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Chapter 734: 734

Sima You Yue sensed how things were going in the Spirit Pagoda, and realised that Little Seven had actually turned into a round little milky white ball . She was actually curled up to a similar size as a little mountain .

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Outside the little meat ball was a clight cloud of mist, blocking anyone from seeing what was going on inside .

“Could she be undergoing her transformation?” Sima You Yue was inwardly surprised, but she didn’t reveal anything on her face . She bowed to Xu Jin before turning around to leave,

Since she was undergoing her transformation, she wasn’t going to bother her .

She brought Feng One and Two over to where Rainbow’s courtyard was .

“Big Brother, you’re not bad . ” Rainbow was currently discussing what happened with Lu Fei . She ran over happily when she saw that Sima You Yue was here .

Sima You Yue pulled on Rainbow and walked over, while Lu Fei and that old lady stood up as well . They nodded towards her .

Sima You Yue remembered that the old lady once spoke loftily and arrogantly, but her attitude towards her wasn’t bad right now . It could be that she now knew about Little Roc’s status, so she reigned herself in a bit .

“Big Brother, your master has been keeping you tightly the past few days . He refused to let us visit you . ” Rainbow whined .

“Didn’t I come over to see you the moment I recovered?” Sima You Yue sat down .

Sima You Yue called Little Roc out, and Little Roc took one look at Lu Fei, expression turning solemn, “You…”

“Little Roc, the unaware are innocent . ” Sima You Yue interrupted Little Roc .

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Little Roc glared at Lu Fei before the aura of the legendary Great Roc suppressed all present . Although Lu Fei did not kneel, a bit of blood still trickled down the side of his mouth .

“Uncle . ” Rainbow saw that Lu Fei was spitting blood, and cried out worriedly, looking at Little Roc with pleading eyes .

The moment Little Roc saw the worry in Rainbow’s eyes, he released his aura and said, “I will forgive you this time, on behalf of Rainbow . If you dare commit an error again, my hand will not be light . ”

“Thank you, Big Brother Little Roc . ” Rainbow smiled gratefully at Little Roc .

“I have not properly taken a look at Rainbow before . You’ve grown so big in the few years I haven’t seen you . ” Little Roc stepped forwards and rubbed Rainbow’s head, saying with a smile, “Rainbow, after not seeing us for so long, did you miss us?”

“I did, I missed you all so much . ” Rainbow said .

“Did you miss me or Halcyon, though?” Sima You Yue asked with a laugh, .

“Big Brother, you’re teasing me . ” Rainbow immediately blushed as she said rather bashfully .

“Halcyon, your wife is back . Hurriedly come out and reminisce!” Sima You Yue laughed while calling Halcyon out . After being taken care of the past few days, he had healed quite a bit from that day .

Halcyon was ecstatic to see Rainbow as well . That day, he had personally brought her to the firebird chick clan, and she was just a little chick back then .

He had watched as she was born, lived together for a long time, and even personally sent her off . He really did miss her . However, it was not with the kind of intentions that Sima You Yue was thinking of .

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“Big Brother Halcyon . ” Rainbow came in front of Halcyon, and felt that his aura was a little unstable as she cried out, “Big Brother Halcyon, you’re injured?!”

“That day, so many people were attacking us . I used the Dragon Trapping Array to trap all of them in . As I was setting it up, I got Halcyon to delay them for a while . ” Sima You Yue said, “Halcyon hurt himself while using Space Distortion . ”

“Big Brother Halcyon, how are you feeling now?” Rainbow asked worriedly .

“Nothing much anymore . ” Halcyon replied .

“Really?” Rainbow didn’t really believe him .

“Of course . ” Halcyon didn’t wish to talk about his injuries, as he changed the topic, “How has living with the firebird clan been?”

“It’s been great, Uncle has taken care of me very well . ” Rainbow said, “Also, uncle has become like this because of me . If it were not for me, Uncle wouldn’t have to be forced to make a contract with a human . ”

“Little Rainbow, I’ve already said that it was due to my negligence . It’s not your fault, so don’t blame yourself . ” Lu Fei said .

“Yes, Miss, we do not blame you at all . ” Grandmother Zu agreed .

“But Uncle has become this way because he was helping me look for medicinal ingredients . How could you not blame me for this . ” Rainbow said dejectedly .

Before she had gone back, her Uncle was extremely powerful in the various Phoenix clans . However, right now, he did not even dare to go out for fear of seeing that person from before .

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“Is that person still doing well?” Sima You Yue asked .

“He’s not dead yet . ” Rainbow said .

In order to keep Lu Fei alive, they couldn’t kill him .

“Sigh, as Rainbow’s big brother and Little Roc’s master, I do know a way to cancel your contract . ” Sima You Yue said ,”But this will be very painful, and you might get injured . You’ll probably need a year to recover . Are you willing?”

“Is there really a way?” Rainbow’s eyes shone . If there really was a way to cancel the contract, her uncle would no longer need to look at those people with that kind of expression .

“I said that I have one . You forget, but I’m actually a powerful Beast Tamer Master . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Oh yeah, Big Brother is a Beast Tamer Master, so you’ll definitely know how to contract beasts . You should also know how to cancel the contract . ” Rainbow said, “Uncle, what do you think?”

Lu Fei still didn’t believe it when he heard Sima You Yue say that she had a way . However, when he heard her say that she was a Beast Tamer Master, his eyes shone with hope .

“No matter how painful it is, I will be able to take it . ” He gripped his fist, saying,”If not for Rainbow, I would have long killed myself . For someone who is not even afraid of death, what fear would I have of pain . ”

“Big Brother, what are you going to do?” Rainbow asked .

“Imperial Beast Art’s Forceful Reverse . Using a contract array, it will force the contract symbol out, forcibly breaking the contract . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Just like that?”

“It sounds simple, but this goes against heaven’s order, so the consequences are as you would think . ” Sima You Yue siad, “However, I believe in the perseverance of your firebird clan . ”

“I believe in myself as well . ” Lu Fei said .

“How is the body of your contracted master now?” Sima You Yue asked .

“Once we returned, we locked him in the house . I don’t think he’s doing well . ” Grandmother Zu siad .

“I’ll take a look . This requires his body to be in good shape . If he’s in a bad shape, and dies because he’s unable to hold on, you’ll die as well . ” Sima You Yue said .

Once Rainbow heard this, she hurriedly led Sima You Yue over to a house by the side only to see that person lying on the bed .

Sima You Yue glanced at Rainbow, who bashfully swallowed her saliva, explaining, “I was angry that he dared to do that to Uncle, so everytime he healed, I couldn’t help but beat him up . ”

Everytime he healed, he would be beaten up . Once he was beaten up, they would feed him pills, and once he healed, they would beat him up again . That was why he had now become like this .

Sima You Yue took his pulse as she shook her head, “His current condition will not do . We have to nurse him back to health first . I’ll feed him two pills and he should be better in two days . When the time comes, don’t beat him up again!”

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