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Chapter 735: 735

Two days later, Sima You Yue came to Rainbow’s house once again .

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“Big Brother, I didn’t beat him up again this time . I was a good girl . ” Rainbow beamed as she said .

“Once the contract has been broken, you can even kill him if you want . ” Sima You Yue said with lingering fear .

“Yeah . That’s the plan . ” Rainbow said, “There’s no way I can let him off after he’s done something so despicable to my uncle!”

“You can do whatever you want . ” Sima You Yue said .

Lu Fei and Grandmother Zu bowed when they saw Sima You Yue enter .

“Are you prepared?” Sima You Yue looked at Lu Fei as she asked .

“I have . ” Lu Fei nodded .

“Then let us begin . You guys have to go out . Don’t let anyone enter and disturb us . ” Sima You Yue ordered .

Rainbow and the others did not dare disobey as everyone left, guarding the door .

Sima You Yue set up a barrier, enshrouding the entire house . This way, the average commotion would not affect them .

“Go and sit opposite him . ”

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Lu Fei walked in front of the person and sat down . Looking at his Master, who was in a daze because of the medicine that Sima You Yue had fed him .

Sima You Yue walked beside him and sat down, saying, “I’m going to tell you again . This will be very painful . You have to survive . Otherwise, you will both die . ”

Lu Fei nodded .

She took out another two pills and said, “Keep this in your mouth . If you cannot hold on anymore, eat one of it . ”

Lu Fei took out the pill and stashed it in his mouth . Sima You Yue stretched forth a hand and held on to both their hands as she began the imperial beast art . However, this time, it was flipped .

Lu Fei felt a fierce aura enter his body, wandering around incessantly . After which, it entered his brain, which made him feel like he was being torn apart . It was incredibly painful .

Outside the door, Rainbow and Grandmother Zu were waiting anxiously . They were anxious for every minute that ticked by .

“Big Brother Halcyon, will Big Brother be okay?” Rainbow held on to Halcyon’s hand, attempting to soothe her anxiousness .

Halcyon felt as if they had spoilt her . Based on their rankings, she should be calling him uncle, but she insisted on calling him Big Brother . He had told her two days ago, but she had just retorted, saying, ‘If you don’t let me call you Big Brother, then I’ll call you Hubby . ’ This caused him to go red in the face .

“Relax, Yue Yue never does things he’s not assured of . Since he said that it’s possible, it should be fine . ” He assured her .

“I know Big Brother’s personality as well . However, thinking about how breaking a contract defies heaven’s law, there’s no way it’s as simple as he says . No matter whether it be Uncle or Big Brother, I don’t want anything bad to happen to either of them . ” Rainbow said .

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“Relax . ” Halcyon lowered his head and glanced at the hand she was holding . He sighed . He couldn’t let go, but he couldn’t not let go either .

Feng One and Feng Two were listening to their conversation from behind, and one idea kept playing in their mind . This Master wasn’t simple at all . He actually dared to do something like defying heaven’s law .

He was a gutsy kid . If they followed him, they would definitely experience a whole new world .

Time trickled by second by second, and half a day went by just like that . Nothing happened inside, so Rainbow and the others were incredibly anxious as they waited outside . Suddenly, a bolt of light shot from inside the house, and the dark clouds started to gather, enveloping their house .

“Calamity cloud!” Everyone in the courtyard was shocked . Xu Jin and the others flew to the sky and saw little clouds circling around the rooftop . Although it did not cover a big area, it contained tremendous strength .

Because this was not a rank advancement calamity cloud, it would not take the others into account . It merely judged Sima You Yue and the others .

“What’s going on?” Yuan Shao Jie flew over in question .

Rainbow and the others didn’t think that it would attract such terrifying calamity clouds, and were flustered . When they heard what Yuan Shao Jie and the others asked, they finally returned to their senses, replying, “Big Brother is helping to break the contract . ”

“Break the contract?!”

The old guys cried out .

“He can even break contracts? Doesn’t this defy heaven’s law?” Big Wei exclaimed .

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“That’s’ why that appeared . ” Yu Jin said while looking at the calamity cloud .

Heavenly law calamity cloud . This was one of the more powerful ones .

“The contract is one of heaven and earth, and can never be disobeyed . How did he break the contract?” Little Wei asked .

“Big Brother is a Beast Tamer Master . He said that the imperial beast art’s forceful reversal method would be able to break the contract . ” Rainbow replied .

“He’s a beast tamer master?” Someone cried out, faces filled with surprise .

The Ten Great Evils who had just rushed over due to the commotion heard what she said and almost fell out from the sky . This guy was a beast tamer master as well? Could he not be so terrifying?!

Just how many secrets did he have? They really wanted to dig them all out, so they wouldn’t be subject to shock every single time .

Alchemist, Array master, Beast Tamer Master, Doctor, the young master of the Divine Devil Valley, Xu Jin’s disciple, the young master of the Feng clan’s disciple, a connection to the Tuoba clan, having his own ore vein… each and every single thing was incredibly surprising .

Rainbow saw how shocked they were, and only then knew that they did not know Sima You Yue was a Beast Tamer Master . This meant that her saying this actually revealed something about her .

The old guys from the Heavenly Sect fell solemn . Such a talented student wasn’t arrogant at all, but kept such a low profile . It had been a long time since the sect had encountered a student like that .

Since they encountered her, no matter what, they would have to ensure her safety!

Sima You Yue could sense what was happening outside, and knew that the calamity clouds outside were getting denser and denser . However, she was not worried as she sent word to Halcyon before continuing .

After Halcyon received Sima You Yue’s message, he stepped forward to tell Big Wei and Little Wei, “Yue Yue wants to ask if you two great masters could set up an array to protect them from the lightning . He needs a bit more time . ”

Big Wei and Little Wei looked at each other before nodding in agreement, “Okay . ”

The two of them took out array stones, observed the current house before working together . They set up the stones neat and tidily .

Once the array was activated, Sima Yo Yue could feel that the aura of the calamity cloud faded a little and relaxed .

She had been neglectful, and failed to consider that the calamity cloud would gather . Because she did not prepare properly beforehand, she didn’t have a way to mitigate it . She just had to toss them into the spirit pagoda the moment the calamity cloud struck . However, now that someone had come to help, she didn’t have to do that anymore .

She used the imperial beast art to look for the contract’s symbol before surrounding it and breaking its connection to Lu Fei . Then, she slowly tried to moveit out of Lu Fei’s body .

They had already been in deadlock for a long time, and the contract symbol was losing strength to resist before it finally moved as she directed it .

A ray of light shot out of Lu Fie’s brain and shone brighter and brighter . Following which, the contract symbol slowly moved out from the space between his eyebrows .


The calamity cloud shot a bolt of lightning the moment the symbol came out, immediately striking the array . It gave everyone in Green City a huge shock .

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