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Chapter 726: 726

“We’ll back out . ” Xie Jun suddenly started .

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“Xie Jun, is your brain damaged?” Someone sneered .

Xie Jun waved at Sima You Yue . “We’ll back out . ”

Sima You You waved her hand to him, signaling they could leave . Towards Xie Jun, she was grateful to him . When he saw the spirit barrier, he stopped everyone from attacking immediately, and she gained valuable time . In addition, he never showed killing intent and did not want to take their lives .

Xie Jun took his sect members and flew away . They did not leave through a space tunnel, but watched from a distance like everyone else .

He also wanted to know how this person would get out of today’s predicament .

Sima You Yue glanced at the others and asked, “Is there anyone else willing to leave?”

No one responded .

“Alright, since you all don’t want to leave, then stay . ” As Sima You Yue spoke, she sent her spirit power at her foot side . The array she just arranges instantly activated . Those people felt that space slightly fluctuated, but they did not pay attention to it .

While Xie Jun who was far from the center of the dark forest had a change of expression .

“Dragon trapping array, it’s actually the destitute array!” He cried out in silence .

The people behind him saw how shocked he was and curiously asked, “Master, what kind of array is the dragon trapping array that made you so surprised?”

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“Dragon trapping array was an array left behind by that sect . It is a very powerful trapping array . The requirements for the array aren’t much, but it is difficult to arrange . The remnant array behind our mountain is the dragon trapping array . It’s a pity we have studied it for so long and did not come up with that simple sort of method that year . I didn’t expect to see it with my own eyes today . It’s too unexpected!”

“Master, this spirit barrier and dragon trapping array both have appeared in Heavenly Sect . Could there be members of that sect in the Heavenly Sect?”

“It’s very possible . ” Xie Jun replied . “Fortunately we left . Otherwise we won’t be able to leave at this time . ” Xie Jun sighed .

“Master, can you break this dragon trapping array?”

“Even a real dragon can’t leave the dragon trapping array, let alone us?” Xie Jun answered . “Moreover, the dragon trapping array is ever changing . As long as there is a little difference, the way to break it will be different . From ancient times to the present, only the person who set the array can break it . ”

“That means that no one can leave except that person?”

“In theory, it’s like this . ”

“What is this guy trying to do? Although the dragon trapping array is powerful, they are trapped with them . ”

“Let’s continue watching . ” Xie Jun said . “Maybe they really can leave here…”

The other onlookers were confused by Sima You Yue’s move .

“Why did he trap himself with those people?” As an array master, Hong Wu could tell at a glance that it was a trapping array that trapped everyone together .

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“Where did this trapping array come from?” Ni An Yi asked .

“Of course, it was set by You Yue!” Fatty Qu said proudly on the side .

“He’s also an array master?” Ni An Yi widened her eyes in surprise .

“Of course, otherwise where did this array come from?” Fatty Qu glanced at Ni An Yi that questioned whether he was stupid .

“Isn’t he an alchemist?”

“Who stipulated that alchemists can’t be array masters?”

The ten great villains were stunned . This guy was also an array master? It was too frightening!

Seeing the shock on their faces, Fatty Qu laughed in his heart . At the beginning, they were shocked by her from time to time . These people still didn’t fully know about her!

After a while, Hong Wu murmured, “He is not just an array master, but a very powerful array master . This array cannot be arranged by normal array masters, let alone in such a short period of time .

“But he trapped everyone together . How would they get out?” Shi Chen asked .

“He’s not in a hurry to get out now . Those who dare to target You Yue should go to hell!” Fatty Qu clenched his fist and snorted .

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Shi Chen and Feng Kai glanced at each other, not sure which one they didn’t understand .

“At this moment, Hong Qu suddenly called out, “An array within array!”

Everyone knew what array within array meant . Ni An Yi heard him mention it more than once . Although he could also arrange an array within an array, he could not deploy it within such a short time .

“God, what kind of genius is he!” Hong Wu’s eyes brightened when he looked at Sima You Yue . Ni An Yi and the rest have never seen him like this before .

Sima You Yue stood in place as she watched the group of people finally react . She smiled sweetly .

“Why are you trapping us!” Yu Cheng Bi glared at her without hiding his killing intent . If it hadn’t been for her suddenly activating a small array and protecting the three of them . They would have already killed them all .

“To invite you to a big meal . ” Sima You Yue replied . “I don’t think I have exercised my muscles and bones for a long time . So, I can invite you all . ”

The crowd did not understand her meaning, but they all had a bad premonition in their heart .

Sima You Yue mobilized the top grade purple lightning, exuding a special aura on her body, and with a release of this aura, dark clouds began to condense in the air .

All of them present were strong figures who had experienced many things . With the appearance of the lightning aura, they turned pale .

They were strong with so many people together . If they undergo the tribulation together, they were afraid that this lightning tribulation would directly split them into pieces!

“Lightning tribulation!”

“Why is there lightning tribulation?”

“It’s him! He must have caused it!”

Sima You Yue admitted generously, “Yes, I did . Didn’t I ask everyone to exercise their muscles and bones with me? It’s true that I was the only one who caused the tribulation . I’m very happy that so many people will be struck by lightning with me . ”

“How despicable!” Ma Lin reproached .

“Despicable?” Sima You Yue suddenly laughed, “So many of you have surrounded us here to kill me and take my brother’s flesh and blood . Are you not despicable? I’m just fighting back!”

“Stop it, stop invoking lightning tribulation!” Someone shouted .

“Too late . Once the lightning is triggered, how can it leave without splitting people?” Sima You Yue kindly told them this fact .

Those people also understood that once the lightning appeared, it would not easily leave . Seeing the clouds darkening, they ignored Little Tu and turned to attack the array one by one . As long as the array was broken, they could leave here . It was best to leave before the lightning fell .

Sima You Yue watched as they became more impetuous because their attacks did not work again and again . She said with a smile, “This is the dragon trapping array . Even a real dragon cannot escape . You’d better save your worries and endure this lightning tribulation together with me!”

Hearing her words, those people became panicking and attacked the array more frantically, but there was no use .

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