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Chapter 1863: Strange River Bed

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The water in the Nirvana River was clear and bright, even at the bottom of the river, they were able to see the surrounding situation clearly through the light.

However, as Sima You Yue’s body was a Soul Body, it was relatively light. Therefore, she had to hang something on herself to weigh her body down to get to the bottom of the river.

“Black Shadow, is the Vapour Beast around?” Sima You Yue asked.

“The Vapour Beast is at the juncture where the two rivers meet. But it is more cunning and has several habitats, so I don’t know where it is now.” Black Shadow replied.

“Do you know those few places?” Huan asked.

“I don’t know them very well, I only know three.” Black Shadow was a little embarrassed.. He had boasted that he knew the situation very well at the bottom of the river, however, now he didn’t know much.

“Didn’t you say you knew everything at the bottom of the river earlier?” Huan said.

“I know other things! But I don’t know much about the Vapour Beast.” Black Shadow muttered. Then he said to Huan: “It’s that guy’s fault for looking down on the Vapour Beast and hasn’t bothered to provoke it. That’s why I haven’t had much contact with it.”

Naturally, Huan knew who that guy was. Although he wasn’t to blame, he still rolled his eyes at him.

“It’s fine. We can avoid a lot of trouble if you know other things.” Sima You Yue comforted him, “Let’s try those three places first.”


Black Shadow took them to the Vapour Beast’s lair. Along the way, they encountered many Vapour Beasts. Although they looked fierce from afar, when they got closer, they all curled up and none of them had stepped forward to attack them.

Sima You Yue was very puzzled and she asked: “Are the underworld beasts in the Nirvana River all so friendly?” Most underworld beasts were more irritable and they would attack those that passed through their own territory. Why didn’t the underworld beasts at the bottom of the river come out when they saw them and avoided them?

Both Black Shadow and Huan knew what was going on but they couldn’t tell her. They only vaguely said: “Perhaps.”

“Well, this is also better anyway. It will save us a lot of trouble.” Sima You Yue said.

“That’s right, this is good.” Black Shadow smiled. When he saw an underworld beast staring at him in horror, he stared back at it. That underworld beast instinctively turned and fled.

He smiled and touched his chin, it seemed that he was still quite powerful.

Sima You Yue hadn’t seen Black Shadow staring at the underworld beast, she only saw the underworld beast running away and exclaimed: “Your underworld aura is so strong that you can scare the underworld beast away!”

“Hehe…” Black Shadow smiled without saying a word.

This had nothing to do with the underworld. None of their breaths had been released yet and those underworld beasts didn’t know their identities. They were afraid because he was the person behind Wu Lingyu. When they saw him, it was like seeing Wu Lingyu, and naturally, they were afraid.

Because of this, along the way, all the underworld beasts gave way to them. Very soon, they came to the lairs of the Vapour Beast. As they had expected, all three lairs were empty, and there was no no Vapour Beast in sight.

“It’s not in all three lairs, we need to find someone to ask about its other lairs.” Sima You Yue said.

“Let me go and ask, you and Huan wait here.” Black Shadow said.

“Let’s go together?” Sima You Yue suggested as she was a little worried about his safety if he went alone.

“Let him go alone.” Huan said, “We will wait here for him.”

“Alright, if there is any danger, contact us immediately.” Sima You Yue said.

“Sure.” Black Shadow responded and left. When he came to a place farther away and could no longer see them, he found a fish randomly.

“My Lord, what is your order?” The little fish swam over trembling and asked cautiously.

“You seem quite close to the Vapour Beast, do you know where his other lairs are?” Black Shadow asked.

“Vapour Beast? I’ve only heard that it has a nest near the River of Oblivion, but I don’t know where it is exactly.” The little fish replied.

“It’s a little tricky to go over to the River of Oblivion.” Black Shadow said and touched his chin.

Wu Lingyu had now integrated with the River of Oblivion. Once Sima You Yue went to the River of Oblivion, he would be able to sense her presence immediately. Then he would know!

“Other than over there, is there anywhere else?” Black Shadow asked.

“There are two more, they are in the direction you came from so I think you have already been there.” The little fish said.

Realising that there was no more news he could obtain, Black Shadow waved his hand and let the little fish go.

Afterwards, he stopped two underworld beasts and questioned them, and the result was similar.

Therefore, he returned and told Sima You Yue what he had found out.

Sima You Yue wasn’t disappointed. The Vapour Beast was naturally cunning anyway, therefore, after it had been injured, it would have no doubt returned to a place that it felt safest. How would it be so easy for anyone to find this place if that was the case?

However, if they had an idea of the general direction, it wouldn’t be difficult to find.

They approached the River of Oblivion, and the closer they got, the stranger the underworld beasts were. Their reactions were more intense when they saw Black Shadow. Sima You Yue became suspicious and she glanced at him several times.

Black Shadow pretended to be oblivious but rolled his eyes in secret. It wasn’t his fault, it was someone who had been too ruthless to the underworld beasts at the border recently. It had nothing to do with him, but yet he had been implicated!

“There is movement ahead!” Huan pointed to the front.

Sima You Yue looked in the direction Huan had pointed to and saw two underworld beasts fighting with each other. There was nothing special about that. However, behind them, she saw it, and she cried out: “The Vapour Beast is there!”

Saying that, she flew over. Huan and Black Shadow didn’t see the Vapour Beast, but they followed her. However, when the underworld beasts that were fighting saw Black Shadow, they ran away.

The Vapour Beast was hiding behind the two underworld beasts and it watched them fight greedily. As long as they were injured, it would be able to go over and eat them! Its injuries would recover very quickly and it would be able to avenge its Ghost Clan!

As it was watching with enthusiasm, the two underworld beasts ran away suddenly and left it dumbfounded. Before it was able to figure out what was wrong, it saw three people racing towards it.

Wasn’t that the woman who had injured it? Her eyes were fixed on it which meant that she could see it.

“Damn it! What’s wrong with this woman?” It turned and fled, cursing in its heart. Why was it that no one else could see it but she was able to see it? She was chasing it at this moment, no doubt she was here to kill it. They were nowhere near the shore, when they reached its territory, it would have its chance for revenge!

When Sima You Yue saw it racing away, she pointed to its location and shouted: “It’s there!”

Black Shadow and Huan worked together but it was still able to escape. Very soon, they came to the River of Oblivion.

At that point, a school of fish swam over from both sides and blocked Black Shadow and Huan behind. Sima You Yue felt something entangled in her waist and she was pulled into the River of Oblivion the next second.

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