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Chapter 880: 880

Chapter 880: Perverse genius or demon?

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Hua Piao Miao tried to slap her, but Sima You Yue used her palm to meet hers .

Everybody thought that her palm would definitely be injured, but after both their palms met, they flew back to their own place . It wasn’t like what everyone pictured, that Sima You Yue’s palm would be broken .

“What a strong body!” Wang Si Miao exclaimed in surprise while looking at Sima You Yue .

“It’s stronger than our body by ten times!” Mo Bin said .

He and Wang Si Miao had been training their body . Although they didn’t purely go for body refinement, it was still stronger than the others .

But if it was them, they wouldn’t even dared to catch Hua Piao Miao’s slap, let alone strike back .

Hua Piao Miao stepped back a few metres before stopping . Feeling pain in her palm, she stared at Sima You Yue in shock and disbelief .

Sima You Yue’s hand felt painful and shaked it a few times before muttering, “This girl’s webbed palm is so stiff, it’s so painful!”

The people around them heard her and looked at both of their hands and were deeply dumbfounded .

It’s Hua Piao Miao’s hand that was trembling, your hand didn’t even tremble and you still had the cheek to say that yours felt pain?


Hua Piao Miao’s evil aura increased greatly as she stomped and flew towards Sima You Yue .

“Again!” Sima You Yue shouted and faced off with her again .

In a close combat, both their speed was fast . Outsiders realised that their eyes couldn’t catch up with their speed .

Both of their fights continued for ten over minutes, to the extent that Sima You Yue’s hands started to hurt .

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This birdman, so thick skinned!

“Yue Yue, pluck all her feathers! ” Little Seven shouted below the ring, it seemed like she had yet to give up on that idea .

Hua Piao Miao heard what Little Seven said and she felt even more enraged . Both of them joined together to shame her!

Kill her! Kill Sima You Yue!

A voice in her body yelled, which slowly made her lose her rationality and she became even crazier which made her attacks more ruthless!

Sima You Yue felt the changes in her . Seeing Hua Piao Miao’s eyes turned red, she knew her body was completely being controlled by the spirit beast’s blood .

“Try killing me, let’s see if you have the capability!”

Hua Piao Miao threw a kick towards her head, this time You Yue didn’t dodge, she only moved her body to avoid her attacks . At the same time, she grabbed her ankle and quickly condensed the spiritual energy from her hand and turned it into flame .


She burnt almost her entire leg! She shouted loudly and kicked Sima You Yue’s hand away and flew back to congeal water and extinguished the fire on her leg .

Although the fire was extinguished, the feathers on that leg were all burnt with only sparse and fragmented sticks, her whole leg turned black .

“HAHAHA——” Little Seven laughed hysterically below the ring, “You didn’t pluck the bird’s feathers, but burning it is also a good idea! HAHAHA…”

“Shut up!” Hua Piao Miao shouted at Little Seven . With that look of irritation, she wasn’t at all gentle and graceful compared to her in the past .

Little Seven pulled an ugly face at her and said, “Don’t want to, I want to laugh, HAHAHA, Yue Yue, burn all her feathers, come on!”

Hua Piao Miao couldn’t go down and kill Little Seven, so she turned her rage towards Sima You Yue .

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“How dare you burn my precious feathers, you’re asking for it!”

She pulled her wings backwards, and metamorphosed Thousand Crane appeared behind her .

The metamorphosed shadow eyes were closed . Although she couldn’t see its eyes, its thriving power could be felt .

On the podium, the teacher that was in charge looked at Mao San Quan and asked, “Instructor Mao, should we… . ”

Mao San Quan shook his head, indicating that there was no need to care .

This little issue shouldn’t be hard for her .

That teacher didn’t say anything, but he was very nervous and stared at the ring . If anything happened, he could respond right away .

Sima You Yue looked at the Thousand Crane which had its eyes closed . Her guts told her that it was very dangerous .

“Divine Crane, eat him!”

Hua Piao Miao looked pale, and she sounded weak when she spoke .

Given her current strength, she wouldn’t have enough strength to summon Divine Crane, but since she had already lost her rationality, if she could kill Sima You Yue, she wouldn’t care if she received backlash .

Divine Crane tilted its head up, looking like it was high and mighty . Although it was unwilling to obey her command, it moved its wings .

It moved only slightly, but a gale broke out in the ring, that gale contained a huge force and blew towards Sima You Yue .

Sima You Yue subconsciously put her hands in front, trying to block the wind power, but it was too powerful that it injured her with scratches .

“Spatial lock!”

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She locked the surroundings up so no matter how the wind blew, it wouldn’t touch her at all .

“Spatial lock?!” The teachers on the podium exclaimed .

Viewers from the platform felt the power of the wind but because the spirit barrier on the ring blocked it, the wind wasn’t strong .

They saw how Sima You Yue couldn’t open her eyes from the wind, but suddenly it looked like the wind couldn’t touch her, feeling curious, when the teacher on the podium shouted spatial lock, they understood what it meant .

“Spatial lock? Isn’t that what an Array Master does? You are also an Array Master?”

“Of course, if not I wouldn’t know this move . ”

“You are wrong, Array Masters know spatial lock, but it doesn’t mean that only Array Masters know this move . You have to be gifted!”

“Aren’t you an Alchemist? How did you become an Array Master?”

“Are you a fool? Of course I am an Alchemist and also an Array Master . ”

“Damn! Fire, metal and lightning Tri-Faceted Spirit Master, also an alchemist and an array master, is that what a normal human should have?”

“No . ” Someone shaked head .


“Only a perverse genius can do that . But he is totally a demon!”


Fatty Qu overhead and snickered .

“Perverse genius or demon?” He laughed, “Which one do you think Yue Yue would prefer to be called?”

“You can go and ask him . ” Wei Zi Qi said .

“No, he will definitely beat me up . ” Fatty Qu rejected firmly . This chap wanted him to drop the bomb, he refused!

“Let’s continue watching the contest . ” Bei Gong Tang continued, “That thing, I don’t feel safe about it . ”

That unperturbed illusion beast, must be something that wouldn’t be easy to handle .

She glanced at Mao San Quan and the rest, They didn’t ask the teacher to stop the contest, so they didn’t know if it was going to be safe or not .

Since You Yue had so many strategies, she should be able to handle it?

That so-called Divine Crane opened its eyes slightly, cried distinctively and lowered its proud head .

It kept its wings and the wind in the ring stopped immediately .

“You are also an Array master…oh…” Hua Piao Miao held her chest, a wisp of blood spilled out from the corner of her mouth .

She forcefully summoned Divine Crane for so long and couldn’t take it anymore .

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