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Chapter 879: 879
Chapter 879: Birdman! Pluck her feathers!

Hua Piao Miao glanced at her . she was calm and confident, could it be that she had other moves that could counter her spirit skill?

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She saw Sima You Yue stretch out her hands, although her palms didn’t appear to have any fire, but there was a ball of gold spiritual energy .

“Gold attribute spiritual energy?! You’re also a Dual Faceted Spirit Master?”

Hua Piao Miao was shocked, nobody ever knew Sima You Yue was a Dual Faceted Spirit Master! When she battled with others, she had always used fire attributes spiritual energy . She didn’t expect that she would reveal it now .

The spectators in the viewing platform were surprised . It wasn’t because they had never seen a Dual Faceted Spirit Master, but it was because they had never seen such a low-profile spirit master . If it was others, they would have been well known!

The spiritual energy in Sima You Yue’s hands transformed into a long halberd, it looked the same as heaven’s halberd . She held the halberd and stabbed firmly as the ice ground cracked with the halberd in the middle .

After the ice cube around her legs broke into pieces, she stomped her feet, shook the ice off her body and flew into the air .

At the same time, her palm congealed a fire attributed spiritual energy . The spiritual energy transformed into fire and again, a Little Vermilion bird .

But this time, the Little Vermilion bird didn’t remain small the whole way . When it bent down and flew downwards, it became bigger, and by the time that it reached the ring, it was already the size of half the ring .

Hua Piao Miao felt the heat released by the flame and dared not be careless . She quickly materialised a hydrosphere around herself and wrapped herself up, blocking the fire out .

In her opinion, if Sima You Yue had to maintain this strong flame, she would need a lot of spiritual energy and that her own defense wouldn’t use up a lot of it . She just had to deplete her fire attributes spiritual energy and use water attributes spiritual energy to counter her gold attribute, then she would win!

After a while, the flame became weaker . Through the water screen, Hua Piao Miao saw the ice that she materialised had already become water, and the ring was dripping wet .

She removed the water screen and lifted her head up to see Sima You Yue congeal another familiar spiritual energy and looked at her .

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“It’s over!”

Sima You Yue used her lightning attributes and striked continuously . One of it struck directly at Hua Piao Miao and the others struck the water .

“Ssst ssst——”

The ice was an insulator, but water was a good conductor, so all the electric current flowed in the ring, then gathered and flowed towards Hua Piao Miao .


Hua Piao Miao blocked the lightning from the air but she was electrocuted by the electric current in the water, she turned black from the electrocution and her hair rolled up .

“Ssst ssst——”

The electric current flowed throughout her body, and she thought that she couldn’t take it anymore as she fell in the water, twitching .

“Lightning attributes! God, she is a Tri Faceted Spirit Master!” Viewers shouted .

There were a lot of Dual Faceted Spirit Master but there weren’t many Tri Faceted Spirit Master, they are rarely to be seen anywhere, didn’t expect that she was a Tri Faceted Spirit Master!

What a low-profile Tri Faceted Spirit Master!

Everybody felt like they were too thrilled by her because she kept refreshing everyone’s knowledge of her!

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Sima You Yue landed in the water from air, and the electric current flowed into her body but it didn’t seem to hurt her .

She looked straight at the person on the floor and said, ” Senior sister Hua, you lost . I’m sorry, as a freshman, I won you accidentally . ”

Hua Piao Miao looked at her in pain and saw the coldness in her eyes, feeling an urge to kill her .

“Senior sister Hua, you want to kill me?” Sima You Yue sensed her bloodlust and said, “But this is only a contest, senior sister Hua you want to kill me just because you lost this contest? Seems like senior sister hua’s parents brought up a narrow minded daughter!”

If Hua Piao Miao really wanted to kill her, she wouldn’t think twice either!

You Yue’s words almost made Hua Piao Miao’s blood boil . Before the contest, she sarcastically insulted her for her lack of manners . She didn’t expect that she would strike back so quickly!

How could a low life like her slander the Hua’s family’s honor! Her proud Thousand Crane Clan’s people wouldn’t let her lose to a mere human!

Thinking of this, her body started sprouting some white feathers, and a smell which only appeared on spirit beasts suddenly erupted from her body .

“Bird clan?” Sima You Yue didn’t expect Hua Piao Miao would become like this and she felt astonished .

She never heard that she was from the bird clan!

She was not the only one, even the students and teachers from the sect were flabbergasted . Nobody knew that she was a spirit beast!

“No, this doesn’t smell like a pure bird clan . ” Sima You Yue denied her own thoughts, “She has the smell of bird clan, so it should be in her blood . A person who carries a bird clan’s blood, oops, isn’t that a birdman?”

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Hua Piao Miao’s blood almost boiled because of her words . Viewers from the platform laughed because of her sentence . Especially Little Seven and Fatty Qu who were in the resting area, they laughed hysterically as she clutched the bellies .

“Birdman! HAHAHA, birdman, this word is good!” Little Seven lay on the resting area’s chair, holding her abdomen with both her legs kicking back and forth in laughter .

Hua Piao Miao stood up and looked at Sima You Yue . Her eyes flashed with ruthlessness and fierceness .

At this point, she was still in a human form, but a pair of wings grew on her back . Her clothes were torn apart and her body was full of snow white feathers .

“Not many people can push me this far . ” She moved both her wings, flew up from water and left the ring .

“You really look like a birdman like this!” Sima You Yue said .

“Humph! A mere lowly human dares to slander my noble Thousand Crane blood, you won’t get away with it! ” Hua Piao Miao shouted as she flapped her wings and charged towards Sima You Yue .

The triggered blood in her body was comparable to spirit beasts . Although the Thousand Crane Clan’s body wasn’t the strongest among all the spirit beasts, to deal with a human spirit master, it was definitely enough .

But she missed a point, You Yue’s body wasn’t an ordinary body/ She had been refining her body and been through training with her lightning bolts for so long,that her body’s strength is comparable to spirit beasts .

Of course, parts like her lips and earlobes were still soft . If not, Mo Sha wouldn’t have torn her lips the other time .

“Yue Yue, go!, beat her! Pluck all her feathers!” Little Seven jumped onto the group and shouted towards Sima You Yue!

Everybody looked at Little Seven speechlessly . She had spirit beast’s blood, okay . Even though rumours spread that You Yue took up body refinement and was stronger than other spirit masters, that didn’t mean that she could win someone with spirit beast’s blood .

Also, who cheered like that? What did she mean by plucking all her feathers? That was so inelegant!

If Little Seven knew what they were thinking, she would surely have said, ‘what is elegance? Is it edible? If not, shut up!’

Hua Piao Miao was fast . In the blink of an eye, she was in front of Sima You Yue . She held out her hands towards Sima You Yue, wanting to tear her apart .

At this point, Sima You Yue noticed that her hands had become claws, that was… so ugly!

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