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Chapter 1808: Destruction of the Dong Clan

Welcome to the Underworld, I am the King of the Underworld – Hades.

Everything stopped here, and the next thing, she woke up.

Her clear eyes flashed with doubts, “Underworld… Underworld King, do they really exist? Why do I have memories of this? The first place I appeared after I went to the Ghost Realm was not the cliff?”

If all of this was true, it means that before she left there, her memory was sealed by the other party. Now that he had done this, why did he use something to stimulate her to remember?

“How about we make a bet?”

There was a voice in her head, the voice was very soft, as if it had come from the distant past. It fleeted by so quickly that she didn’t manage to catch anything.

“How could this be…” She whispered, voicing the doubts in her mind.

“Young Miss! Young Miss! It’s not good!” Ting Shui yelled and ran in from outside the courtyard.

Sima You Yue rubbed her temples, got out of bed and walked out.

“What’s wrong? What happened? Why are you so flustered?”

Ting Shui patted her chest, trying to catch her breath and said with a look of shock: “Dong Clan! The Dong Clan has been destroyed!”

“What?” Ting Shan exclaimed from the side, “How could the Dong Clan be destroyed?”

Sima You Yue was also very surprised. The matter didn’t happen too long ago and the Duke Manor did not send anyone to deal with the Dong Clan yet. How could it be destroyed?

“Do you know who did it?” She asked.

“I don’t know. After today’s affairs, many people have been keeping tabs on the Dong Clan, but no one saw the person who did it.” Ting Shui conveyed the news she heard and was still shocked by it.

“No one saw the person who did it? How could it be possible!” Ting Shan didn’t believe it, with such a big movement, nothing was seen by anyone?

“Really! Everyone is saying that they only saw a black mist enveloping people, and after the black mist dispersed, only a pool of blood was left.” Ting Shui said it dramatically with her eyes wide open, as if she had seen it with her own eyes.

Sima You Yue glanced at Blacky subconsciously when she heard this. How did this sound so much like the first time she saw it?

But this guy had been here with himself, it shouldn’t be his hands. Besides, this guy is still being sealed, and there is no way to use spirit power at all. The first two killings relied on speed and teeth, and it shouldn’t be it.

“Any other special points?” Ting Shan asked.

“Oh, listening to those present, the black mist gives people a very scary feeling, as if it was different from the breath of ordinary people!” Ting Shui said.

“To be able to turn into a black mist, it is definitely not someone from the Ghost Region. Could it be someone from the Soul Region?” Ting Shan said her speculations out aloud.

“This is also possible. But to happen at this time, the timing is too coincidental, isn’t it? It feels as if it was because of today’s affairs… and the destruction of the Dong Clan was a retaliation. It is now spreading outside like wildfire that we were the ones who sent someone to do it!”

“Will that cause us trouble?”

“This was the initial statement. Some people later said that people with such strength weren’t available in the Duke Manor. It is guessed that someone else may be helping the Young Miss. After all, the Young Miss used to be a waste, but now she has a Black Dragon and an evolved dog. Maybe she had chanced upon a fortuitous encounter on an adventure. So everyone is afraid of our Young Miss now!” Ting Shui repeated the words of those people, and the gaze in which she looked at Sima You Yue was filled with admiration. “Young Miss, is what they say true? Did you chance upon a fortuitous encounter while on an adventure?”

Sima You Yue pushed her head away and said, “Where did I chance upon a fortuitous encounter on an adventure?! Onyx was contracted when I was in Moon Creek Valley.”

Ting Shan pulled Ting Shui and asked her to stop talking nonsense, and at the same time asked: “Young Miss, how should we deal with the matter of the Dong Clan?”

“What’s there to deal with? This is not something we did, so don’t worry about it.” Sima You Yue said, “But you should pay more attention to the situation in the city, and report any changes in time.”


“Alright, you may leave.” Sima You Yue waved, and the two retreated.

She stood alone in the courtyard, looking at the gray sky, and muttered: “Did you do it? Hades…”

The only answer to her was the sound of the whirling wind.

At the same time, somewhere outside the city, a cloud of black mist slowly condensed into shape, turning into a man’s appearance.

The man waved his hand casually, and the space was torn apart by him, but he did not go in.

“My King, the Dong Clan has been settled. That item has also been delivered to her.” The man reported.

“Did she remember?” A clear voice came from that space.

“She should have remembered a bit. But the seal has not been broken and she hasn’t remembered everything.” The man replied.

“Huan, you say.., this bet, who will win? Will it be her? Or will it be me…”

“My King, you made a bet with You Yue that if she can break the seal and remember us within ten years, you will not interfere with her life, and don’t want her to stay in the Underworld. I think she will remember it.” Huan said.

“Do you think this King will lose?”

“I just know that she has a strong heart to stay in the Ghost Realm. Even if she temporarily forgets us, she still wants to win subconsciously. Otherwise, she won’t just think of something when she sees the Pocket Cosmos Box.” Huan said his own thoughts, “Besides, My King, you didn’t plan to win her, did you?”

“You kid, who made you try to guess the King’s mind?” Hades was not angry, and sighed, “There has been no one in the Underworld for too long, and finally there is one that fits my taste…”

Huan lowered his head, he could understand the feelings of Hades, and he could also see that he liked Sima You Yue very much. It was not the love between men and women, but the one who had existed in the dark for a long time and met a glimmer of dawn

Because he had been in the dark for too long, he was willing to take pains to keep this warmth.

“My King, the man she mentioned, has also come to the Ghost Realm.” Huan said, “Should we pay attention to the situation over there?”

“Her man…” Hades’s voice was very soft, and he couldn’t hear his anger. After being silent for a while, he replied: “Since it is her man, he must have some ability. You, go and test him, but don’t kill him.”

“Yes, My King.” Another voice came from inside.

“The Underworld wants him to live, and no one else can take his life. Remember?” Huan said to the people inside.

“Yes, Master Underworld Envoy.” The people inside led the way and left.

“Huan, you are so kind to him.” Hades was unhappy.

Huan smiled, “My King, I just said what you didn’t say. She will be sad if something happens to him.”

“Hmph, I only spared his life because he was willing to give up his body to come to the Ghost Realm for her.” Hades coldly snorted, “Otherwise…”

“Then, do you want to tell her the news?” Huan asked with a smile.

“Before they meet, don’t tell her. Not only don’t tell her, but also set up some obstacles for them. This matter will be left to you.” Hades was like a child, “I want to see if they are as she said, they shared a destiny…”

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