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Chapter 821: 821

Chapter 821: Black Dragon Cult Right Emissary

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Jiang Jun Xian only pulled a part of the Sky Splitter out of the sheath, so the Palace Master could see the characters . But even if only a small part was pulled out, the people present felt huge pressure .

“This is… . ” The Palace Master stood up excitedly from his seat . His figure appeared in front of Jiang Jun Xian, trying to grab Sky Splitter, but Jiang Jun Xian stepped back and he only grabbed air .

When he didn’t get the Sky Splitter Devil Sword, his face darkened and shouted, “Jiang Jun Xian, what are you doing?”

Jiang Jun Xian sheathed the Sky Splitter back and then offered the Sky Splitter with both hands . “Palace Master, although the Sky Splitter’s devil nature is greatly reduced, its influence is still there, so you cannot grab it directly with your hand . ”

The Palace Master noticed the silk gloves on his hand . His thoughts moved and a pair of gloves appeared in his hand .

After putting on the gloves, he went to take Sky Splitter again . This time, Jiang Jun Zhe did not back away and let him take it .

“Sky Splitter Devil Sword… Sky Splitter Devil Sword… haha, it’s really the Sky Splitter Devil Sword!!”

He laughed out loud . There seemed to be a bloody storm in his laughter . A bloody man was now standing on a mountain-like corpse .

At this moment, he was like the most powerful person in the world, slaying all that opposed him – those who follow him prosper while those who resist would die!


He laughed maniacally, and the Sky Splitter in his hand shook, accompanying him standing atop the world!

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“Kill! Kill! Kill!” The hoarse voice sounded bewitchingly .

Jiang Jun Xian saw he was trapped in an illusion, laughing maniacally . He stepped forward and grabbed his hand . He squeezed him hard, pulling him out the illusion .

“Palace Master . ”

“What happened to me just now?” The Palace Master looked at him sharply .

“Palace Master was confused by the Sky Splitter and fell into an illusion . ” Jiang Jun Xian answered .

The Palace Master was startled . “Will it be the same with silk gloves?”

“If one is not prepared the first time, one could easily fall for it . ” Jiang Jun Zhe answered . “It was the same when I took it the first time . What’s more, it was so weak at that time . Now it has recovered a bit . ”

“Haha, good! Good!” The Palace Master laughed and walked back to his throne . He held the Sky Splitter high in his hand .

The following people were shocked when they heard the Palace Master said the name of the Sky Splitter out loud . Some people suspected that it was fake, but the reaction of the Palace Master could not be fake, so the sword was real!

“Congratulations to the Palace Master in obtaining a divine sword!” Everyone congratulated .

“Haha… Jun Xian, you have done a wonderful job this time! This lord will reward you! Tell me what do you want?”

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“Jun Xian does not dare to ask for rewards . ” Jiang Jun Xian knelt down and looked at the Palace Master . “My main mission was to go the sect to find the Eye of Earth, but I was not able to complete it . Please punish me, Palace Master . ”

“You get up . ” As soon as the Palace Master waved his hand, Jiang Jun Xian rose from the ground . “Although you didn’t bring back the Eye of Earth, you brought back something more precious – Sky Splitter Devil Sword! You did more than what you were asked to, so you deserve a reward . How about this, you’ll be promoted to be my Right Emissary . In the future, you will follow orders directly from this lord . ”

“Thank you Palace Master . ” Jiang Jun Xian knelt down in thanks .

When the following people heard Jiang Jun Xian was directly promoted to be the right emissary, some were surprised, some were unhappy, and some were happy for him .

Someone stood up and said, “Palace Master, the right emissary is only under the Palace Master, deputy Palace Master and the ten divine envoys . Jiang Jun Xian was only the lowest disciple before . Isn’t this too fast? I’m afraid some cult disciples would be unhappy!”

“Oh? Who’s dissatisfied?” The Palace Master waved his hand . “Whoever ‘s dissatisfied can come to me . Or, who can bring back an antiquity divine sword, this lord will similarly promote him to be the right emissary . ”

As soon as he said this, everyone had nothing to refute .

The contribution of bringing back an antiquity divine sword or a divine sword that inner cult has been looking for was unlikely to be surpassed .

“That’s right, I also think that if those people can bring back such a superb sword, Master will promote him similarly as the right emissary . ” A male standing at the lower right of the Palace Master said, “Isn’t there a rival divine artifact of Sky Splitter, Ling Long? If anyone can bring Ling Long back, Master might promote him to be a divine envoy . If you can’t do it, don’t blindly compete here . ”

The man who raised the objection just now was unable to refute his words .

“Yes, if anyone can bring the divine artifact Ling Long back, this lord will promote him as divine envoy . ” The Palace Master said with a big smile .

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Jiang Jun Xian gave a grateful glance at the person who spoke up for him, Shi Qian Zhi, a disciple of the Palace Master .

Shi Qian Zhi blinked at him .

“Palace Master, the Sky Splitter Devil Sword is clearly recorded in the ancient books that my cult collects . Although it has been lost since ancient times, everyone knows that it does exist . But this Ling Long divine artifact is not recorded in the ancient books, but only mentioned . I do not know if it’s real or not . ”

“Regardless of whether is is real or not, go find it for this lord . It is better to believe it than not . If there is such a thing, then it will be trouble for Sky Splitter . ” The Palace Master ordered .

“Yes, Palace Master . ” The people below answered in unison .

“Palace Master, I am more curious that this right emissary went to the Heavenly Sect to find the Eye of Earth, but why did he come back with this divine sword? How did right emissary obtain the Sky Splitter Devil Sword?

“Mm, Jun XIan, this lord is also very curious . How did you get the divine sword?” The Palace Master said . “Tell them your process . ”

“Actually, I have found some news about the Eye of Earth . ” Jiang Jun Zhe explained . “But the divine sword was obtained by accident . It was because of this accident that forced me to reveal my identity and give up on the Eye of Earth . ”

“Why’s that?” Shi Qian Zhi asked .

“I’ve been aside Xu Jin all these years . Recently, I found out that the Eye of Earth transformed into a human form . But because of the mysterious whereabouts, I haven’t seen her . When I saw it later, I didn’t dare to confirm her identity . When I was sure of her identity, she had already discovered the trace of the divine sword . ” Jiang Jun Zhe said .

“Speak more clearly . The Eye of Earth transformed into a human form?” Shi Qian Zhi asked in surprise .

“Yes . ”

Jiang Jun Xian explained the story of Little Seven, and what happened in Violet Water Swamp .

“”Because the Eye of Earth’s whereabouts were unknown after the big fight and the matter with the divine sword was imminent, so I did not hesitate to expose my identity and bring the divine sword back . ” Jiang Jun Xian answered .

“Sima You Yue…” The Palace Master murmured the name and pondered for a while . The people below did not dare to speak loudly . “Jun Xian, what do you think of this person?”

“It’s best if you have the best of luck to not be enemies with . ” Jiang Jun Zhe answered . “In the battle of the Dark Forest, he killed hundreds of monarch rank people by herself . This person has ability and guts . In the future, I’m afraid she will not be an ordinary person . Moreover, he is an Array Master and an Alchemist . If I am not mistaken, he is also a Beast Tamer Master and a Spirit Master . ”

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