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Chapter 714: 714

Chapter 714: Confrontation

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Little Tu recovered some consciousness before falling into another episode .

Little Seven returned to the shore and took two pills made by Sima You Yue .

“Little Seven, thank you . ” Sima You Yue rubbed her head and emotionally spoke .

“I did it for you . ” Little Seven said . “Otherwise, I wouldn’t have done it . ”

“No matter what I still have to thank you . ” Sima You Yue said .

Fan Lei glanced at Sima You Yue . He knew what Little Seven was like in the sect before . He didn’t expect that there would be a day when she would be close to others .

“More and more people are gathering outside . ” Fan Lei frowned . As he watched more people try to break the void, he became anxious about the events that may unfold later .

It was dense fog from outside, but those inside could see outside . Sima You Yue saw people everywhere from the sky to the ground . It seemed that they were surrounded in all directions .

“Vice President Fan, can you open a space tunnel within the void?”

Fan Lei shook his head . “Someone just sealed the whole lake and the space above . Didn’t you see how those who arrived later for the void were not heading directly above the lake?”

“Then can you break the seal?”

“It takes at least half an hour . ” Fan Lei replied . “But I don’t think those people outside will give us this long . ”

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“Although this spirit barrier isolates the people outside, it also isolated the space here . If you want to open a space tunnel or use a teleportation aray, you would need to resolve this array first . ” SIma You Yue informed . “But once the array is lifted, those people won’t give us half an hour to break the seal . ”

Fan Lei finally gave her a serious look . “I didn’t expect you to be familiar with arrays . Aren’t you Xu Jin’s student? Aren’t you an alchemist?”

“I have some foray in alchemy and arrays . ” Sima You Yue answered .

“To be noticed by Xu Jin, I don’t think it’s a simple foray . To understand the characteristics of the array, you must be proficient in setting up the array . Xu Jin accepted a good student . ”

“Thank you Vice President Fan for your compliment . ” Sima You Yue responded .

“Old Fan, how do we leave in a while?” Little Seven asked when she saw the people outside .

“I also don’t know . ” Fan Lei revealed .

“Why don’t you know?!” Little Seven did not believe him . “You always look dull, but you always have a lot of ideas . Don’t trick us . ”

Sima You Yue looked at Little Seven and then Fan Lei . She felt that her relationship with the presidents was seemingly delicate .

Fan Lei still shook his head . “This time, I really don’t have a way . I didn’t expect that there would be so many people before, let alone think One Mountain sect elders would come . There are several at this level . They have sealed the space, for fear that we would cut through the void or leave using a teleportation array . ”

“Then what should we do?” Little Seven asked .

“I have passed the news to Old Yuan . Now we can only hope that their teleportation array can reach over here before they enter . ” Fan Lei said .

“What if they can’t reach here?”

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“They will still have to . ” Fan Lei said .

“VIce President Fan, how long will Little Tu take to finish his transformation?”

“It should be a short time . It looks like he is on his last or second to last . ” Fan Lei said .


Suddenly spirit power attacked the spirit barrier, causing a loud noise .

“Those people are attacking the spirit barrier!” Little Seven shouted .

“Maybe because more and more people are coming, so those people grew anxious . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Those people are starting to attack the spirit barrier; this is troublesome . ” Fan Lei commented .

“Why, is your spirit barrier that useless? It can’t even withstand those people’s attacks?” Little Seven questioned .

“This spirit barrier cannot be destroyed for a brief period of time . But they started attacking so early . I’m afraid the spirit barrier cannot last until Little Tu completes his final transformation . ” Fan Lei answered .



Another attack of spirit power rammed into the spirit barrier . It was shaking everywhere .

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“Those people are attacking together!” Sima You Yue face changed .

Fan Lei was angry when he saw the attackers in the air . “Those are the sect elders . They’re despicable to join forces to attack us!”

“Those One Mountain Sect Elders are nothing much, but their strength is quite good . ” SIma You Yue said when she saw Black Baldy in the air .

“I did not expect Jia Hong Guang to come . ” Fan Lei said when he saw the person opposite Black Baldy

“Who is Jia Hong Guang?”

“A deputy pavilion master of Sage Pavilion . ” Fan Lei answered . “This person acts ruthlessly, which is unlike the righteous style of Sage Pavilion . ”

His words were artifice . Though Sage Pavilion showed righteousness, they were not actually righteous .

“Jia Hong Guang, where is your devilish senior brother?” Black Baldy was unhappy when he saw Jia Hong Guang . He originally was planning to attack the spirit barrier, but he turned towards Jia Hong Guang .

Jia Hong Guang had just arrived and had not grasped the situation when Black Baldy’s attack appeared in front of him . However, he responded quickly, condensing his spirit power and dispersed Black Baldy’s attack .

“Black Baldy, you are still as ugly as ever!” Jia Hong Guang glanced at Black Baldy in disgust . He gracefully descended besides Nalan Lan and the rest .

“Martial uncle, uncles,” Ma Lin and Nalan Lan saluted to Jia Hong Guang .

“What’s the situation?” Jia Hong Guang asked .

“The auspicious beast’s aura is getting stronger and stronger . Presumably, it is still evolving . ” Ma Lin answered . “Two people had gone in, and others who wanted to go in were blocked outside . ”

“Two people had gone in?” Jia Hong Guang’s eyes sank . “Which sect are they from?”

“Not from any sect . No one knows them . ” Ma Lin was taken aback by Jia Hong Guang’s glare .

Jia Hong Guang’s expression was gloomy, and Ma Lin felt cold and sweaty under his glare .

Seeing Ma Lin in fear, Nalan Lan stepped forward and offered, “Martial uncle, we should not be investigating who went in . The aura of the auspicious beast is getting stronger . We should not think of a way to get in . If you let others go first, it would not be good if they snatched the auspicious beast . ”

Jia Hong Guang glanced at Nalan Lan, and restrained his anger . “You are right, we can’t those ugly people get the auspicious beast . My two dear friends, come break this spirit barrier together with me . ”

Black Baldy jumped angrily when he heard Jia Hong Guang’s words . He shouted, “Jia Hong Guang, what did you say!”

“Sect leader, it’s not the time to quarrel with them . The auspicious beast is more important . ” A cold beauty advised .

“Humph, come break the spirit barrier with me . We can’t fall behind Sage Pavilion!”

“Yes, sect leader . ”

Jia Hong Guang and the two people who came within, Black Baldy and his beauties, as well as those who paused because of the change just now set their sights on the spirit barrier .

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