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Chapter 941: 941

Mu Lian Xin had already grown accustomed to seeing people who would go crazy after seeing blood . Hence, when he saw the great change in Big Horse, he wasn’t surprised at all .

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 You Yue watched as the two battled, and Big Horse started to bleed more profusely . His gaze started to go blurry as he became crazier .

 “Have you guys ever competed before?” Sima You Yue asked Feng Kai and Shi Chen .

 “Nope . My body was not able to handle it back then, and Second Brother had no interest in it . ” Shi Chen siad, “However, my Sixth Brother have done so . ”

 “How did that turn out?”

 “We won five floors, but we encountered the King of the tenth floor and lost . ” Shi Chen said .

 “Did he ever tell you before what the difference was during the competition? For example, for circumstances like this?” Sima You Yue asked .

 “He said that it really is like this . He’s usually normal, but will lose some control once he sees blood . ” Shi Chen said, “He’ll be fine after the competition . ”

 “It seems that the competition is a little strange . ” Sima You Yue said as she touched her chin .


 Just as they were speaking, Mu Lian Xin beat Big Horse up a few times . The front of his chest was torn open as fresh blood poured from the wound . He spat out a mouthful of fresh blood and landed heavily outside the arena .


 “Big Horse was defeated so quickly!”

 Everyone sighed .

 “Not bad, he really is powerful . ” Sima You Yue said .

 “This Horse Boot . He looks so big, but it can’t even stand a beating . This rogue is so small, but who would have thought that he would be rather strong . ” Little Seven mused .

 Mu Lian Xin glanced at the ones beneath the stage and everyone immediately stopped talking .

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 Earlier on, they were just saying that he wouldn’t be able to defeat the Big Horse . Who would have expected that they would so quickly come to ask for a beating .

 He looked around, and everyone shrunk their necks back, not daring to go up and fight him .

 “You, get down!” Mu Lian Xin cast his gaze to LIttle Seven, who was on the level above him .

 “Rogue, what do you want to do? You want to fight me?” Little Seven leaned on the window and looked at him, but she didn’t head down .

 “You dare to call me a rogue? Come down!” Mu Lian Xin said .

 “Yue Yue said that I’m not allowed to fight with you tonight, so I can’t go down!” Little Seven said .

 “You dare to call me a rogue, but you dare not come down and fight with me?” Mu Lian Xin scoffed .

 “You’re not even wearing clothes . If you’re not a rogue, then what are you?” Little Seven said, “Anyway, why should I battle you? What’s in it for me? If I defeat you, will you serve me?”


 When those below heard what Little Seven said, they burst into laughter . This little fellow really dared to speak like that . Although she wasn’t cursing Mu Lian Xin, her saying that he would have to serve her if she won was something only she would dare to say .

 “Hmph . ”

 Mu Lian Xin snorted coldly as he took out a whip and attacked the level up .

 “Flash Steps Spirit Skill!” Sima You Yue breathed .

 The whip headed directly towards Little Seven, and she was enraged as she grabbed the whip, “This guy isn’t just a Rogue . He’s shameless as well . I didn’t even head down, but you actually attacked me!”

 “Then come down!”

 “If you agree to my conditions, I’ll go down!”

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 “You’re asking for death!”

 Mu Lian Xin gave a thought, and the whip split into three . Aside from the one that Little Seven had grabbed onto, the other two whips coiled around her . With a single pull, Little Seven was dragged over to him .

 “Hmph, don’t mistake a tiger for a sick cat, just because it’s not raging!” LIttle Seven was enraged after being provoked again and again . She used the force of the whip to fly up .

 “It’s really a little kid!”

 “Hearing her voice before, I thought it was an old lady pretending to be young!”

 “Exactly . Right now,even a kid dares to participate in a blood-battle?”

 “I wonder who brought her here!”

 “That isn’t an average kid, look!”

 Little Seven flew into the air and formed a seal with both hands . She destroyed the whip and turned into spirit energy, disappearing from sight .

 “She actually disintegrated Mu Lian Xin’s whip!”

 “Holy shit! What kind of creature is she!”

 Little Seven turned around and glared at him, scaring the person into silence .

 “Hmph!” Little Seven snorted . Then, she turned around and placed one of her hands on her hips . With the other, she pointed at Mu Lian Xin and cursed, “You damn petty asshole, stupid Rogue . I want to scold you, so what? You want to fight with me? This little aunt of yours will beat you till’ you go home crying for your mummy and daddy . Otherwise, I won’t be called Little Seven!”

 Sima You Yue was sitting upstairs with her hand to her forehead . Where was the demure aura that they had agreed upon earlier? She had clearly been following her, so how did she get so badly influenced by Little Roar?

 “I’m infuriated . You actually dared provoke me again and again . Even if you give up, right now, I’ll still give you a good taste of my fist!”

 After speaking, she threw a punch in his direction .

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 The moment Mu Lian Xin saw what she did, he winced in suffering . Such a strong aura!

 “We’ll have to see whether or not you have the ability!”

 Mu Lian Xin hopped up, and the people below thought that they would see an intense battle, however…

 “One punch! Who asked you to drag me down?!”

 “Another punch! So what if I want to call you a Rogue?”

 “If you don’t really go home crying to your daddy and mummy after a beating, my name is not Little Seven!”

 “Didn’t you say that you wanted to kill me? Hmph hmph, is your young aunt that easy to kill?”

 “Rogue! Rogue!”

 Little Seven rode on Mu Lian Xin’s body as she rained down punches on his head . He couldn’t even fight back .

 In what way was this an exciting battle? This was obviously a one sided overkill!

 The stage below was in disarray . Where did this strange creature pop up from? Mu Lian Xin was flattened into a pancake before he could take a single breath!

 Was she even human?

 Despite watching the competition all their lives, there was not even a semblance of calm . They came to the window and watched with wide open eyes as Little Seven beat him up .

 “Who- just who is this kid?!” They gulped .

 Seeing how powerful she was, if they went up, they would just be turned to ashes!

 Mu Lian Xin was beaten black and blue, and blood continued to pour out of the corner of his mouth and nose . His eyes turned red, and his body started to go berserk .

 “Want to go change into your wild state? Stop right there!”

 Little Seven threw a punch and his eyes flashed with reluctance as he finally… fainted .

 His eyes that had yet to fully turn red were now closed, and the berserk aura started to fade away .

 “Hmph, I told you not to mess with this lady, but you just didn’t believe me! I told you I would beat you till your mother and father wouldn’t recognise you, but you just refused to believe me!” Little Seven stood up and casually dusted off her skirt .

 When she saw that the front of her skirt was stained with blood and about her posture earlier, she cried out, “Yue Yue, did my period come?!”

 Everyone else around her was immediately in disarray because of what she just said .

 Sima You Yue’s face was full of black lines . She put her hand to her forehead and pretended to be dead . She didn’t want to admit that she was acquainted with this girl!

 The last time, she had accidentally gotten some blood on her skirt, so when Little Seven asked her what it was, she casually told her that her period had come . She even explained a little about what a period was . She didn’t expect her to actually remember it .

 You’re the Eye of the Earth okay, you’re not a real woman . How could your period come?!


 Shi Chen and Feng Kai couldn’t hold it in anymore when they saw the way she acted and burst into laughter .

 How did this girl end up thinking this way?

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