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Chapter 725: 725

Halcyon nodded to Sima You Yue . He flapped his hands and wavelets form, rippling outward and finally attaching on the spirit barrier . The original precarious spirit barrier seemed to be enveloped and became stable again .

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After that, he knelt down on the ground on one knee . He raised his hand to his chest and blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth .

“Halcyon, are you okay?” Little Tu and Little Seven who were liberated from the array hurried over to support him .

“Halcyon, you’re injured?”

Halcyon waved his hand . “I’m alright . It’s just that with my current strength it’s hard to use this move . ”

Sima You Yue also noticed his abnormal situation . But she was busy arranging the array and had no time to check on him . She took a pill and threw it over . Little Tu caught it and immediately fed it to him .

Halcyon got better after taking the pill and stood up . “This space distortion is different from others . This can distort the space outside of the spirit barrier, so that their attacks cannot touch the spirit barrier . But it cannot hold for long . When the time comes, the spirit barrier will only be a matter of time . ”

Sima You Yue’s array stones were shot to the ground one by one, and each pattern was drawn at the same time . Various methods were employed in a blink of time .

At this time, those people outside also noticed something was wrong .

“Our attacks seemed to have been swallowed up, not even touching the spirit barrier . ” Aunty Hei frowned .

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“Space distortion . ” Xie Jun blurted . “This must be the space distortion!”

“What is space distortion?” Yu Cheng Bi asked .

“Space distortion is a distortion of a layer of space outside of the spirit barrier . When our attacks touch the distortion layer, they will be swallowed into a void . So our attacks are useless now . ” Xie Jun explained .

“What then?”

“There’s no method . Once this is used, we have to wait till it dissipates . If one wants to use space distortion, they must have high strength . That person’ strength is very low, it is impossible for them to use this move . It must be some other method . The maintenance time is generally short . We just need to wait till the time passes . ” Xie Jun replied .

“Then let’s wait . The kid’s only a divine saint . What waves can he make!” Yu Cheng Bi sneered .

Needless to say, everyone could only wait, what else could they do? All their attacks were useless and no one could do anything .

Five minutes later, Sima You Yue had finished arranging the array completely . As long as she injected spirit power in, it could start immediately .

She came beside Halcyon and said gratefully, “Thank you Halcyon . Go back and rest . ”

Halcyon nodded, and she sent him back .

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Sima You Yue sent Halcyon and Little Roc back to the Spirit Pagoda . Then she looked up at the increasingly impatient group of people . Her face was cold .

“Little Seven, I’m going to trigger a lightning tribulation in a while . Everyone here will be regarded as the invoker . ” She stared at Little Seven and started, “I don’t know what your original body is, but I know you’re not human . I am not sure if you can resist the lightning . ”

“You can trigger lightning tribulation ?” Little Seven eyed Sima You Yue in amazement . She was still wondering what method she would use to deal with those people . She thought of countless ways . But she didn’t expect her to do this .

Sima You Yue nodded . “Even if Little Tu was willing to go with them, those people have no plans to leave us alive . Do we have other ways to leave with so many masters besieging us? Since this is the case, we’ll give them a whole saucepan!”

Little seven saw the cruelty on Sima You Yue’s face . But she did not feel she was cruel, rather she felt a little excited . However when she thought of lightning calamites, she was a bit scared .

“I have never experienced lightning tribulation before . I am not sure if it was that that I can’t continue to my next evolution . Maybe we can try . ” Little Seven solemnly said, “Perhaps, this time I can really try . ”

“Little Seven, this lightning tribulation is very powerful . If you don’t want to experience it, I can send you to a place and wait for this event to end before coming out . ” Sima You You watched her silence and continued .

“Yue Yue, I’m with you . ” Little Seven affirmatively spoke . “But I haven’t experienced lightning tribulation before . If something were to happen to me, please remember to send my body to Old Yuan . ”

“You’ll lose your life if you undergo lightning tribulations?”

“I am not sure . ” Little Seven admitted . “I am not human . To increase my strength, I must evolve . But I have not evolved for many years . In fact, I was willing to follow you because my instinct told me that following you, I may cross this bottle neck and enter my next evolution . But I don’t know what is going on . Maybe this is my chance to evolve . I want to try . ”

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Sima You Yue had guessed that Little Seven followed her for a purpose, but Xu Jin said she was not in danger . So she didn’t question it . She didn’t expect that she did it for this .

“You haven’t experienced lightning tribulation . If you can’t bear it in a while, tell me and I’ll send you over there . ”

“Okay . ”

Sima You Yue discussed with Little Seven then she went to discuss with Little Tu . “You just evolved into an auspicious beast . It is beneficial for you to undergo the baptism of lightning tribulation . Like Little Seven, if you cannot bear it, I’ll send you out . ”

Little Tu nodded .


As soon as time was up, the space returned to normal . The people outside could not wait to break the spirit barrier .

“After such a long delay, you have lived a little longer . ” Aunty Hei shouted, “Now hand over your flesh and blood!”

Her tone of bestowment seemed to say that it was Little Tu’s honor to hand over his flesh and blood .

“If you want my life, then you must have the ability!” Little Tu didn’t have the slightest fear, even if he was persecuted by so many forces . He still held his head high .

SIma You Yue scanned the people outside, the forces in the perimeter and in the periphery numbered to nearly two hundred . All of them were led by an elder of the sect .

“Thank you all for thinking highly of us . There are so many forces coming to take our lives . For the sake that it’s not easy for everyone to cultivate, if anyone wants to leave…”

“Are you kidding, who will leave at this time!” A white-bearded old man reproached .

Sima You Yue saw the Heavenly Mountain Sect elder standing behind him . She concluded he was also a Heavenly Mountain Sect elder . She sneered, “Your Heavenly Mountain Sect elders are nearing their end . Naturally, you don’t want to leave . But you may be stupid . Others are not as stupid as you . There will always be people who want to leave . If anyone leaves now, I can let bygones be bygones . ”

“Hahahaha—– a dying man actually can say bygones be bygones . Do you think you can survive?”

Sima You Yue glanced at the man without speaking . She was too lazy to waste her breath with the dying .

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