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Chapter 1726: Coming together

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The moment Sima You Yue said this, the entire plaza went silent for a few seconds. Everyone was puzzled as to why she would suddenly say this.

“Holy Daughter, what is the meaning of this?” Patriarch Qin, who had been scolded by her, asked her angrily.

“Exactly what I said!” Sima You Yue shrugged, “Patriarch Qin, you said it yourself, methods that benefit everyone should be shared. In that case your martial arts are very good, so can’t we learn them? Han Yue has always been rather curious about this!”


“Or are you saying, Patriarch Qin, that only the methods of the Sima Clan can be shared while others can’t be? Then you can’t use this as an excuse. If you told anyone, you would throw everyone’s reputation away!” Sima You Yue shot maliciously.

Xuan Qiu He, who was sitting not far away, heard Sima You Yue’s words and raised his head to look over. When he saw that she was not someone he recognised, he lightly furrowed his eyebrows.

Patriarch Qin blushed from her words. He was merely finding an excuse to be a bandit. He didn’t think that Sima You Yue would expose him like that and utterly shame him!

“Pavilion Master Qiu, what is the meaning of this?!” Patriarch Qin was shamed and he stood up in a rage, as if he would immediately leave if he didn’t give him a proper explanation.

“Han Yue, apologise to Patriarch Qin.” Qiu Chi instructed her.

Sima You Yue stood up and bowed to Patriarch Qin, saying, “Patriarch Qin, quell your anger. Although the words I’ve said are difficult to listen to, it is for your sake.”

“Truly for my sake! I just want to hear how this is for my sake?” Patriarch Qin huffed icily.

“Alright, then I will explain it to you, Patriarch Qin, “Sima You Yue siad, “Based on what you wanted to say, you want to force the Sima Clan to bring out their beast taming method right? Don’t rush to deny it, nobody here is a three year old child. We all get it.”

Patriarch Qin wanted to speak but she had already forced him back, so his expression darkened even farther.

“Although the Sima Clan isn’t very powerful, you cannot just look at them based on that. You have to think about the other powers baking them. The little powers like Paramount Valley and Heavenly Sect Academy that interact with them aside, have you thought about the Feng Clan? Do you think that you will be able to defeat the Feng Clan? There’s also the entire Bird Clan. Although they are not that powerful on their own, if you added up the entire Bird Clan, do you think we would be assured a victory? I heard that the Violet Water Dragon Clan has already united the entire Ninth Star Ocean. Can you fight against all the spirit beasts of the oceans?”

As Sima You Yue spoke, with every sentence, it woke up a lot of those who had been blinded by their fervour from the ancient spirit beasts.

“So what you’re saying is that the Sima Clan cannot be touched?” Another person hopped out to say.

“It’s not that we cannot touch them, but that we have to switch our plans. Forcing them openly will not necessarily give us our desired outcome, but we may be able to have an exchange. As long as we give them enough benefits, they probably won’t reject it.” Sima You Yue said, “Choosing between shedding all sense of cordiality or having a mutually beneficial exchange. Which one do you think is better?”

After speaking, she bowed towards everyone and returned to her seat.

Everyone secretly made their calculations. Although they would obtain the Imperial Beast Art, they would lose out at the end. Furthermore, although the latter would cause them to lose some benefits, it would rid them of later headaches.

Sima You Yue watched as their expressions slowly changed and sneered in her heart. They wanted to plot against the Sima Clan? It would depend on whether or not they had the ability to lose that much blood!

“Will the Sima Clansmen agree?” It seemed like some people were influenced.

“As long as the Feng Clan and Bird Clans do not interfere, the Sima Clan should have no choice.” Sima You Yue merely tossed out these two sentences.

Actually, the smarter ones should know that her words could not be trusted. They wanted the Feng Clan and the Bird Clans not to interfere? Was that even possible? That was completely outside the realm of possibilities.

However, those people had already lost all their IQ and they were completely focused on the method of taming beasts. They didn’t think about this at all.

“However, the Sima Clan is not easy to provoke. If we don’t manage to capture the ancient spirit beasts, the beast taming method would not be of much use to us. So, before that, we still need to possess those ancient spirit beasts.” Qiu Chi said, “Otherwise, to offend a clan that isn’t easy to manage would not be worth it.”

As such, he brought the topic back.

After what happened just now, everyone started to become lively again. If they were able to obtain the ancient spirit beasts as well as the beast taming method, they would be able to climb higher and higher.

“These ancient spirit beasts have massacred too many. If we do not get rid of them, we will never have a peaceful day. I support the idea of forming an alliance in order to deal with these ancient spirit beasts.”

“I agree.”

“We do too.”

Qiu Chi’s mouth lifted into a light smile, “Since everyone agrees, then we can set up the alliance. Everyone will be one team in the future, later on…”


A silhouette fell, interrupting Qiu Chi’s words. Everyone looked over to the middle of the plaza. Was that not someone from the Sage Pavilion?


“Who is it!”

Everyone was shocked. They had no idea how this person had appeared. This caused a feeling of terror to rise in their hearts.

That the other party had done this meant that they were heartless. He had appeared in such a quiet way. Did that not mean that the person was more powerful than they were? If the other party wanted to do something, would they be able to hold up?

“You were currently discussing how to deal with my ancient beast clan, but did you ask me for our agreement?” Supreme Fifth Spirit Senior’s beautiful and clear silhouette slowly appeared in midair. He looked coldly on the group of people, filling them with chills.

“Fifth… Supreme Fifth Spirit Senior!” Everyone cried out. They didn’t think that he would appear here.

Qiu Chi’s expression wasn’t too great, but he was not surprised.

“Supreme Fifth Spirit Senior, what are you doing here? Our Saint City did not invite you.” The fake Holy Son spoke.

“This Senior goes wherever I want to go. You ants have no right to question me!” Supreme Fifth Spirit Senior snorted icily as he attacked him with a burst of spirit energy. The fake Holy Son immediately spit a mouthful of fresh blood and he was sent flying.

“Supreme Fifth Spirit Senior, don’t go too far!” Qiu Chi yelled.

“Did this Senior go too far? You were all discussing how to defeat me, could it be that you still want me to greet you with a smiling face?” Supreme Fifth Spirit Senior snorted icily, “Say it, have you thought of how you want to die?”

“Supreme Fifth Spirit Senior, you want to kill all of us by yourself? We’ll have to see if you have the ability!” Everyone was scared, but they did not believe that he would be able to defeat them all by himself.

“Who said that I was alone?” Supreme Fifth Spirit Senior just spoke when countless ancient spirit beasts appeared in the sky above Sage City. There were way more than the number of people who attended this gathering.

“Hey hey hey, Supreme Fifth Spirit Senior, wait!” Sima You Yue’s familiar voice came from the place. She directly opened the door and Xia Chang Tian, He Chen Dong, Fang Ming and the others walked over. Little Roar was lying on his shoulder. When he saw the tense situation, his eyes shone with excitement.

Sima You Yue looked at them and saw that the presidents of the guilds had all come, and the group was even rather complete.

When he saw the people from the guild, Qiu Chi furrowed his eyebrows. How did he not know that these people had come?!

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