’t counted as a loss .

“He’s becoming insane . ” Sima You Yue said when she saw his scarletted eyes .

Indeed, Big Horse wiped the fresh blood from the corner of his lips, smeared a long smile across his face and attacked Mu Lian Xin . Regardless of speed or strength, both were much stronger than just now .

“It’s weird to see how their combat effectiveness erupts after seeing blood . ” Sima You Yue faintly said while looking at his eyes that lost sanity .

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