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Chapter 1736: Ancestor

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After the white light entered Little Helper’s body, he immediately sensed it. He was stunned and cried harder. In addition to the grief and reluctance before, there was a trace of self-blame in that cry.

“This is… sect master!”

“Sect master, why did you leave like this!”

“Sect master….”

A group of people came in from outside and saw Yin Lin sitting on the stone platform. They all yelled and ran over to kneel down. The stone room was full of cries for a while.

“Notice everyone that the sect master has passed away.” Great Elder said and immediately someone left the stone room.

Everyone cried for a while. The sadness in their hearts vented a bit. When the Great Elder saw the crying Little Helper who couldn’t help himself, he asked, “Wasn’t sect master supposed to have many years of lifespan left? Why did he suddenly leave?”

Little Helper cried even more sadly, stuttering, “Master…. Master because of me…. Because of me…. He…”

“Why…..” Everyone was shocked. They didn’t foresee something would happen to Little Helper!

“Master divinated that I would have a tribulation, so he used the rest of his lifespan to change my destiny!” Little Helper lay on Yin Lin’s lap, crying and convulsing.

You Yue who he liked became a living dead person. When she came back, Master died. He died just to change his destiny. At this moment, he no longer knew how to describe the feeling in his heart. He just felt so painful, so painful….

Great Elder and then were all taken aback. They did not expect Yin Lin would give up his life to change the destiny for Little Helper!

But what could they say? Blame Little Helper? No, this was the decision made by Yin Lin.

When he saw the ring on his hand, he comforted, “Since sect master has passed the ring to you, you are the new sect master of Divinator Sect. You must step up and be worthy of what sect master has done for you.”

Little Helper nodded.

“We will support you in the future. Now you must step up and take care of the funeral of the sect master.” The Great Elder said.

“I understand, Great Elder.” Little Helper came down from the stone platform and wiped the tears from his face. Just as he wiped left side, it flowed out from the right side again.

The Great Elder and them saw him like this and patted him on the shoulder. “You can accompany the sect master here first. Let’s go out and take care of the others first.”

“Thank you, Great Elder.” Little Helper said gratefully.

With his current emotional state, he was not really suitable to face everyone.

The Great Elders and the others all went out. Little Helper looked at Yin Lin’s sleeping face. Tears came out again from his eyes.


Soon, the news of Yin Lin’s death spread throughout the continent. People in the interior were shocked. He was fine when he was in Saint City. But after only a few days, how did he pass away?

No matter what the reason, everyone felt that Yin Lin’s death was a great loss for humanity. However, when they learned of Little Helper’s talent was better than Yin LIn, hope was rekindled in everyone’s heart. There was an endless stream of people who wanted to go mourn at Divinator Sect.

However, no one could enter the doors of Divinator Sect because Yin Lin was said to have already been buried in the ground and should not be disturbed. After a long hospitality, they all left behind gifts.

When Sima Clan received this news, they were hosting Xia Chang Tian and the group. From Xia Chang Tian, they finally knew what Sima You Yue experienced that day. Knowing that Yin Lin and them rescued the dead Sima You Yue back and hearing of his death, they remembered he said in the stone room that his last divination was for Sima You Yue and Wu Lingyu. They were deeply moved.

“Prepare a generous gift. We will express our condolences in person.” Sima Zhi Yuan announced.

“Let us go with you.” Xia Chang Tian offered.

They came here to tell Sima Clan what happened on that day and to see if they could do something. Now that they got the pill prescription, they took the main responsibility to search for the herbs.

Soon, they went to Divinator Sect together and became the only ones to enter the gate.


A gleam of light finally shot into the boundless darkness. As if the clear current of the day cut through the chaos, the world became clear.


Wasn’t she dead? Why could she still feel pain?

Her divine sense slowly returned, and her senses recovered a bit. Finally, the eyes that had been closed for a long time slowly opened.

It was still dark….

“Where am I? Ghost Realm?”

She remembered what happened in Saint City that day. The result was that her body exploded. Before her consciousness completely dissipated, she seemed to see Wu Lingyu?

Did he save her?

“How is it possible? My body exploded, and I was already dead when he appeared. How could he save me?” She laughed at herself but then she was stunned again.

She was dead. Her soul should have entered the Ghost Realm. But such a soul had no memory, and everything would start anew. But why would she remember the events of this lifetime?

She moved her hand and shook it in front of her. It was indeed transparent, indicating she was just a soul.

But why was her memory saved?

“You’re finally awake.” A voice rang in her ears. She sat up in shock.


Because of her excessive action, she felt her whole soul was in pain.

“Your soul was injured in the explosion. Although you have rested for two years, it is still not very stable.” The voice rang again.

“It’s you?!” Sima You Yue remembered this voice, a voice that she only she heard once, but never forgotten. She looked at the dark surroundings and asked, “Am I in Yin Lin Continent?”

“You still remember me.”

“Yes, you are the one who had been suppressed in Dragon Reflection Mountain? Did you save me?”

“Yes, and no.” The voice replied. “If you hadn’t taken the Tree of Souls’ essence in advance, your soul would have dissipated when your body exploded. I nurtured your soul for two years.”

“Two years, two years have passed?” She murmured. “I don’t know what would happen if they knew of my death.”

She stood up and bowed in the direction of the voice. “Thank you for your life saving grace. How should I call you?”

“You can call me ancestor.”

“Ancestor? Are you my ancestor?” Sima You Yue asked curiously.

She had felt when she was on the bottom of Dragon Reflection Mountain, that the person was familiar though she did not know them. But what he said at the beginning was a bit strange, making her guess such a relationship.

“Yes.” Ancestor replied.

“Ancestor, you just said my body exploded. Am I dead? Why can I still remember the events of my life?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Your body was originally dead, but you were saved by someone who changed your destiny. Now you are hanging on by a single breath. So you are not really dead. Naturally, you are not a pure ghost. You can only be regarded as a soul who left its body. Therefore, you remember what happened before death.”

“Then, why did I come here?”

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