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Chapter 936: 936
Chapter 936: Promote an idea

After Bi Sheng heard what Shi Chen said, he looked at him as if he saw a monster .

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“Are you kidding?”

Once Shi Chen waved his hand, a worn out chair moved to them, he sat down and said, “Do you think we are kidding?”

Feng Kai was already seated, both of them stared at him, that look… . . didn’t seem to be joking .

“You guys really came here to recruit people?” Bi Sheng wielded his hand, that worn out chair flew out and he lay down, stroking his old waist that was aching from being beaten up just now .

This rascal, his attacks were ruthless!

“Stop stroking sneakily, given Boss’ strength, it’s already not that bad considering he didn’t break you apart . If you want to rub then just rub . ” Feng Kai remarked .

“Enough about me, I was just asking you guys, you guys really came here to recruit?” Bi Sheng questioned .

“That’s right . You can really give it a thought, leaving this place and living outside . ” Shi Chen started to promote, “You’ve holed up in this place for so many years, don’t you miss the outside world?”

“What’s there to miss? It’s pretty good here . ” Bi Sheng rejected without hesitation .

“Really? You don’t mind even if you don’t gain strength?” Shi Chen asked .

Bi Sheng froze for a moment, immediately went back to normal and said, “Don’t mind . ”

“Yeah right! You think we don’t understand you!” Feng Kai exclaimed, “Leave here and start a new life . Walk on the continent with honour . ”

“You guys think that way?” Bi Sheng continued, “The people here all have foes watching them, once they walk out of here, they will be chased after, you still dare to come here and recruit people? Do you intend to attract a bunch of foes back? Are you sure you guys are normal?”

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“What do you think?”

“I think you are almost abnormal . ” Bi Sheng shaked his head and said, “Over the years, those who came here are those who seek revenge, nobody ever came here to recruit . If this is not crazy, what is it?”

“Old Bi, we only told you this because you are our friend, this could be the only chance to live under the sun with honour . Don’t miss it . ” Feng Kai persuaded .

“Then are you guys living normally now? Those millions and millions of foes that you guys had, gave up on killing you guys?” Bi Sheng questioned back .

“Not now, that doesn’t mean they won’t in the future . ” Shi Chen said, “And I am sure, they will, in the future . ”

“Because of him?” Bi Sheng glanced at the second storey .

“Yes . ” Shi Chen admitted, “We will be found out if we stay beside him, he is someone who can bring us hope . ”

“Hope? You think people like us, still can hang onto this illusive ‘hope’?” Bi Sheng said awkwardly, “People who came in here, they live their life in darkness and they are scared of death . So they hide in this corner, they live a day they can . ”

“But we saw hope, we believe one day we can . Because of that day, we are willing to risk and not lock ourselves up . ”

“Ten of you always don’t behave, if not you wouldn’t leave after staying here . ” Bi Sheng continued, “But you guys are still young, you still have drives in your lives, forget about me this old bones . ”

“Since you have decided, then we won’t say much . We will stay here for a period of time, when we are leaving and if you changed your mind, our Boss would be willing to accept you . ”

Bi Sheng smiled, but didn’t put his words to heart .

Mingling with a little child, he never wanted this kind of life . And the life he wanted, would never be fulfilled by a little child .

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“Are you going to the Blood Arena tonight?”

“Mm, from today onwards, we will start recruiting people . But don’t spread this thing around, if not it will stir up commotions . ”

“I know, I know my limits . ”

Sima You Yue went back to the house, fixed up a spirit barrier casually and brought Little Seven into Black Lotus Little Realm .

Once she went in, two dragons appeared from the waters .

“Godfather, Godmother . ” Sima You Yue greeted them, “How is Godmother’s condition today?”

“I can feel that it’s much more active now . ” Shui Qing Man answered, “Have you guys reached Blood Fiend City?”

“Mm, just reached . It’s still early now, so we didn’t do recruiting . ” Sima You Yue continued, “I will input some spiritual energy into it . ”

Shui Qing Man nodded and shifted her abdomen towards her .

Sima You Yue found the fetus with ease, she felt the little life became stronger .

After treating Shui Qing Man, she said, “Godmother, you recuperated well these past two days, your health is much better . Have you felt more energy from your body?”

“Mm . ” Shui Qing Man nodded, “Initially when I got pregnant, my body was unwell, I thought it was normal because I had an injury . Didn’t expect that it was dangerous . If I didn’t come see you this time, I don’t know what will happen next time! Maybe, the baby and me can’t even stay alive . ”

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“This time we got lucky . ” Wu La Mai said .

Initially everyone didn’t agree for her to come, it was her who insisted to come, nobody dared defy her so they agreed .

Now he could only count themselves lucky that he let her come here… . .

“A few more days of acupuncture then you can start using pills to nurse your health . ” Sima You Yue explained, “Once the fetus is stable, I will research the pills after a few days then we can start on changing the talent . ”

“Aren’t you busy with recruitment these days?”

“It doesn’t clash with this . ” Sima You Yue assured, “Nursing fetus is done in the day, recruitment in the night . And it’s not an everyday thing . ”

“That’s even better . ”

“It’s almost time to go out, I will get going, see you tomorrow . ”

“Mm, go do your stuff!”

“Okay . ”

When Sima You Yue led Little Seven down from the second storey, three of them were chatting at the same place .

Seeing Sima You Yue come down, Bi Sheng slightly narrowed his eyes, thinking if he should fight with her again .

“In ten minutes if you can’t take me down, then you will follow me . If you can’t do it, then don’t even bother to think of fighting with me . ” Sima You Yue said before he could talk .

Bi Sheng’s urge was immediately suppressed . This rascal really knew how to catch people’s weak spots!

“It’s almost time, let’s go . ” Feng Kai stood up and said .

“You guys are really going to the Blood Arena?” Bi Sheng asked again .

“Of course, this is what we came for . ” Shi Chen stood up, the seat he sat made a creak sound and fell apart . He shaked his head and said, “I have told you multiple times, don’t be so lazy, such things should have long been changed to new ones!”

“I do as I please . ” Bi Sheng refuted, “Also, you broke my chair, remember to pay for it . ”

This guy purposely left this spoiled furniture around and refused to change so he could scam other people’s money?

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