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Chapter 1727: Want to kill her to silence her?

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“President Xia, what are all of you here?” Qiu Chi still asked him politely.

“I found out a few things, so I rushed here. Why? It seems like Pavilion Master Qiu doesn’t welcome us?” President Xia walked forward and looked at the people around him. He smiled as he greeted them familiarly.

The others saw that those from various guilds had come and there was a variety of reactions. Some were surprised, some were puzzled while others were curious or worried.

“How could that be, I was merely rather curious. Without invitations, how could you enter Saint City?” Qiu Chi said, his meaning deep.

They didn’t have an invitation and also appeared with the ancient spirit beasts. Everyone was well aware of what he was really saying.

“Old Xia, there’s no need to waste anymore words here. We have come here today because we wanted to demand an explanation from the Sage Pavilion and the Xuan Qiu Clan.” He Chen Dong stepped forward and looked at Qiu Chi and those from the Xuan Qiu Clan.

At that time, during her succession ceremony, if not for the preparations that she had made beforehand, the armament guild would have faced an unprecedented disaster.

Sima You Yue looked towards Xuan Qiu He. She saw that he had furrowed his eyebrows with doubt, looking at He Chen Dong with some confusion. He couldn’t understand what those words meant.

“President He, what do you mean by this?” Qiu Chi asked, ‘Our Sage Pavilion did not invite you guys because we only invited the powers in the inner regions this time. It wasn’t because we did not respect you. There is no need to be so angry and speak like this.”

“That’s right, President He, there’s no need to focus so much on a small issue like this.” Someone else agreed.

“Qiu Chi, whether or not you’re just pretending, you know that we aren’t here because of this.” Fang Ming spoke as well, “We have come here today for another reason.”

“Another reason?” They wondered what important issue it was that actually got the few elders of the Guild League to appear. Could it be that the Sage Pavilion had offended them somehow?

“Qiu Chi, we don’t wish to beat around the bus with you. We just want to ask you why you’re releasing so many black robed men and causing chaos in our world, attacking our various guilds. Just what are you trying to do?” Xiang Yang directly blamed them, “You act all holy and righteous as you do all these dirty things. Does the deity you believe in not stop you?”


“Are the black robed men from the Sage Pavilion?!’

“President Xiang, could you have gotten it wrong?”

“Exactly. How could the Sage Pavilion do something like that?!”

Qiu Chi’s eyes narrowed as his tone dropped a few degrees, saying, “President Xiang, you cannot merely slander others like this!”

Xiang Yang snorted, “Slander? We have never done something like that. If not for rock solid evidence, would we come and look for you demanding an explanation?”

“Qiu Chi, you couldn’t possibly think that by acting so secretively, that nobody would ever find out about what you’ve done right?” Xia Chang Tian said disdainfully, “If you don’t want someone to find out, then you shouldn’t do it at all. Since you’ve already done it, then you should know that there would be a day that someone would discover it.”


“President Xia, don’t spout nonsense! How could the Sage Pavilion do something like that! If you continue to spout rubbish, don’t blame me for being discourteous!”

“Tch, you stupid young idiots who have been deceived by the Sage Pavilion’s pretentious exterior. Do you really think that the Sage Pavilion is that great? That they would ask you to come over in order to distribute the ancient spirit beasts to you? They merely want to use you as cannon fodder!” Xia Chang Tian pursed his lips, “Don’t believe me? They asked you to come over because of the sky splitter devil sword, right? Then, do you guys know that the devil sword is inside the Sage Pavilion? Since that is the case, why would they still call you over to discuss the issue about the Sky Splitter Devil Sword?”

The Sky Splitter Devil Sword was in the Sage Pavilion? Everyone was struck by the news. Even Sima You Yue looked at Qiu Chi with confusion, wondering whether or not this piece of news was true.

“Xia Chang Tian, if you came here to make trouble, then our Sage Pavilion will not hold back anymore!” Although Qiu Chi did not look very angry, all of those from the Sage Pavilion who were familiar with him knew that his smile carried an ice chill and he was already at the peak of his rage.

“Don’t be in such a hurry to chase us away. You just have to explain yourselves clearly and we will naturally take our leave.” Xia Chang Tian said, “Didn’t you say just now that you wanted evidence? Bring the men here!”

Sima You Yue looked over and saw that some people had brought some more people in. Those people were dressed completely i black and one could tell at a glance that those people were different from the other black robed men.

“Xia Chang Tian, these people aren’t the black robed men at all. Do you want to use this to frame the Sage Pavilion? It doesn’t seem too possible?” Patriarch Qin said.

“Who said that these are the black robed men? Can you take a good look?” Xia Chang Tian rolled his eyes at them, “These are men from the Sage Pavilion.”

“Xia Chang Tian, just what are you trying to say?”

“The situation is like this. It has been quite some time, and we need some time, you have to be patient…”

Xia Chang Tian told them about the hunting plan, then told them how Sima You Yue and the others had rescued others. Gu Qing had sent the Sage Pavilion to hunt those people down, and were eventually captured by the Guild League, which is how they got to know about the relationship the Sage Pavilion had with the black robed men.

When those on site heard this, most of them didn’t believe it. How could the Sage Pavilion do this? That was too inconceivable!

“Qiu Chi, one of your branch Pavilion Master is still here. You can’t be thinking of backing out, right?” He Chen Dong said, “Back when I was having my succession, you even sent me a big present.”

“I know that you abhor the black robed men, but you caught a few of my Sage Pavilion men and want to say that they have links with us?” Qiu Chi was no longer smiling. He turned around to look at Sima You Yue. He didn’t think that what they once treated as a minor slip up would blow up into such a huge problem today.

Sima You Yue lowered her head apologetically, but her eyes held no trace of guilt. At that time when she had looked for Gu Qing, it was precisely for this purpose.

This was a piece of evidence that she had purposely sent to the Guild League!

“It’s simple, do you know about truth pills? Feed her one, wouldn’t that do?” Xian Chang Tian said as he pulled out a medicine bottle. “Everyone should recognise this. Right now, let’s hear the truth.

After speaking, he fed her the medicine and tossed her on the floor.

“Xia Chang Tian, that is the Pavilion Master of my Sage Pavilion, you actually dared to be so malicious!” A Vice Pavilion Master bellowed as he hurriedly flew over, wanting to take Gu Qing back.

However, before he could even touch Gu Qing, his entire body was sent flying. He swayed a few times in the air before he finally stabilised.

“Protective barrier!”

“Why are you in such a hurry to kill her?” Xia Chang Tian said cockily, “I’ve seen your hand, it looks like you’re going to attack her.”

“It’s a good thing that we made preparations beforehand. To deal with such shameless people, we have no choice but to make these kinds of prior preparations.” Fang Ming echoed.

“You guys are right. It’s a good thing we set up this measure.”

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