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Chapter 1864: We Finally Meet

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At the moment when she entered the River of Oblivion, something seemed to have awakened, a familiar feeling, a gentle touch.

In the underwater palace, Wu Lingyu’s eyes snapped open suddenly, and the light in his eyes was bright.

“You You, you’re finally here.” He murmured, and disappeared directly from the throne.

Sima You Yue felt her body pressed firmly to the bottom of the River of Oblivion. She quickly removed the things she had placed on her body to weigh her down, and she felt a little more comfortable at once.

“Hmph, how dare you provoke me!” A voice sounded from behind her. When she turned around slowly, she saw the Vapour Beast appearing in the water.

The Vapour Beast looked like a big bubble, it’s semi-circular head swelled above the bubble with two lantern-like eyes on it.. It was staring at Sima You Yue fiercely.

“How did you see me?” The Vapour Beast asked.

“I just saw you.” Sima You Yue’s body was entangled with something silk-like and she was unable to break free. She looked to the Nirvana River wanting to see what the situation was like for Black Shadow and Huan.

“You don’t have to look, they don’t have the energy to come and save you right now!” The Vapour Beast said triumphantly.

Sima You Yue remembered the fishes’ lacklustre eyes and suddenly said: “You controlled the minds of those fishes!”

“That’s right!” The Vapour Beast grabbed the other side of the silk and tugged it so that Sima You Yue was tied even tighter. “You Ghost Clan, I haven’t gone to seek revenge and you’ve shown up here instead!”

Sima You Yue’s arms hurt from the silk thing that was tied around her. She struggled for a while, but that only made it tighter.

“This is a Divine Artifact, the more you struggle, the tighter it becomes.” The Vapour Beast approached slowly: “Hmph, you dare to injure me, I will eat you today and use all your spiritual energy to heal my injuries!”

Just as it had finished speaking, it opened its mouth. That semi-circular mouth could actually be pulled down to under its belly, it was almost as long as Sima You Yue’s height.

Sima You Yue could see the sharp teeth inside its mouth and smell the stench coming from inside its mouth. She was about to call Mi Er out when she felt her shoulders being held by someone and she was pulled back. At the same time, a great spiritual energy hit the Vapour Beast and blasted the lower half of its mouth.

“It’s, it’s you!” The Vapour Beast shouted when it saw Wu Lingyu. Though he had never provoked it, it knew of his reputation. When it saw it coming, it fled to the Nirvana River.

“You want to escape!” Black Shadow and Huan who had crossed over from there saw from a distance that it was going to eat Sima You Yue. They were just about to go over to catch him.

Sima You Yue ignored the Vapour Beast that had fled. She couldn’t help but cry when she felt the familiar breath.

The corners of her mouth curved into a smile as she looked at Wu Lingyu. She didn’t even dare to blink for fear that it was just an illusion.

When her tears fell from her eye sockets, they became one with the river water and they were felt by Wu Lingyu.

“Don’t cry.” His anger dissipated in an instant and he reached out to stroke her face and eyes.

“Lingyu, I’m not dreaming, am I?” She looked at him and thought that this was too unreal and incredible.

Wu Lingyu hugged her and wished that her body would melt into his own.

“You You, you’re finally here.” He buried his head into her neck and his voice trembled.

Although Sima You Yue’s arms were bound, she was still able to move her forearm. She hugged his waist and buried her head in his chest. At that moment, she didn’t think of anything else, she let herself go completely and there was only him in her eyes. There were only the two of them between heaven and earth.

Huan and Black Shadow captured the Vapour Beast and brought it back. When they saw the two of them embracing, or more precisely, Wu Lingyu holding Sima You Yue, their hearts melted.

During this kind of situation, they shouldn’t be disturbing them, but this scene made them unhappy, therefore, they couldn’t allow that someone to be happy.

“I say, shouldn’t we help Young Miss first?” Black Shadow called out and interrupted their reunion.

“Young Miss’ arm is about to bleed.” Huan added.

Wu Lingyu happened to be facing them, and he glared at them as he let go of Sima You Yue. When he saw the faint trace of blood on her arms caused by the Divine Artifact, his eyes darkened.

“I’m fine.” Sima You Yue touched her arm and said soothingly.

“I’ll loosen it for you!” He pulled at the Underworld Artifact and wanted to destroy it completely.

“Wait, don’t destroy it!” Sima You Yue knew what he was thinking and stopped him hurriedly.

“Why? Do you want it?” Wu Lingyu asked.

Sima You Yue nodded. “This Underworld Artifact is quite interesting.”

She already had it planned out beforehand, once she killed the Vapour Beast and then this Underworld Artifact would become Masterless, and she would be able to keep it.

“Since you want it, then you can have it.” Wu Lingyu put down the Underworld Artifact and turned his attention to the Vapour Beast.

As soon as the Vapour Beast met his eyes, it knelt down immediately in shock and kept yelling: “My Lord, My Lord, please spare my life! Spare my life My Lord! Please spare my life My Lord!”

Wu Lingyu stopped Sima You Yue and said coldly: “If your crime was ordinary, I could have spared your life. But you intended to kill You You, and you dared to hurt her! Do you want to end your own life or do you want me to do it?”

Despair rose in the Vapour Beast’s heart, it had never expected to end up in this kind of situation today. It was bad enough that the guy had suddenly appeared at the bottom of the river, now he wanted to take it’s life today. Since either way it would die, then why not…


Before the Vapour Beast’s body could get up, its body was pierced by a water arrow and it fell back.

The Underworld Artifact that was tied around Sima You Yue lost its control because its Master died, and loosened. Wu Lingyu removed it for her and put it in her hand.

Sima You Yue rubbed her numb arms and put the Underworld Artifact away. She said with a smile: “When I get to shore I will get this thing to acknowledge me as its Master.”

“Let me look at your injuries.” Wu Lingyu said.

“I’m fine, Lingyu. Let me introduce you to them, they are…” Before she was able to finish speaking, she was dragged away by Wu Lingyu.

“I don’t know the guy who came with you, but I know Black Shadow. Don’t worry about them, let’s find a place to talk.” Wu Lingyu’s voice floated gently, “The two of you don’t have to follow us.”

Of course Black Shadow and Huan wouldn’t listen to him, however, when they tried to move, they realised that they had been trapped by the water. Therefore, they could only watch him take Sima You Yue away.

“Tch, this guy must be giving us payback for interrupting them earlier!” Black Shadow shouted.

Although the water of the River of Oblivion wouldn’t be able to hurt them, it was still possible to trap them temporarily.

Huan gave him a look that said, study the surrounding water: “I hadn’t expected him to become so powerful, he has already merged with the water of the River of Oblivion so well. If the King knew about this, even he would exclaim!”

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