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Chapter 715: 715

Chapter 715: Master is Here

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Sima You Yue watched as those people prepared to attack the spirit barrier together . She was worried about whether the spirit barrier would be able to withstand it .

“So many people are attacking together . Old Fan, can your array bear it?” Little Seven said . “Would you like me to go out and send them flying . ”

“It’s enough if you don’t cause trouble . ” Fan Lei said . “You stay here and watch Little Tu . I’ll go and delay them . ”

Sima You Yue didn’t think there was any use for Fan Lei to go out . But Little Tu had not fully evolved . It would not be good if he was interrupted at this time . So she nodded, “President Fan, be careful . If you can’t delay them, come back . This array can still hold on for a while . ”

“I got it . ” President Fan jumped and broke through the spirit barrier and arrived outside .

When those people wanted to make a move, they suddenly saw a person walking through the spirit barrier . They stopped their assault .

“Yo, the person hiding in the spirit barrier appeared . ” The condensed spirit power in Black Baldy’s hand had not been dissipated . “Who are you to actually forcibly seize the auspicious beast . ”

“There is no auspicious here . Leave quickly . ” Fan Lei stared at everyone with his hands behind his back .

“When did the people of Heavenly Sect start monopolizing the auspicious beast? Since you dare to, you should be willing to take responsibility . Otherwise, how would the sect recruit students in the future?” Jia Hong Guang recognized Fan Lei and spoke sarcastically .

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“My Heavenly Sect has always acted openly and above board . Since I said there is no auspicious beast, then there’s no auspicious beast here . ” Fan Lei said . “This is just a student of our sect who is recuperating and cannot be disturbed . Please do me a favor . ”

“Tsk, you said no so there’s no auspicious beast?” A bearded fellow yelled . “Everyone sensed the aura of the auspicious beast . Do you think we are fools?”

“That’s right”

“If there is no auspicious beast, then open up the spirit barrier and let everyone see if it is really none here, and if it’s really your student recuperating, we naturally would not disturb him . ” Someone said .

“Indeed, that is a good idea . ” Black Baldy grinned . “Whoever you are, open the spirit barrier . After we see the situation inside, we naturally won’t cause trouble with Heavenly Sect . ”

Fan Lei’s face appeared calm . Although Little Tu used to have human blood, after his blood awakened, his human blood was completely engulfed . He had become a spirit beast . If those people saw him, how would they not be enticed by him?

“Why, you’re not willing?” Jia Hong Guang jeered . “Did we guess right?”

“I said there is no auspicious beast . If I opened the spirit barrier, what if one of you accidentally injured my student?” Fan Lei replied . “If you want to see, wait til his injury fully recovered . ”

“No . ” Jia Hong Guang vetoed . “Either you open it or we open it ourselves . You choose . ”

“Jia Hong Guang, do you want to go against Heavenly Sect?” Fan Lei shouted .

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“This is not Sage Pavilion wanting to oppose Heavenly Sect, but your Heavenly Sect wants to oppose us all . ” Jia Hong Guang returned .

“That’s right!” Someone echoed .

“We all sensed the aura of the auspicious beast, but you are saying there is no auspicious beast . For the sake of Heavenly Pavilion,we are giving you the opportunity to prove to everyone that this is true . That way, we can give up and will not cause trouble for you . But you are not willing! What does this mean? It shows that you are guilty and you dare not show everyone the situation inside . Because inside is not just a student recuperating!” Jia Hong Guang continued, “Tell me, if this is not you opposing us all, then what is it?”

“Don’t talk nonsense with in, just directly charge in . ” Black Baldy shouted .

Others were afraid of Heavenly Sect, but he, Black Baldy, was not scared . Previously, he had bragged to others that he would capture the auspicious beast to be a gatekeeper . If he didn’t capture it today, how would he show his face again?

“Everyone, since the sect of talents is ungrateful, we don’t have to respect them . Regardless who attained the auspicious beast in the end, we should work together and open the spirit barrier . Is this okay?”

“Okay, if the spirit barrier does not open, no one will attain the auspicious beast . ”

“That’s right . Let’s break this spirit barrier together . ”


Everyone on scene agreed . They had attacked the spirit barrier a while ago with no effect . If everyone attacked together, this spirit barrier would not be able to bear it all . They had to break the spirit barrier to attain the later results/

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Suddenly, a group of flying beasts flew over .

“Zhi Xing, it is so lively here . ” Tuoba Wu Chen stood on a flying beast in the front . He chuckled at the person behind him .

“Mm, there are a lot of people . ” Feng Zhi Xing glanced over with disinterest .

“Tuoba family and Feng family . Why are they here?”

“Tuoba Wu Chen and Feng Zhi Xing had been missing for many years . Why did they appear?”

“They came back two years ago, don’t you know? I heard they were pitted by a family . If it wasn’t because that family was still resisting the devils at the Bloody Tunnel, I’m afraid they would have been gone . ” Someone whispered .

“Is the Tuoba family and Feng family joining us? If so, wouldn’t it be more hopeless for us?”

“That’s not necessarily the case . The big forces are gaining more and more people, and the more likely we are to find fish in muddy water . But I heard that the relationship between the Feng family and Sage Pavilion is not very good . I wonder if they will fight upon meeting . ”

“Maybe they will! That Jia Hong Guang’s strength is higher than Feng Zhi Xing . But the person who is following him won’t be useless . ”

“Let’s wait for the action . ”

After seeing Feng Zhi Xing, Jia Hong Guang looked gloomy . In the past two years, he didn;t have any less contact with him . Although his strength was higher than his everytime they fought, he did not benefit . The fighting power of this array master was too strong!

Sima You Yue was a little excited when she saw Feng Zhi Xing . She hadn’t seen him for a long time . But wasn’t he in the central regions? Why did he come here? She wasn’t sure if he also came for Little Tu .

Feng family and Tuoba family were large family clans in central region . The bodyguards that followed them were not ordinary people . As long as they know each other, and because of her friendship with them, it’s possible to not let them not participate in this matter . They may even help her deal with those people .

But she looked at those people in the surrounding . She did not immediately go out .

“Zhi Xing, I heard there is an auspicious beast here . Do you want us to step in as well?” When Tuoba Wu Chen saw these gradual complexion change, he smiled slightly .

Feng Zhi Xing scanned the surrounding people and did not see the person he was looking for . He slightly frowned .

“Not interested, if you like it, take it . ” Feng Zhi Xing murmured, without paying attention to the people present .

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