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Chapter 1760: First Appearance

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“Xi’er——- Xi’er——-, Eh, you are eating lunch?” Gongzi Yuan ran inside and noticed the food on the table. He asked, “Is this your cooking?”

“No.” Sima You Yue looked at him. “This is my boudoir, don’t come in carelessly?”

“What’s the matter? I always did that before.” Gongzi Yuan originally wanted to eat some food. When he heard that it was not made by her, he immediately lost his appetite. He pulled a chair and sat across Sima You Yue.

Sima You Yue was hungry and did not bother with him. She started eating by herself.

Gongzi Yuan supported his chin and watched her. Sima You Yue was speechless at his staring. She used chopsticks to poke him.

Gongzi Yuan was startled and dodged back to avoid her attack.

“If you stare at me like this again, I will poke your eyes blind.” Sima You Yue glared at him.

It was also that she did not really want to attack him, otherwise this guy wouldn’t be able to escape.

Gongzi Yuan blushed and defended, “Wasn’t it always like that.”

“Humph, come on. What are you here today for?”

“Aren’t these two days the Youth Exchange? I saw that you didn’t show up in the morning, so I came to ask if you want to go in the afternoon?” Gongzi Yuan said.

“What is there to see?” Sima You Yue said. “Isn’t it just some youngsters competing. It’s not exciting.”

“This time is different.” Gongzi Yuan said. “This time the applicants are all geniuses. It is something to look forward to.”

“Applicants? Isn’t it all arranged by various clans?”

“It used to be. This time is different. Those who come from other places can also participate.” Gongzi Yuan explained. “You know, those who come to fight, so they’ll be cruel. So the competition is something to watch.”

“Why is it different this time?” Sima You Yue asked.

“For the city competition!” Gongzi Yuan exclaimed. “Don’t you know?”

Sima You Yue shook her head. She never cared about this before. Of course, she didn’t know.

“Oh, you probably forgot.” Gongzi Yuan said. “Didn’t I tell you before that your father is a duke?”

“You mean it is the competition between dukes?” Sima You Yue guessed.

“Right.” Gongzi Yuan said. “All dukes are under their kingdom. Ranking between dukes will affect their status in their kingdom. Therefore, the city competition is very important.”

“Then how is my father’s strength? He left the duke mansion for so long. Will it affect him?”

“Your duke is considered to be in the middle of the kingdom, neither high or low. But your mother’s background is relatively strong, so you have and your father had good backing. It is said that your mother is siblings with the prince.”

Siblings? Wouldn’t the prince be her mother’s cousin?”

She didn’t know what kind of person this uncle was. Could she inquire news about her mother from him?

She was only excited for a while before having to push the idea down. She didn’t have any strength right now. How was she going to deal with trouble? She didn’t know who her mother provoked and who to trust in the Ghost Realm. Therefore, she dare not come into contact with these people in Ghost Realm.

Mm, when her godfather comes back, she could ask him to keep it a secret.

Gongzi Yuan watched Sima You Yue who was stunned. He stretched a hand and waved in front of her. “What are you thinking? Do you want to go together this afternoon?”

“I…” Sima You Yue wanted to say that she didn’t want to go, but remember she hadn’t help Murong Hui lure out the people who killed Murong Xi. So she changed her mind and nodded. “Wait until I finish eating.”

Ting Shan wanted to say that Master told her to not let Miss go out. But that was when she was injured. Now that her injury had headled, there should no need to remind her.

Sima You Yue didn’t eat much for lunch. Although this chef was especially found for Murong Xi, his skills were still not good.

After lunch, Gongzi Yuan couldn’t wait to take her to the largest venue in Eternal Brilliance City. There was a wide enough table to duel and ten thousands of viewing seats around. It was an important place for every major event.

There was a rostrum in the middle of the auditorium. As soon as Sima You Yue entered, she noticed Murong Hui sitting in the middle.

Murong Hui who was originally watching the battle in the arena, suddenly felt Sima You Yue’s aura. When he looked up, he saw her with Gongzi Yuan entering together. Seeing his disapproving eyes, she smiled back at him.

“Uncle Hui seems a little angry.” Gongzi Yuan commented.

“He is probably afraid that I will make trouble for him.” Sima You Yue smiled.

“Xi’er, over here!” Xiao Ruo Bai saw Sima You Yue and Gongzi Yuan and waved at her.

Sima You Yue walked over and saw Cao Cheng An was also there. While Mu Kai En who had always been with them was sitting far away with other youngsters.

“I thought you weren’t coming.” Xiao Ruo Bai pulled her to sit beside her. “Why didn’t you come in the morning?”

“I overslept.” Sima You Yue replied. “Are there any interesting participants?”

“There are several!” Cao Cheng An said.

“Really? Where are they?”

“Of course, the first one is me!” Cao Cheng An said narcissistically.

“Narcissism fellow!” Gongzi Yuan slapped him on the head.

“Boss, I will be beaten stupid by you!” Cao Cheng An held his head in protest.

Sima You Yue raised her eyebrows. Cao Cheng An called out boss so smoothly. It seemed that her side won the competition.

“Though Cao Cheng An is a narcissist, his strength is still good. He probably can get into the top ten in the competition.” Xiao Ruo Bai said.

“By entering the top ten, you can go to the city competition.” Sima You Yue turned her head.

“Yes.” Xiao Ruo Bai nodded. “Before I was quite confident in the children of Xiao Clan, now I’m more anxious for them.”

“Aren’t you going to participate?”

“We can directly go to the city competition.”

Sima You Yue smiled. Although she did not know the strength of Gongzi Clan and Xiao Clan, their clans should be very strong from the temperament and strength shown by Gongzi Yuan and Xiao Ruo Bai at the Atavistic Orchid Mountain.

Just when she was about to turn back her head, she felt a murderous gaze enveloping her. When she looked over, she found there were crowds everywhere. She couldn’t tell who was looking at her.

“What’s wrong?” Xiao Ruo Bai asked to see her looking around.

“I think someone is watching me.” Sima You Yue didn’t find the suspicious person and looked back at Xiao Ruo Bai.

“This is the first time you appeared in such a public place after being pursued. It is normal to be looked at.” Cao Cheng An said.

“It’s not that kind.” Sima You Yue said.

“I will send you back along with Gongzi Yuan later.” Xiao Ruo Bai understood her meaning, suggesting.

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