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Chapter 1735: Death of Body and Soul, Yin Lin’s Early Death

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Wu Lingyu brought Sima You Yue to the back mountain. Sima Qing asked, “What can we do?”

“Prepare a spacious stone room with a good influx of spirit power. I will talk about the other things later.” Wu Lingyu said.

“Use my close cultivation stone room, where there is rich spirit power.” Sima Qing said.

Wu Lingyu knew of his stone room. It was indeed the best place in the Sima Clan. He flew to the mountain peak, carrying Sima You Yue.

When Sima Zhi Yuan and Sima Xiu Qi arrived, they saw Sima You Yue lying on the jade bed. Wu Lingyu was arranging something around the jade bed under Yin Lin and Feng Ru Yan’s guidance.

“Master Feng, Master Yin Lin, how is You Yue?” Huang Ying Ying asked.

“She’s fairly stable.” Yin Lin said. “However, you can’t leave here in the future.”

“I will guard it myself.” Sima Qing suggested. Anyways, this was his cultivation space. With him guarding, he felt relieved.

“Why did You Yue suffer such a serious injury?” Sima He Shun asked.

“We don’t know the specifics either. Someone will explain it to you later.” Yin Lin replied.

“Can You Yue get better? When will she wake up?”

“She won’t be able to wake up for a while.” Yin Lin once again explained about her soul being separated and then added, “What you have to do is protect her body and keep her body intact until her soul returns. Don’t let it deteriorate.”

“What do we need to do?” Sima He Shun asked.

“This jade bed was dug out from under the ice field. It takes tens of thousands of years to make such a bed. The cold air and spirit power in it will protect her body. Wu Lingyu’s current array can control the surrounding spirit, drawing in spirit power for her. In addition, this pill needs to be taken by her once every half a month.” Yin Lin handed a pill prescription to Sima He Shun.

Sima He Shun scanned through the herbs. They were not expensive but they were rare. There wouldn’t be a problem for a while. But it would be hard to get after a long time.

“Don’t worry about the herbs. As long as you tell us, someone will naturally send you the herbs.” Yin Lin said. “Don’t worry about this.”


“I will let someone send the herbs over.” Wu Lingyu offered. This is the first sentence he said after everyone gathered.

“Where are you going?” Feng Ru Yan asked.

“Going back to the Devil Realm to take care of some important matters. After that I’ll go to the Ghost Realm to find her.” Wu Lingyu replied.

“If you go into the Ghost Realm like this, you won’t find her.” Yin Lin said.

“What should I do then?”

Yin Lin closed his eyes and divinated. After a while, he opened his eyes. “You will meet again on the side of the River of Oblivion. But do you know that only souls can go there? If you want to go to the Ghost Realm, only your soul can go. But forcibly stripping your soul from your body would damage your strength.”

“I see. Thank you for letting me know.” Wu Lingyu said gratefully.

“Ha ha, you don’t have to thank me. I am very glad my last answer is for you and her.” Yin Lin smiled.

“Last answer?”

“My body being able to last until now is a blessing from You Yue. Now that oil has been exhausted and the lamp is dead. My time is short. I won’t be divining anyone else anymore. This is my last divination.”

Yin Lin’s words made the atmosphere in the stone room a bit heavy. He himself felt indifferent.

“People will die one day. There is nothing to be sad about.” Yin Lin said.

“Master….” Little Helper pursed his lips.

“I will go to the Ghost Realm to find you.”

“When a divinator dies, he has no soul left, no reincarnation, so he cannot go to the Ghost Realm. When the body dies, the soul is destroyed. You don’t need to worry about me.” Yin Lin smiled. “Master Feng, we can go back now.”

The sect master of Divinator Sect had always passed away in the sect. With him and Little Helper, they wouldn’t get back on time.

Feng Ru Yan nodded. After telling Sima Zhi Yuan and the others to find Feng Clan if there’s anything, she took Yin Lin and Little Helper away.

“In the future, we still would need to ask the Sima Clan to take care of Divinator Sect and Little Helper….”

Yin Lin’s voice disappeared along with his figure. These were the last words he said to outsiders.

“Unexpectedly, Master Yin Lin….. sigh…..”

Feng Ru Yan sent Yin Lin and Little Helper back to Divinator Sect before leaving. Little Helper looked at Yin Lin’s thin figure. “Master, you should still have a hundred years of lifespan left, how did you….”

He also noticed that Yin Lin’s lifespan was rapidly decreasing. Hundred years of life was consumed in a few years.

“Come with master.”

Yin Lin took Little Helper to the forbidden area in Divinator Sect. Behind the short passage was a huge stone chamber which enshrined the memorial tablets of all the sect masters.

Yin Lin came before the memorial tablets. “Little Helper, kneel down! Kowtow the masters of past generations.”

Little Helper came to the futon and knelt down. He kowtowed three times.

“Little Helper, your talent is far beyond master. Your future achievements would surely surpass that of Master. When you were young, you met Sima You Yue, and your destiny has been changed. In the future, you would not follow the footsteps of master and previous sect masters. You must cherish the gift from Heaven and create more blessings for people.”

“Your disciple will remember Master’s teachings!” Little Helper responded.

“Today, I will give you the sect master’s position. You have to take responsibility for the Divinator Sect, protect the sect members, and shoulder heavy burdens. You cannot slack off, understand?”

“Master?!” Little Helper did not expect Yin Lin to pass him the position of sect master. He still did not have enough qualifications. How would he convince everyone?

“They all understand.” Yin Lin was not worried. As a divinator, they knew they had no fate with being the sect master.

“Master, you still have a long time. You don’t need to do it now…”

“Whatever Master says, you should comply.” Yin Lin’s voice became severe.

“Yes, Master. I am willing to be the sect master of Divinator Sect, protect the sect members and help mankind.” A bad premonition surged in the Little Helper’s heart. Tears could not stop falling.

Yin Lin took off the ring that symbolized the position of sect master and gave it to Little Helper. He then went to the high platform in the center of the stone room and sat down.

“Master!” Little Helper knelt over and held onto the high platform, crying very loudly.

He knew about this stone platform. The place was where the sect master would take their last breath. Yin Lin was going there now. Did it mean that he already wanted to….

Yin Lin looked at him and sighed. “How can Master rest assured when you are like this?”

“Master, your lifespan is still long! You don’t need to go there so quickly!”

“You will understand later. From now on, you must live well.” Yin Lin stretched out his hand and rubbed Little Helper’s head. Then he retracted and put his hands on his knees, slowly closed his eyes, and stopped breathing.

“Master!” Little Helper threw himself on the stone platform, hugging Yin Lin’s body and sobbing out loud.

At the moment he hugged Yin Lin’s body, a white light burst out of Yin Lin’s body and penetrated into Little Helper’s body.

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