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Chapter 1716: Siblings

After coming out from Tang Yun’s palace, Sima You Yue’s mood was pretty down. Wu Lingyu was facing so much difficulty in the devil realm while she was powerless to do anything to help him.

Strength, strength, if she was only a little bit stronger.

She gripped her hands into gists and took deep breaths to relax. The rate at which she was growing stronger was really too disappointing.

“Hey, you. Stop there.” A red silhouette came from the roof and appeared in front of her, blocking her path.

“Who are you?” Sima You Yue appraised her, “You’re the woman that the Holy Son brought back with him.”

“How did you know?” The lady was a little puzzled.

“All the people in the Sage Pavilion are dressed in white. At most, they will have different embroidery on them. On the other hand, your red robes are so conspicuous. Aside from the woman that the Holy Son brought back, who else could you be?” Sima You Yue said.

“Your reaction is pretty quick. My name is Hong Wei.” Hong Wei said.

Sima You Yue nodded towards her. Then she wanted to step past her and leave, but Hong Wei just took a step back and continued to block her path.

“What do you want to do?” Sima You Yue looked unkindly at the woman in front of her.

“You are such a rude person. I’ve told you who I am, so why won’t you tell me your name? It’s only proper to return politeness for politeness, don’t you know?” Hong Wei chided her.

Although she knew that someone that the Holy Son brought back should be a person under Wu Lingyu, she was in a bad mood. She didn’t care about anyone, much less a woman who kept making a racket.

She glanced at Hong Wei, saying, “Others may pamper you, but you should know that this world does not revolve around you. Today, I will let you off on Wu Lingyu’s account. There won’t be a next time.”

She ground out the three words, ‘Wu Lingyu’ and emphasized them heavily. Hong Wei should know that she meant Wu Lingyu and not this fake Holy Son. After speaking, she walked past Hong Wei, not even deigning to glance at her.

Hong Wei was extremely angry about being threatened, and wanted to block Sima You Yue again, only to realise that she was unable to move at all.

“What did you do to me?!” She was shocked. She actually didn’t notice a thing.

“Just a little bit of discipline, you’ll be fine in two hours.” Sima You Yue’s voice came from behind her, angering her till she wanted to stamp her feet.

Although Tang Yun’s palace was not as lively as the ones owned by the other vice pavilion masters, there were still many who came and went along. Those who passed by saw that she didn’t move an inch from where she stood and couldn’t help but point at her and talk about her.

“What are you looking at! If you keep looking at me, I’ll dig your eyes out!” She yelled at those people.

Those from the Sage Pavilion naturally knew her unique identity. After she yelled at them, they left the area obediently. Hong Wei arduously waited for those two hours to pass before she was able to move her body again.

She ran over to Tang Yun’s palace in an angry rage. When she saw him lazing on the low couch, her fury was ignited even more.

“You just watched me get bullied with your eyes wide open?” She sat opposite Tang Yun in a huff as she raged.

Tang Yun lifted his head and looked at her, “You were looking for trouble.”

“Are you my brother or not? I am your younger sister, okay? You just watched me get bullied outside, and even said that I was the one looking for trouble?” Hong Wei immediately snatched the book out of his hands.

“It’s not that I didn’t want to help you but that I couldn’t.” Tang Yun said, “I dare not offend that woman, but you actually went to harass her when she was in a bad mood. You still say that you were not asking for trouble?”

“You dare not offend her? I am a Holy Daughter, and you are a vice pavilion master, okay? Unreliable.” Hong Wei said peevishly.

“She’s not your average Holy Daughter. You said that you wanted to come here and play around, which is why I got them to bring you in here. In order to prevent you from getting me into trouble, I’d better tell you that, in this world, she is the number one woman whom you cannot offend. Also, you better not cause trouble for her again. It’s a small issue to expose our identity, but to be punished by Master would be a big problem.” Tang Yun nagged.

“Tch, although Master is the Holy Son, he only cares for the one named Sima You Yue right? To punish you for the sake of some Holy Daughter? He’s not someone who has tender feelings for the fairer sex. Unless that Holy Daughter is…” Hong Wei spoke up to this point before her expression turned to shock and she covered her mouth, “You’re saying that she is that woman? Sima You Yue?”

Tang Yun snatched his book back, looking at her as if it was a good thing that she wasn’t a complete idiot.

Hong Wei was stunned. She had actually offended that woman just now? Sob sob sob, she wouldn’t get her skin peeled off and tossed into the drain, right?

“Why didn’t you warn me earlier? Are you my elder brother or not?” She looked at Tang Yan with grief.

“Well, who asked you to make trouble for her without asking me first?” Tang Yun didn’t pity her at all, “You never use your brain whenever you do things. You should gain some self awareness.”

“Was it because I was upset that she had caught Holy Son’s attention? Who knew that it was her!” Hong Wei whined, “Aiya, Brother, don’t read anymore. Hurry up and help me think of a solution. I don’t want Master to toss me into the drain.”

“You can relax. Since she has already punished you, she won’t harp on it anymore. She’s not that kind of petty person.” Tang Yun wasn’t worried at all, “Just don’t harass her anymore.”

“That’s all? You’re sure?” Hong Wei said worriedly.

“Alright, hurry and get out. Stop staying here and annoying me.” Tang Yun waved his hands with annoyance and chased her away.

Hong Wei came outside the palace and mumbled, “I have to tell Holy Son not to do something so stupid like I did.”

When Sima You Yue returned to Zong Zheng Han Yue’s quarters, her emotions had stabilised. When she thought of what that fake Holy Son said, she felt like there was a chance that the alliance would go through because the conditions that the Sage Pavilion had set were too enticing.”

“This won’t do, I have to notify them not to wait for the alliance to complete. It will be too late to think of a solution by then.”

She got Mi Er to change into Zong Zheng Han Yue’s appearance before she turned into an inconspicuous servant girl to leave the area stealthily. After finding a safe space, she called out Little Lucky along with his protective ancient spirit beasts.

“Little Lucky, I have something to tell you…”

She told Little Lucky about her current situation before saying, “I’ll think of a way to get you out of this city, so can you find a way to look for your father?”

Little Lucky nodded.

“When you leave, tell your father this piece of news, then stay by his side and don’t leave, alright?” As she spoke, she called out Little Roar, “Little Roar will go with you guys. If there’s any news, I will tell you guys through him.”

Little Roar and Little Lucky were on very good terms. Now that the ancient spirit beasts were in trouble, there wa sno way he would shirk his duty. However, the little scheme in his heart was known only to himself.

Although Little Lucky didn’t want to leave her, he had become a lot more mature. He understood the severity of this situation and could only agree.

Sima You Yue said to the sky, “I’ll have to trouble you to send them out.”

The guy in the air hesitated for a moment, then a portal through space appeared in front of Little Lucky. It only closed once Little Lucky and the others went through it.

Although there were so many experts in Saint City, nobody noticed a change in space. She would not have been able to do it if it were up to her.

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