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Chapter 913: 913

From the beginning to end, Sima You Yue watched from the side, watching them vent anger for her . She observed Zong Zheng Luo get beaten black with a bloody nose and swollen face .

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 Wu Linyu stood beside her and accompanied her in watching .

 It took awhile for her to stop them . After everyone vented, Zong Zheng Luo only had one breath left .

 Sima You Yue had calmed down and shook her head . “I’ll have to waste a pill to heal him if you beat him like this . ”

 “Doesn’t he still have a breath left? Give him the pill and throw him down . ” Little Seven said .

 “It’s better to let the person who takes the pill stay for a few days below and make sure if it has no problem . ” Sima You Yue said . “But he’s like this now, I’m afraid he can’t persist for two days . Isn’t it a waste of my healing medicine?”

 “Hehe, we’re a bit harsh . ” Ni An Yi smiled at Sima You Yue . The fierce look just then had disappeared .

 Sima You Yue shook her head with a smile . She walked over and stuffed a pill into his mouth .

 Zong Zheng Luo who had lost consciousness, swallowed the pill subconsciously when he smelled the healing pill .

 The pill that Sima You Yue gave him was the worst of pills, but even so, it was still effective .

 After Zong Zheng Luo took the pill, he quickly woke up . Although his body was still in pain, it was much better now .

 He saw a pair of boots in front of him . He looked and met Sima You Yue’s murderous eyes .

 “Who are you? Why are you treating me like this?” He couldn’t understand .

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 Sima You Yue squatted down . “Didn’t I just tell you? You can kill people for no reason . We naturally can as well . ”

 Zong Zheng Luo’s pupils shrank . She really intended to kill him!

 “Don’t, don’t kill me . I will give you whatever you want . Really, my Zong Zheng Clan is very strong . ”

 “Do you think I care about your Zong Zheng Clan’s things?” Sima You Yue retorted . “How much of things you’re enjoying now are snatched from the Ximen Family?”

 “You’re from the Ximen family?” Who are you? I don’t even know you!” Zong Zheng Luo said .

 “How many people have you met from the Ximen family? Also, you used to follow them back to Ximen family and visit the grounds . Speaking of which, we are still old acquaintances . ”

 Old acquaintance?

 Zong Zheng Luo narrowed his eyes as he pondered . “Impossible, I have never seen you before . Who are you?”

 “Who am I, I will tell you the moment before you die . ” Sima You Yue leaned towards him and sneered . Then she whispered, “You should be healed now . ”

 Zong Zheng Luo saw her smile which was like falling into an icy cellar . He felt like he saw the god of death . She was surrounded by a strong aura of death .

 “No, no, you can’t kill me . If you kill me, my family won’t let you go . ”

 He silently shouted, but everyone ignored him .

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 Sima You Yue stuffed the antidote into his mouth . She stood up and said, “Let’s go down . ”

 Ni An Yi stepped forward, grabbed his clothes and lifted him up . “I really want to throw him down . ”

 Zong Zheng Luo’s face instantly paled .

 This place wasn’t far from Nica City . He knew where he was now . If he was thrown down, he would either die from the fall or the poison .

 “Don’t let him die, he’s still of use to boss . ” Shi Chen reminded .

 “I know . I’m just saying . ” Ni An Yi replied .

 “The antidote hasn’t been tested, so you wait above . ”

 Wu Lingyu took hold of Zong Zheng Luo, and Sima You Yue’s party of three flew down .


 Zong Zheng Luo started screaming when he saw the poison barrier, but he didn’t show any signs of poisoning passing through the poison barrier .

 They took him around the periphery and inner regions . Then they stopped at a random place . Three days later, he was still alive, and because of the healing pill, his injuries were all healed .

 Zong Zheng Luo did not expect that he would be fine for so many days in the Heartbreak Valley . He was secretly happy . Thinking of their antidote experiment, he guessed the antidote had worked .

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 He really didn’t expect that someone could develop an antidote to treat the Heartbreak Valley’s miasma!

 When he saw that You Yue’s party of three were conversing, he wanted to sneak away . But before he flew two meters away, there was a pain in his leg .


 He screamed and looked down . His right foot had turned to ashes .

 A flame slowly burned up from his right foot!

 The pain caused him to lose balance, and he fell from midair . Sima You Yue strolled over while playing with a flame in her hand .

 “Why don’t you run?” She asked faintly .

 Zong Zheng Luo watched in horror as his leg became shorter and shorter . He tried to use his spirit power to extinguish the flame, only to let it burn faster and faster .

 “Ahh! Who the hell are you? Why are you doing this to me?!”

 Sima You Yue sneered, “I said we are old acquaintances . I still remember you . Why don’t you know me?”

 “Impossible! I can’t know you! Everyone in the Ximen family died! Who are you, what devil are you?!” Zong Zheng Luo was in so much pain that he couldn’t speak .

 “Devil?” Sima You Yue uttered the word and then smiled, “Yes, I am a devil, a vengeful devil . Since I am a devil, I naturally crawled out of hell . ”

 The flame burned his right leg . Sima You Yue waved her hand, and the flame came to his left leg and slowly crawled upward .

 Zong Zheng Luo was about to collapse .

 Why, why is this person doing this to him?

 “Are you thinking of why?” Sima You Yue sat beside him . “Zong Zheng Luo, let me remind you . I am the one you have always looked down on, the one you wanted to kill . Once I went to your Zong Zheng Clan, you challenged me . Unfortunately, in the end, I broke your leg . ”

 Zong Zheng Luo thought about what she said, and recalled the things before . Only one person broke his leg while in the Zong Zheng Clan .

 He looked up sharply at Sima You Yue . He didn’t believe her . “You, you, you’re… Ximen You Yue!”

 “It seems that this memory I gave you is quite deep . ” Sima You Yue said .

 “No, impossible! You already died . Why are you still alive!” Zong Zheng Luo shook his head nonstop, not believing she was Ximen You Yue .

 “That’s right, I’m already dead . I went to hell, so I said I crawled out of hell . ” Sima You Yue said .

 “You’re talking nonsense, Ximen You Yue’s soul was destroyed . Who the hell are you?”

 Sima You Yue sneered .

 “Soul destroyed? Hahaha——- yes, my soul was almost destroyed, but unfortunately, that genius in your family wasn’t successful . She wanted to refine my soul, but instead she allowed my soul to be reborn . Perhaps, I can come back to take revenge by borrowing a corpse . It’s really because of her divine artifact! Tell me, should I thank her?”

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