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Chapter 919: 919

Chapter 919: Nine turns snow silkworms

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Meaning to say, they haven’t seen the nine turns snow silkworms before .

They circled around the mountain top, but only boundless snow met them .

“Damn, don’t tell me there aren’t any here at all?” Little Seven raged as she pulled up her sleeves wanting to go down the mountain and find trouble with that old scorpion .

“Little Seven, wait . ” Sima You Yue held Little Seven, “Listen . ”

Little Seven kept quiet and heard a rustling sound coming from the bottom of the accumulated snow .

There was movement!

“Shush shush——”

“Shush shush——”

“Shush shush——”

A small pile of snow appeared slowly one by one on top of the accumulated snow followed by tiny heads popping up one by one . It was the silkworm’s round head .

“Hey, someone is here!” One of the nine turns snow silkworm said .

“Shush shush——” It’s human!”

“How many years has it been, there’s actually humans here!”

“Oh, this is human? I’ve never seen a human before!”

“I heard humans are very fierce, should we hide?”

“We’ve already been found out, no point hiding!”

“Alright, everyone stop talking . ”

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“But I’m so excited!”

“Be careful, the King might punish you!”

“Oh, I didn’t say anything . ”

Sima You Yue watched as this bunch of worms chattering away, they totally had no sense of crisis for intruders .

“Ahem——” She coughed, attracting all the attention from those snow silkworms .

“Human, what are you doing here?” One of the snow silkworms crawled out from a snow hole, Sima You Yue counted, its body was divided into seven segments, it should have experienced seven turns .

“Where is your King?” Sima You Yue asked .

“You want to see our King?”

“Yes . We have something to discuss, can we?” Sima You Yue said .

“Our King doesn’t have time . ” That seven turns snow silkworm rejected without hesitations, “If there’s anything, you can just tell me . ”

“Can you be your snow silkworm’s group decision maker?”

“You tell us first, if it’s nothing much, we can make the decision . ”

“Alright . I want to make a deal with you guys . ” Sima You Yue said .

“We don’t make deals with humans . ” Those snow silkworms rejected before she could even finish her sentence .

“You rejected without even hearing the content, what if I come up with something that interests you?”

“You humans are all cunning and treacherous, we don’t want to make any deal with you . ” That snow silkworm continued, “Go away, leave snowy mountains, or else don’t blame us for being nasty!”

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With that said, those snow silkworms that were still feeling confused, crawled out from the snow and tread on them, looking like they were ready to fight .

With their sparkling and translucent body, round eyes and adorable look, they didn’t even look lethal at all .

“We are here to look for your King, how can we leave without seeing him?” Sima You Yue said .

“Then don’t blame us for being nasty!”

“I feel it would be better if you listen to the content of the deal before making a decision . ” Sima You Yue continued, “I don’t want to hurt you guys . ”

“We have nothing to say to you humans! Catch them!” The seven turns snow silkworm shouted .

“Seems like there will be a fight . ” Sima You Yue said grudgingly .

“Master, let me do it . ” The spirit silkworm Third Aunt contracted said .

“You Yue, don’t fight first . ” After Third Aunt finished her sentence, she called out Rou Li, Queen of spirit silkworms, her contracted spirit silkworm .

Ruo Li came out and nodded to Sima You Yue first, her life was saved by her last time and she would never forget her kindness .

“Queen of green silkworm?” That seven turns snow silkworm recognised immediately after seeing the human form of Ruo Li .

“Ask your King to come out . ” Ruo Li was also a Queen that had an air of nobility so she sounded prideful even when she spoke .

“Our King is not free!” The seven turns snow silkworm refused to inform their King for them .

But a snowstorm suddenly engulfed the mountain top, after the snowstorm dissipated, a man with a silver robe and black hair appeared in front of the snow silkworms .

He had a chilly aura, expressionless, which made him look cold and arrogant . He shot a cold glance at Sima You Yue and the rest as they felt a chill .

“King . ” Snow silkworms bent their bodies .

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“Ruo Li, you actually formed a contract with humans . ” Jiu Yin looked at Ruo Li with shock and disbelief in his eyes .

“Something happened, the contract saved me and my child’s life . ” Ruo Li smiled and said without ostracizing the contract .

“What happened?” Jiu Yin’s face dropped when he heard that she almost lost her life .

Ruo Li flew over, both of them started chatting .

After Little Seven saw them chatting and standing next to each other so closely, she said curiously, “It seems like Ruo Li and Jiu Yin’s relationship looks good eh!”

“Should be . ” Third Aunt continued, “There is also friendship between spirit silkworms, Ruo Li told me before and I heard that she has a lot of good relationships with a lot of King of spirit silkworms . ”

“I wonder if it will work if she do it . ” Little Seven .

“At least it’s unlikely to get into a fight . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Agree . ”

After a while, Ruo Li flew back and said, “Jiu Yin is the most proud and arrogant among all the spirit silkworms, if we ask him to form a contract, he definitely wouldn’t agree . ”

“I think Third Aunt never even thought of forming a contract with him . ” Sima You Yue continued, “Right, Third Aunt . ”

“Mm . ” Third Aunt Du nodded, “There was no other choice initially when I formed a contract with you, why would I form a contract with him . ”

“For the sake of saving Ruo Li’s life, you can tell me about the purpose of today’s visit . ” Jiu Yin looked at them, but didn’t keep his cold attitude for Ruo Li’s sake .

“We want your silk . ” Sima You Yue said .

Jiu Yin wasn’t baffled by her request, afterall, that was the only thing humans wanted from spirit silkworms .

But their spirit silkworm clan couldn’t care less about silk, they were unwilling to make a deal with humans just because they didn’t like humans .

Just like Ruo Li liked Third Aunt Du, so she was willing to make a deal with her in the dark forest and gave her the silk .

“What’s your offer . ” If the offer didn’t interest him, even if it was them, he wouldn’t agree .

“I will refine pills for you . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Refine pills? We spirit silkworms clan aren’t interested in pills . ” Jiu Yin was unsatisfied with her offer .

“But you will definitely like my pills!” Sima You Yue said .

“So confident!” Jiu Yin said .

“Of course, if I don’t have confidence, how would I discuss terms with you?” Sima You Yue said with a smile .

She took out a pill and threw it to him, Jiu Yin caught it .

“You will know what’s the purpose of this pill once you smell it . ”

Jiu Yin wasn’t even interested in her pill, but since she already gave it to him, there was no harm smelling it .

“Snow lotus!” His eyes widened .

“That’s right, snow lotus was added in this pill, other than snow lotus, there are other precious herbs . ” Sima You Yue continued, “This pill can help your people breakthrough and go into the next turn . Are you satisfied with this offer?”

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