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Chapter 914: 914

Zong Zheng Luo was shocked and speechless .

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 Zong Zheng Han Yue used a soul sealing lantern to refine Sima You Yue’s soul, this was known to the whole Zong Zheng Clan, but it was a secret in Zong Zheng Clan, others wouldn’t know .

 Unless… . It’s Ximen You Yue who was involved!

 This person really was Ximen You Yue!

 “It’s ridiculous . Zong Zheng Clan and Ximen Clan were against each other all along, but I stupidly believed that me and her knew each other by chance and our sisterhood was real . I always thought that she was different from your other clan members, where we could really be friends . The talented respects each other, speaking of it, I’m just too dumb and naive . And I actually accepted her gift… the most malicious gift on earth!”

 Zong Zheng Luo looked at the smile on Sima You Yue’s face, he seemed to see a demon exterminating his whole clan . The fear in his eyes expanded greatly that the pain on his body was disregarded .

 Sima You Yue looked at the fear in his eyes and said in satisfaction, “Is it shocking that I came back? Hehe, don’t worry, I will start my journey to revenge just like what you think, you will be the first enemy that I will kill . Don’t be sad, you can see your family soon . They will go down and keep you company!”

 “You…” Zong Zheng Luo opened his mouth, but couldn’t get any words out .

 Too shocked, too frightened, he stared at her face and believed her words .

 She came to revenge!

 “Now that you know the truth, you can die peacefully . ” Sima You Yue continued, “But since you know the truth, you can’t go to the ghost realm . But you can go to heaven and see how your clan is being exterminated!”

 “You, what do you mean?”

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 “What do I mean, you will understand soon . ” Sima You Yue smiled brightly, but Zong Zheng Luo felt cold .

 You Yue no longer controlled the flame speed, in a split second, he was burnt into ashes .

 When his soul was engulfed by the flame, he then knew what Sima Ma You Yue meant, she meant to let his ashes scattered and dispersed with the smoke, not even a chance to go to the ghost realm!

 “I didn’t expect Crimson Flame’s flame was able to burn souls!” Little Seven blinked .

 “It was possible all along, just that it wasn’t used before . ” Sima You Yue continued, “This is the first time . Do you think I’m too cruel?”

 Little Seven shaked head,” What they did to you was much more cruel . Yue Yue, since the antidote is solved, let’s head up and tell them . ”

 “Mm, let them come down and take a look . I will go and refine some antidote . ”

 Sima You Yue went into a spirit pagoda after saying her piece, she spent over ten days refining over a hundred antidote pills .

 They went back above and handed out the antidote to Feng Kai and the rest, then went down together to finalize the location for the clan .

 Feng Kai and the rest went into Heartbreak valley for the first time, last time, they only heard about the reputation of the place, but never came before .

 “We already went past a few miasma , if it’s not for the antidote, we will be poisoned to death from the beginning . ” Dai Yi said .

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 “Making the antidote for every miasma wasn’t the hardest . ” Kong Ren continued, “The hardest part is researching antidote for hundreds of poisons . ”

 They only had to take one antidote and they could walk around, meaning that antidote worked on all miasma .

 Sima You Yue brought them around and said, “The toxicity in the inner regions is stronger, not easy to break through, so we can only build our clan in the central regions . ”

 “Usually no one can even come to the central region . ” Kong Ren continued, “Usually people who come close will die, those masters in poison can only wander around the outer regions . Rarely anyone can come to the central regions . ”

 “That’s right, the inner region is enough . ” Shi Chen continued, “We want to be safeguarded temporarily, after we are strong enough, even if others can find us, they wouldn’t dare to do anything to us . ”

 “After the clan is built, we will then use an array to cover the outsides, if those people manage to break Heartbreak Valley’s natural barrier, at least we are protected by the array . ” Feng Kai said .

 “Since everyone doesn’t have any objection, then we will decide on the final location . ” Sima You Yue said .

 “Just choose one will do, why do we still need to choose again?” Little Seven was lost .

 “We can make use of the terrains, landforms and geography to set up a more suitable layout . Choosing a wide and open location will be suitable to build houses, we also need to choose a place that is suitable to deploy arrays . ” Sima You Yue explained .

 “Oh . Alright . Then we will walk another round . ” Little Seven said .

 “Boss, you already have a place in mind right? You Si said .

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 “A few locations, but I haven’t done the final comparison . ” Sima You Yue said .

 “Then we will go and take a look . ”

 Everyone walked another round and decided that a bigger valley would be the location for their clan .

 “Eh?” Feng Zhi frowned doubtfully .

 “What is it, Big Brother?”

 Feng Zhi looked at Sima You Yue and asked, “Boss, why is it that we walked around in the central regions so many times but didn’t see any poisonous creature? Did you solve this problem too?”

 Sima You Yue only noticed it now, it seemed like ever since they came down, they didn’t come across any powerful poisonous creature .

 She turned her gaze towards Wu Lingyu, Wu Lingyu said, “You and Shi Qian Zhi took so long to research for the antidote, Little Seven and I got nothing to do, so we walked around in the central region . ”


 “Yue Yue, we already tidied up the poisonous creature, we made a deal with them, we told them that a clan will be built here and asked them to open their eyes wide so they don’t hurt our people . They agreed . ” Little Seven laughed .

 “You guys actually resolved this secretly?” When Sima You Yue was researching for the antidote, she didn’t pay attention to them, and didn’t expect that they actually went to deal with the poisonous creature .

 “We even went to the inner regions!” Little Seven continued, “The poisonous creatures in the inner regions are stronger, but they couldn’t win Brother Lingyu or me, both of us together, we are invincible!”

 Would never forget to self praise even after it was over .

 “Inner regions had some fierce and malicious ones, they said, if our members don’t provoke them, they won’t come out to attack us either . ” Wu Lingyu added .

 “Thank you both of you . ” A problem that could cause a headache was settled just like that, You Yue felt great . “How did you both think of looking for those poisonous creatures?”

 “Brother Lingyu brought it up!” Little Seven continued,”He said you will handle the poison barrier and we will handle the poisonous creatures . So as to avoid you being troubled over this problem after researching for the antidote . ”

 “Thank you, Senior Brother . ” Sima You Yue looked at Wu Lingyu in gratitude .

 “Do you even need to thank me?” Wu Lingyu said .

 Sima You Yue laughed, no longer worried about that and said to Feng Kai and the rest,” You guys build some house here for a few days, I need to fetch some people, next time, we will live with the rest together . ”

 “Yes, boss . ”

 “Alright, boss . ”

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