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Chapter 918: 918

Sima You Yue came to the cliff, she saw Ximen Feng,Third Aunt Du, Little Wu and Little Roc chatting .

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 Behind them, there were a few unknown girls, they should be the embroidery ladies that they brought .

 “Brother You Yue . ” Little Wu waved at Sima You Yue once she saw her .

 “I was just talking about your matters with Uncle Qi and Li’er and you came back . ” Sima You Yue continued, “Take the antidote first, then I will bring you all in . ”

 She distributed the antidote to everyone and brought them to the valley .

 “Shi Chen, these are embroidery ladies, you can find a place for them to settle in . ” Sima You Yue said to Shi Chen, “Third aunt, you and Little Wu can stay in one courtyard . ”

 “Anything will do . ” Third Aunt Du said .

 “Then you can go ahead and unpack, I will bring you to meet Uncle Qi and Aunt Yi they all . ” Sima You Yue continued, “They are currently drinking and feasting on the mountain top behind!”

 “Okay . ”

 Third Aunt Du and the rest didn’t really have anything going on, they only wanted to look around their courtyard . After seeing their courtyard, Sima You Yue brought her and Little Wu to the back of the hill .

 “Third Aunt!”

 One by one flew towards Third Aunt Du, one of them was Ximen Li who jumped into Third Aunt Du’s embrace, the other guy was held back half way .

 “Oh my, Yue Yue let me go! I want to welcome Third Aunt Du!” Little Roar’s short little legs were kicking in the air, but still couldn’t break free from Sima You Yue’s evil clutches .

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 “Third Aunt and Li’er reunite, why would you run there and be a third wheel? Sima You Yue held on to its long ear .

 “But I miss Third Aunt too! I want to reunite with Third Aunt too!” Little Roar said unwillingly .

 “You can forget it . ” Sima You Yue held on to its ear, as if she was holding on a rice straw and sat in front of the table .

 “This is Little Wu, she is Third Aunt’s disciple… Little Wu, this is my big sister and grandpa, this is Uncle Qi, Aunt Yi and the one walking over with Third Aunt is little sister Li’er . ” Ximen Feng introduced Little Wu .

 Little Wu bowed to each and every one of the elders .

 For the period of time that she was missing, she followed Third Aunt Du everywhere, gained a few experiences and also found out about their past, she looked more matured . She didn’t expect that there would be such a miracle happening in the world, at the same time she felt sorry for her own Master and Ximen’s family members .

 Seemed like people had to have experiences so they could grow, if not, they would have the temper of a child .

 “Since everyone is gathered here for a meal, you guys can sit down and eat together . ” Sima You Yue said .

 Little Wu sat beside Little Seven, Ximen Li and Third Aunt walked over too, one table full of people already seated, so everyone took out stools and squeezed a little .

 “I didn’t expect that the Ximen family still has so many survivors . That’s really good . ” Third Aunt’s eyes watered and stroked Ximen Li who was beside her and she felt more comforted .

 Initially when she knew Ximen Feng and Sima You Yue were alive, she was already very happy and didn’t think that Ximen Li was alive too, this was the child who she looked after since young .

 “Yeah, everyone survived . ” Ximen Qi continued, “But we survived because we were all outside, these three siblings were only the ones who survived from the massacre that day . ”

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 “Uncle Qi, Third Aunt, today is a day where everyone sees each other, let’s not talk about those sad things . Let’s have a drink first . ” Sima You Yue said smilingly .

 Everyone raised their cups together .

 “After a few days, senior brother, help me to fetch big brother and the rest over to meet up, then everyone will be here together . The clan will then be officially established . ” Sima You Yue continued, “By then I will still need to trouble senior brother . ”

 Wu Lingyu nodded, accepting her request .

 “Wait for everyone to be present, then we will all gather for a big feast . ” Sima You Yue said . “Invite those guys too, let’s celebrate . ”

 “Sounds good!”

 “Second brother, when are you going to bring my sister-in-law for us to see? I am very curious about her?”

 “She said she will come over after she settles her stuff . ” Ximen Feng said .

 “Really? Then I can see her soon!” Ximen Li said cheerfully .

 “Don’t be too excited then, you will scare Xiang Yi . ” Sima You Yue laughed while teasing .

 “I definitely won’t . ” Ximen Li continued, “Future sister-in-law travelled all over the world, why would she be scared of me . ” Ximen Li continued, “Aiya, I wonder if my future sister-in-law will bring any present for me?”

 Ximen Li kept repeating sister-in-law, Ximen Feng held in his smile, gladly accepting it .

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 “Oh right, Third Aunt, after we finish our meal, I will bring you to find the nine turns snow silkworm . ” Sima You Yue said to Third Aunt Du .

 “Okay . ” Once Third Aunt Du heard about nine turns snow silkworm, she couldn’t concentrate on eating anymore, she wanted to go earlier .

 Sima You Yue knew she was anxious, she took some dishes for her and said, “Nine turns snow silkworms is in inner regions, our current antidote only allows us to walk around outer regions and central regions, we will still need to take another antidote . But I just came out with the research for that antidote, it’s not yet improved . We can take it now, it will only take effect after we finish our meal and by the time we get to the central regions . So Third Aunt, you don’t have to be anxious . ”

 She took out a pill for Third Aunt Du, after Third Aunt Du ate it, she knew there wasn’t any use for being anxious, so she ate with everybody with ease .

 Everyone had a perfectly satisfied meal, the most important thing was there were more relatives, everyone was glad .

 After the meal, Sima You Yue, Wu Lingyu and Little Seven brought Third Aunt Du to the inner regions, the rest stayed in the valley .

 The deeper they went, the stronger the miasma was, the rank of the poisonous substances became higher . But after those poisonous substances saw Wu Lingyu and Little Seven, they ran away hurriedly .

 That two malignant stars are here, everyone hides quickly!

 Sima You Yue laughed when she saw how they ran away . She didn’t know what Wu Lingyu and Little Seven did to them that terrorised them like that .

 “Third Aunt, it’s right at the snowy mountain in front . ” They went to the bottom of a mountain, they couldn’t see the scene of the mountain top because of the miasma .

 The antidote that Third Aunt Du ate was a general pill that removed hundreds of poison, it wasn’t completely made specifically to counter the inner regions, so Third Aunt needed Sima You Yue to burn out a clean space for her .

 She looked up at those miasma and said, “I didn’t expect that nine turns snow silkworms lived in such a bad environment . ”

 “Nine turns snow silkworms are clever, they are here so that they wouldn’t be found by humans . ” Sima You Yue continued, “If it’s not for Little Seven that were immune to the poison, they wouldn’t be wandering around in the valley and we wouldn’t have found them either . ”

 “Mm, let’s go up . ”

 Sima You Yue brought her up and after they walked past the miasma area, she kept her flame, Third Aunt Du used her own spiritual energy and congealed a protective sphere .

 Four of them flew towards the top of the mountain, as the height was above sea level, half way through, it was already covered in accumulated snow, when they reached the mountain peaks, it was covered even in brilliant white snow, it was all white in sight .

 They looked around but didn’t see any nine turns snow silkworms .

 “Are they really here?” Third Aunt Du asked .

 Sima You Yue glanced at Wu Lingyu .

 “That’s what that old scorpion said, nine turns snow silkworms are right here on this snow mountain . ” Little Seven continued, “But it was just as you were calling for us, so we didn’t come up to check . But I think that old scorpion wouldn’t dare to lie to me, if not I will break his leg!”

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