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Chapter 1809: Is There a Guest?

Sima You Yue didn’t know about the affairs that happened outside the city, but she guessed that the affairs of the Dong Clan should have to do something with the Underworld.

However, this was not a bad thing, at least for the time being, no one dares to trouble her anymore. Murong Hui doesn’t have to worry about this matter for the time being, and could devote himself to the ore veins and the city competition.

And she could also cultivate quietly, striving to make herself strong enough as soon as possible.

Two days later, Murong Hui came back and went directly to Sima You Yue’s courtyard. Ting Shan hurriedly called Sima You Yue out.

When Sima You Yue came out, she saw his haggard figure, and said, “Father, you are back. How is the ore vein?”

“The matter over there has been handled.” Murong Hui said, “I have heard about the Dong Clan’s affairs. You don’t need to worry about it. I will take care of the rest.”

What he was talking about was not the Dong Clan itself, but also about the intricacies of the various forces and events involved.

“Father, most of the Dong Clan’s affairs have already been handled, so you don’t need to worry too much. Please go and take a good rest first.” Sima You Yue said.

“Has it all been handled?”

“Yes, the guards in the manor are all very efficient. In addition to the destruction of the Dong Clan, other families are a little afraid of us, so the matter has been resolved quickly.” Sima You Yue said, “If you don’t believe it, you can summon Guard Zhang and let him report to you.”

“Everything is really alright?” Murong Hui did not completely believe her. He wasn’t sure that he himself could handle such a big thing in such a short time, but she had already handled it?

“It’s really alright. Look how tired you are, how can I still let you worry about it!” Sima You Yue took his hand and led him out of the courtyard, called the guards to the main hall, and then asked them to report the present situation.

Zhang Ming had now been convinced by Sima You Yue. When the incident first happened, they protected her for Murong Hui. She then came down with orders one by one, and soon took over the forces of the Dong Clan, and at the same time brought public opinion in the city in favour of the Duke Manor. Now, the people in the city are very obedient to the Duke Manor.

He reported the situation over the past few days, and there was more admiration for Sima You Yue in his words.

Seeing that there was really nothing wrong, Murong Hui dismissed Zhang Ming and looked at Sima You Yue with complicated eyes.

“If the Princess knows that she has such a capable daughter, she will be very happy.” He exclaimed.

“I think so too.” Sima You Yue said with a smile.

“However, the forces that destroyed the Dong Clan have not been found. The force that suddenly emerged will continue to be investigated.” Murong Hui said, “However, according to what you said, the other party was just a cloud of black mist and wiped out the entire Dong Clan. No one has seen it again. If you want to check it, I’m afraid it will not be easy.”

“Father, don’t worry about this matter for the time being.” Sima You Yue said with some apprehension.

“Do you know who did it?” Murong Hui asked.

“Although I’m not sure, I’ve a little guess in my heart.” Sima You Yue said, “The other party may not want us to check on their identity. As long as it doesn’t threaten us, we should not investigate any further.”

Murong Hui saw her speak in such an apprehensive manner, he couldn’t help but ask, “Is it difficult to deal with other party?”

“This is hard to say, and I am not completely sure. Since the other party deliberately concealed it, they don’t want us to know it. Why should we get to the bottom of it! Maybe it will cause some trouble then.”

“Since you’ve put it that way, alright then. I won’t care about it for the time being.” Murong Hui agreed to her request.

“Thank you, Father.” Sima You Yue knew that he still had doubts in his heart. An unknown force appeared in his territory, and he should have a clear grasp of it both publicly and privately. But because of her, he chose to give up.

“As long as you are alright.” Murong Hui said, “However, although I won’t delve further into this matter, I must still pay attention to this.”

“Well, I understand.” Sima You Yue nodded, “After the Xiao Clan and this incident, I think we shold have some peace for a short period of time. Over the next few days, I want to retreat and cultivate well and improve my strength.”

“Alright, it’s great for you to think like this. Now there is nothing to worry about, you just need to cultivate hard.” Murong Hui agreed with her approach.

After all, her identity was special. Although she bears Xi’er’s identity, once she was discovered, the consequences could still be dire. If she retreats and cultivates, then she will have less time to appear outside, and she will naturally be safer.

Sima You Yue then asked about the ore veins. After the two chatted for a while, she went back. Before leaving, she repeatedly told him to take a good rest.

Waiting for her to leave, Murong Hui leaned on the chair tiredly, because he had not rested for a long time, he already had heavy dark circles under his eyes.

Murong Lin came in from outside and told Murong Xi what he had discovered in the city, which was similar to what Zhang Ming reported.

“Master, I really didn’t expect that she could handle this matter so simply and neatly, maintaining the prestige of the Duke Manor in front of everyone, and at the same time handling the rest of the matter well. If she didn’t know that she was less than a hundred years old, I would think this was done by someone who has lived for hundreds of years or even thousands of years.” Murong Lin exclaimed.

“The Princess gave birth to a good daughter!” Murong Xi exclaimed, “However, the more she knows, the more she has experienced in the human world. She should have suffered a lot before, and it’s been hard for this child.”

“Yes, that’s what I thought as well.” Murong Lin followed with a sigh, “Master, do you need to investigate the Dong Clan’s matter?”

“I won’t check it for now.” Murong Hui conveyed Sima You Yue’s intentions, “I think she may know who the other party is, but she doesn’t want us to get involved, so she won’t let us continue to check.”

“But, I heard that the person who destroyed the Dong Clan is very mysterious. If you don’t find out who it is, will you hurt the Young Miss?”

“I think it’s because the other party is too mysterious, so she doesn’t want us to investigate it.” Murong Hui still has some understanding of Sima You Yue. “The other party went to destroy the Dong Clan after they bullied her. I think the other party is protecting her. It can even be said that no one is allowed to let her be wronged.”

“No? Could it be them?” Murong Lin felt that this was a bit unrealistic, “General Di and Master Mo Yu have already left, and the Young Miss asked them not to follow her.”

“It should not.” Murong Hui had a headache thinking about this, “Didn’t it mean that the other party is just a cloud of black mist? So I guess it may not be a Ghost Clansmen. This thing should be done as she said, but let people pay attention to the surrounding situation. Notify me as soon as there is a change.”

“Yes, Master.” Murong Lin replied and stepped back.

Sima You Yue returned to her courtyard, feeling something wrong with the surrounding aura. When she returned to the room, she saw Blacky standing in the middle of the room, staring at the air somewhere with full attention.

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