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Chapter 1759: Mystical Little Black Bead

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Sima You Yue slept for a day and night. Ting Shan and Ting Shui came in several times and found she had no signs. They immediately reported to Murong Hui.

Murong Hui found that Sima You Yue had recovered a lot. Many of the injuries had been completely healed.

“Master, Miss’ body….”

“Serve Miss well, don’t ask anything else.” Murong Hui glanced at Ting Shui. “You are not allowed to let anything out, understand?”

“Yes, master. We won’t say anything.” Ting Shan understood Murong Hui’s eyes and pulled Ting Shui to knelt down.

Ting Shan hurriedly followed to express her compliance that she would not tell others.

“Remember, you are not allowed to tell anyone about Miss. Do you remember this clearly?” She exhorted again.

“This maid got it.” The two replied.

“Take good care of Miss. If there is anything, report to me in time.” Murong left after speaking.

Ting Shan and Ting Shui got up. Ting Shui patted her chest. “Why do I sense there is some difference between master and Miss.”

“Didn’t you notice?” Ting Shan felt her legs were soft. She moved to a stool and sat down.

“Master used to pamper Miss very much, now it seems…..”

“What does it seem?”

“I can’t explain it. Does it feel more respectful? That doesn’t seem right, but it is different from before. It’s a bit strange.” Ting Shan frowned and couldn’t tell the feeling in her heart.

“It seems that you and I feel the same.” Ting Shui said. “The current Master seems to love Miss more and doesn’t pamper her. But he cares more about her.”

“Right right, that ‘s it.” Ting Shan affirmed. “Ting Shan, what happened to master and miss? Is it because the last time when Miss was being pursued? Master was disappointed in Miss?”

“What is going on, this is not something we can guess about.” Ting Shan reminded. “If we want to live, we shouldn’t think too much. Master and Miss will have us do what they want. Don’t ask anything and don’t say anything. Understand?”

“mm-Hmm. Master warned us twice. For the sake of our lives, we cannot tell other people about Miss.” Ting Shui nodded. “It seems that master is still has lingering fears from Miss being pursued last time.”

Ting Shan looked at Sima You Yue on the bead and muttered, “Is that really the case?”

Sima You Yue woke up at noon the next day. When she moved her body, she found that it no longer hurts. She examined her right hand and shook it. She was surprised.

“Am I dizzy? Or hallucinating?” She waved her hand. Yes, this was her hand.

But wasn’t her hand scorched before? How did it get back after a nap?

She sat up and found the injuries on her body were also healed. She was certain it was not an illusion.

“Am I really well?” She checked and confirmed that she had recovered. She felt a little weird.

At first, she speculated that it might be because of her special physique, and her injuries would automatically heal. But she was only a soul body, and her special physique was not brought over. In addition, the last time she was injured, it took a long time for her to recover which indicated her physique was not the reason.

Then what was the reason?

“Little Purple, do you know what’s going on?” She asked.

“Where is the problem? Isn’t it the ghost in the black bead?” Little Purple was playing alone and casually replied.

“Little black bead?” Sima You Yue felt the quiet black beads. “Can this thing not only help with cultivation, but also heal injuries?”

“Maybe it’s so.” Little Purple said.

“I don’t know who left it at Atavistic Orchid Mountain.” She had more doubts in her heat. How could such a good bead be placed with a stupid bird and waited so many years for her? Could it be that the person did know the prophet where she would appear here?

“Don’t worry about it. You will know the truth in time. Before that time, it’s useless for you to keep guessing.” Little Purple was open minded.

“That’s true.” She decided to leave the problem aside. No matter who put it here, she benefited from it.

She opened the door and exited. She encountered Ting Shan who was about to come in. Seeing Sima You Yue, she ran over quickly. “Miss, your injury is still not healed. Why did you come out?”

“Uh, I did not feel well lying down.” Sima You Yue said. How long did I sleep?”

“A day and a night.”

She was completely healed in a day and night? She knew how heavy her injury was. To recover so soon, what was the origin of the little black bead?

“Where is my father?”

“Master is going to attend the Youth Exchange.” Ting Shan answered. “Master came to see Miss before leaving and told us that you must take a good rest after you wake up. In order to not worry Master, please take a good rest, Miss.”

“Oh, I’m hungry. Go to the kitchen and get something to eat.” Sima You Yue finished before going back.

“Yes, this maid will get lunch for Miss.”

Sima You Yue returned to her room. She condensed soul power and arranged a small barrier at the door so that people outside could not open the door and enter.

“Fortunately, the spirit barrier layout is still the same.” She looked at her achievement with satisfaction. She stepped into the Spirit Pagoda.

The spirit pagoda changed a lot from before. It was no longer a gray sky, but a blue sky with white clouds like before.

However, the exposed area was still very small. Half of the medicine fields were exposed and the half of the living area and the wine cellar as well.

Little Spirit had yet to waken up. But she could sense the spirit power floating in the spirit pagoda which the sleeping spirit beasts absorbed to heal their injured body.

Unfortunately, father, An Lei and them had not come out. It seemed that it had to wait until she advanced again.

“I can’t use the medicine fields now. It would not be convenient to refine pills in the future.” She felt extremely regretful looking at the medicine fields.

She could walk so far on the road of alchemy because of the spirit pagoda. It was a pity that soul body was special and the requirements for medical herbs were more stringent. Most herbs could not be used to refine Ghost Realm pills, but some ordinary herbs could still be used. It was not really a problem for refining pills that the ghost clan wanted.

She stayed in the spirit pagoda until she heard movements outside. She changed her clothes before stepping out. She opened the door for Ting Shan.

Ting Shan saw that Sima You Yue’s clothes were different. She thought she changed her clothes in the room and didn’t say anything. She put her lunch on the table.

As soon as Sima You Yue sat down, she heard Gongzi Yuan’s voice from afar before she had time to eat.

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