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Chapter 822: 822

Chapter 822: A Frightening Background

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“What did you say?”

“How is it possible?”

“How can a kid have so many identities?”

The people in the hall were filled with ebullience . How could there be such a powerful person in this world?

This was incredible!

“Are you sure?” Shi Qian Zhi asked .

“There are a lot of spirit beasts around him, and his bloodline and level are good . ” Jiang Jun Xian answered . “If he’s not a beast tamer master, then only a disciple of large powers can possess such . ”

“Then what about the master? How did you know?”

“His feng shui judgement is very good . He can see the feng shui in the mausoleum at a glance . If he isn’t a spirit master and array master, it is impossible for him to be so familiar with the feng shui . ” Jiang Jun Jian replied .

“In this case, he may indeed be a beast tamer master and spirit master . ” The Black Dragon Palace Master said .

“I think it is extremely possible . ” Jiang Jun Xian did not dare to be too certain .

“It seems this person deserves our attention . ” Someone said .

“Your little junior brother is so powerful?” Shi Qian Zhi asked in surprise .

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“He’s more powerful than that . ” When Jiang Jun Xian spoke of Sima You Yue, his tone was proud .

“How is that?”

“Jun Xian, please tell us all about your little junior brother . ” The Black Dragon Palace Master said . “This lord wants to know all the details . ”

“Yes, Palace Master . ” Jiang Jun Xian said . “Although my little junior brother is young, his experience is rich . He came from the lower continent, but his strength is much higher than average people . He’s also popular . ”

“How so?”

“He came from the lower continent?”


“Oh, don’t interrupt . Listen to Jun Xian . ” Shi Qian Zhi was extremely curious about Sima You Yue that he impatiently scolded those who raised questions . “Jun Xian, continue . How is he popular?”

Jiang Jun Xian nodded and continued, “Everyone knows the status of Xuan Yuan Pavilion in the continent . Last time, I heard that they all treat him with respect, and his status is higher than those young masters . He has good relationships with Qin family, Feng family, and Tuoba family . In addition to Xu Jin, Feng Zhi Xing of Feng family is his master . He is also the disciple of Old Man Devil and one of the young valley master of Divine Devil Valley . ”

Jiang Jun Xian paused .


Everyone listening to him was shocked as they sucked in a cold breath .

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If he grew up in this continent and possessed a prominent identity and status from birth . It wouldn’t be surprising that he had these connections, but he was a person from the lower continent!

This is simply impossible!

And it seemed that Jiang Jun Xian hadn’t finished speaking yet .

Did he possess other stunning identities?

Jiang Jun Xian looked at everyone’s expression and was very satisfied with the guy’s responses . After clearing his throat, he continued, “In addition to these mentioned above, he last ventured to the Ninth Star Ocean, and when he returned, he became a prince of the Violet Water Dragon Clan . Although the Violet Water Clan is in the outer regions, their strength is not to be underestimated . Their rejection of humans is also well-known . ”

“Yes . Though many of them have come to land in recent years, it is not easy for them to recognize a human, let alone a human as a royal child . ” Someone commented .

“Besides this, he has an even more amazing identity . ” Jiang Jun Zhe paused, building on suspense .

“Another identity?”

“Right Emissary, don’t keep us in suspense, just say it . ”


“Right Emissary, just say it . ”

“Jun Xian, say it . ” Shi Qian Zhe also urged .

“Jun Xian, say it . ” Black Dragon Palace Master said .

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“Yes, Palace Master . ” Jiang JUn Zhe saluted him and continued, “In addition to the above, he is the contract beast of Little Roc, which is the Legendary Great Roc that evolved from the Four Winged Roc . Since the Divine Vermillion Bird disappeared, the Legendary Great Roc is the King of Birds . Therefore, he is the contract master of the King of the Birds . ”


Everyone in the hall shouted .

“Actually, this matter has been spread throughout the outer regions and the inner regions . It’s just that we’ve been operating in the inter regions in recent years . We don’t know much of the outer regions, so we are not aware of the news . ”

“The contract master of the King of Birds . Not to mention the previous identities, with just this, it is comparable to a big force . ” Shi Qian Zhi said . “Master, if possible, we should try not to have bad relations with them . ”

“However, these people knew that the Right Emissary took the divine sword . If we don’t remove them, I am afraid that the news would leak out quickly, and it would definitely cause unnecessary trouble . ” Someone said .

“But sending some random people will not necessarily be useful . ” Shi Qian Zhi said . “It has been so long . I think they have already told this news to the Heavenly Sect . ”

“Right Emissary, why didn’t you kill them all at that time?” Someone retorted .

“Divine Envoy Mu, don’t you understand what I just said?” Jiang Jun Xian said, “Sima You Yue was originally different in strength . Although I poisoned them, the Little Realm is connected with her . If I really did want to kill heim, I’m afraid I won’t be able to leave . ”

“Humph, who knows if you intentionally did not kill . ” Divine Envoy Mu snorted .

“So, Divine Envoy Mu doesn’t believe what Jun Xian said . Since that’s the case, you can try . Maybe with the strength of Divine Envoy Mu, you can easily grab the Eye of the Earth . ” Jiang Jun Xian rebutted .

“It’s just a capable little doll that makes you so daunted . It’s really a shame for me to speak out . ” Divine Envoy Mu reprimanded .

“It’s indeed a little capable . I believe that the strength of Divine Envoy Mu is higher than his . ” Shi Qian Zhi said . “Master, how about it, let Divine Envoy Mu look for the Eye of Earth . ”

The Palace Master was silent and did not speak .

“Master, did Jun Xian say that the Eye of Earth turned into a child that followed Sima You Yue?” Shi Qian Zhi smiled . “Since that’s so, let him go find the Eye of Earth and he’ll fight with Sima You Yue . By then, he will naturally know if Jun Xian is lying . ”

“Palace Master, I want to test that kid out and bring back the Eye of Earth . Palace Master, please give me permission . ” Divine Envoy Mu asked .

The Black Dragon Palace Master watched them argue below .


The Black Dragon Palace Master raised his hand to stop Shi Qian Zhi . “This matter needs to be carefully considered . You can’t make a decision just because you are in a hurry . ”

“Palace Master, Right Emissary has found specific information on the Eye of Earth . Should we just give up?”

“How can such a treasure like the Eye of Earth be given up? As long as we catch her, and with the help of this divine sword, our Black Dragon will definitely dominate the inter regions . However, this matter needs to be considered carefully and weighed against pros and cons . ” The Black Dragon Palace Master stated .

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