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Chapter 937: 937

Blood Fiend City didn’t allow murders, but there was a cruel wrestling ring, naming Blood Arena . Only in the Blood Arena wrestling ring, life and death was disregarded .

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 If there were problems where it couldn’t be settled outside of the Blood Arena, then they would settle in the Blood Arena . It was reported that people died in the Blood Arena everyday, most of them died gruelly with non stop bleeding . There would be fresh red blood the next day in the Blood Arena, because of that, it was named as the Blood Arena .

 Under Feng Kai’s firm persistence dragging, Bi Sheng was dragged along to the Blood Arena .

 Along the way, Sima You Yue saw most of the shabby houses and lesser shops, most of the shops were medicinal pill stores, according to Feng Kai, most of such stores were selling medicinal pills to treat wounds, but the quality wasn’t good .

 “These people here muddle along waiting to die, why would they buy pills . Only those who often mixed in Blood Arena will buy the pills . ” Shi Chen said .

 They came to the doorstep of Blood Arena, the guards were surprised to see Feng Kai and Shi Chen, but more surprised seeing Bi Sheng who was following behind .

 “Master Bi, what kind of wind brought you here today?!” One of the managers came out, asked and bowed unctuously .

 “An evil wind . ” Bi Sheng stared at Feng Kai while answering, then he spoke to the manager, “Alright, don’t pestle around here . Go, give me a private room!”

 “Since Master Bi is here, there will definitely be a private room for you . Here, Master Bi . ”

 That manager invited him in and Bi Sheng put his hands behind his back and walked in swankily .

 Heard that the Blood Arena’s status in Blood Fiend City was equal to the City Lord’s home, nobody dared to behave atrociously in Blood Arena .

 Sima You Yue saw how Bi Sheng acted and didn’t expect him to have a status in Blood Fiend City .

 “Boss, let’s go . ” Shi Chen told Sima You Yue .

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 “Mm . ”

 They followed in, that manager brought them to the private room upstairs .

 Sima You Yue looked at the environment around after going in, Blood Arena was dark with only lights on the wrestling ring . The private rooms around and the viewing platform were all pitched black .

 “There aren’t any lights here?” Little Seven asked .

 “Everybody here likes to watch people fight in close quarters in the dark, so usually they don’t turn on the lights . Whoever pleases can light a lamp themselves . ” Feng Kai explained to her .

  “Seeing these two looking strangely around, you guys just came to Blood Fiend City?” The steward asked .

 “Yes . ” Sima You Yue nodded .

 “Then you both have to come here often . It’s interesting here . ” The manager commented with special meaning .

 Before they came to the private room, the The manager took the sign away from the handle and said, “Master Bi, here . ”

 Bi Sheng took out a top graded crystal and said, “You may go . Will call you if there’s anything . ”

 “Yes, Master Bi . Then I will take my leave . ” The manager was pleased holding the top graded crystal in his hand and left .

 “Why is everything here transacted by crystals?” Sima You Yue asked as she watched the manager’s back .

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 “Because in Blood Fiend City, the spiritual energy that we absorbed can’t gain strength, we can only gain by absorbing top graded crystals . So the circulations here can only use crystals . ” Shi Chen explained, “So before running away to Blood Fiend City, everyone will trade middle grade and lower grade items to top grade items . ”

 “What if they came in without trading?” Little Seven asked .

 “That’s okay, Blood Fiend City has a silver exchange, they can trade there . ”

 “Then the trading ratio will definitely be different . ” Sima You Yue said .

 “Yes, you can only trade for eighty percent of what you get outside . ”

 “Lesser by twenty percent . This silver exchange is shady . ” Little Seven said .

 “It’s not that this silver exchange is shady, but the people in silver exchange will have to take risks when they trade outside . ”

 Bi Sheng took out a night-luminescent pearl as big as an infant’s head, the whole room lighted up immediately, but the lighting wasn’t harsh .

 “Wow, what a huge night-luminescent pearl!” Little Seven went forward to compare, this night-luminescent pearl was almost as big as her head .

 “Do you like it? You can trade with me with crystals . ” Bi Sheng beamed .

 Little Seven shakes her head, “I do like, snatching it right away . Not interested in trading . ”

 Bi Sheng’s oncoming words were blocked by her .

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 “There aren’t many people yet, when is the duel starting?” Sima You Yue sat in her seat and asked .

 “In half an hour . ”

 “Is it always that little people?”

 If so, then they might not be able to choose the right person to recruit .

 “Usually people come in a few minutes before the competition starts . ” Shi Chen explained, “We want to choose people, that’s why we came in early to recce the situation . ”

 “Brother Shi Chen, what are the kind of people that duel here? Why are they here?” Little Seven asked curiously .

 “Some with grudges, some only wanted to wrestle in the ring . ” Shi Chen answered .

 “Wrestling in the ring? What’s the benefit of it?”

 “According to the amount of persistent wrestling, they could get the prize from Blood Arena . One night consists of twenty rounds, if they are able to persist twenty rounds, then they can get fifty top graded crystals as a reward . ”

 “One top graded crystal equal to one thousand middle graded crystals, so fifty top graded will be fifty thousand middle graded, five hundred thousand low graded crystals, one night can earn so much, not bad!” Little Seven counted with her fingers .

 “No, usually nobody can’t persist that long . Those that can persist ten rounds are already not bad!” Feng Kai said, “This kind of people are labelled as King of the Tenth Floor . Normally, most of them can only persist three to five rounds at most . ”

 “Is becoming King of the Tenth Floor very powerful?” Little Seven said, “Then if I go, I definitely can become King of the Twenty Floor . ”

 “What is the purpose of Blood Arena for this reward?” Sima You Yue didn’t understand .

 “Maybe it’s to make it lively for those with lifeless conditions . Who knows!” Bi Sheng hummed .

 “What’s the requirement to join the competition?” Sima You Yue asked .

 “Blood must be seen . ” Feng Kai answered, “If there is no blood to be seen, then that round won’t be counted . Blood Arena won’t give rewards . ”

 Not knowing why, Sima You Yue felt weird when she heard that blood must be seen .

 “Other than volunteers, Blood Arena has specialized cultivated fighters . Challenging these fighters can get better rewards . ” Shi Chen said, “But these fighters fight to live, their fighting strength is much stronger than others, it’s not easy to win them . ”

 “This Blood Arena… is so weird . ” Sima You Yue mumbled .

 “In Blood Fiend City, people don’t care if it’s weird or not, they just want their life to have some great waves . ” Bi Sheng somehow knew something, faintly said, “Living here is too boring, can’t cultivate, don’t dare to leave, fighting in close quarters can get some excitement, so it became everyone’s only hobby . ”

 “Old Bi, do you know something?” Sima You Yue asked .

 “I know, you want to know? Fight with me, then I will tell you . “Bi Sheng gazed at her, his eyes filled with intentions to fight .

 “Okay, still with that condition, in ten minutes if you can’t take me down, you have to go with me . ” Sima You Yue said .

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