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Chapter 1717: Another ancient creature?

For the rest of the days, Sima You Yue often went for walks around the Sage Pavilion. She wanted to find out more information about the black robed men, but she couldn’t find out anything.

It was only now that she understood how good the Sage Pavilion was at their covert operations. It was no wonder Tang Yun had not managed to find any direct link to them although so many years had passed.

As for this period of time, the safe pavilion was currently sending out its invitations to invite them over to discuss the devil sword. Most of the powers who received the invitations would send men to participate.

At the same time, there was a rumor being spread around outside that the Sage Pavilion had links with the secretive black robed men, as well as the Sage Pavilion sending men to hunt down those female children.

For this kind of news to appear at this point in time infuriated Qiu Chi to the point that he scolded Sima You Yue. He knew that the problems had risen over at Gu Qing’s side, so he directly sent his men to capture her.

As for Sima You Yue, she was also locked up to reflect on herself and was not allowed to come out until the gathering.

By the time Holy Song and Tang Yun had received the news, Sima You Yue had already been locked up. Although they were worried, they could not directly go and plead on her behalf. After all, they were not apparently close to one another.

On the other hand, Sima You Yue was not anxious at all. Wasn’t she just locked up? It wasn’t a big deal.

However, when she came to the place for self reflection, she finally knew that the punishment of the Sage Pavilion was rather perverted.

The place for self-reflection was called Unmoving Cliff, which was at the base of a cliff. One was not allowed to fly here, so once she got to the bottom, if nobody picked her up, there was no way she could get up on her own. If that was all, it wouldn’t be a big deal. However, the most important thing was that this cliff was weirdly cold and one was now allowed to use their spirit energy to resist it. This would make them freeze tot heir bones.

When those who came to send her down knew her position in the Sage Pavilion, they didn’t make things difficult for her. They gave her a bottle of pills and said, “These will help you resist the cold somewhat.”

Sima You Yue took the pills and said gratefully, “Many thanks.”

“Holy Daughter, just stay near the barrier of this palace for the next few months. Don’t go deeper inside.”

“Is there anything inside?”

“We don’t know either. However, every single person who went deep inside, when the time came and we went down, they were all… So, Great Holy Daughter, it is better for you not to head deep inside.”

“I understand. Thank you both for this information.” Sima You Yue smiled at them.

Those two people saw that she had gone in after listening to them and did not tarry any longer. They sat on their flying spirit beasts and went up, disappearing quickly into the dense fog.

Sima You Yue waited for them to disappear before taking a proper look around the base of the cliff.

The entire base was like a blanket of white, with the thickest part of it being one hundred metres deep. It made it completely impossible to see the top of the cliff. It wasn’t that much thinner below, at least you couldn’t make out anything clearly within five metres, and at ten metres, you shouldn’t see a thing.

She sensed her surroundings. The white fog seemed to suppress her spirit energy, so she was unable to use it here. Furthermore, the temperature in this white fog was low but there was no ice. It really freezed one to their core.

After sensing again, she realised that her light attribute spirit energy was suppressed, but not her ghost aura. As such, she kept her light attributes into her dantian before pulling out her ghost aura. Very quickly, she stopped feeling the chil.

She kept away the pills that the guards had given her before heading deep inside.

The more they didn’t want her to, the more curious she became.

In the beginning, she thought that those people had died because the white fog had sealed their spirit energy. However, the deeper she went in, the more she realised that the suppression on her spirit energy actually lessened.

Before long, she found many piles of bones. Based on their clothing, she could tell that they were from the Sage Pavilion. Furthermore, they were all female.

“These people died, but didn’t the Sage Pavilion want to keep their bodies?” She disdained the way the Sage Pavilion did things, but she still had no plans to keep those corpses either. “I wonder where this path leads to.”

She continued to head forward and found another pile of bones. She saw that a long time had already passed, and it seemed like they had been killed by spirit beasts.

“They make themselves look so pure and holy, but they don’t even care about these people who’ve died.” She really looked down on the Sage Pavilion more and more, “It seems like these people have been attacked by spirit beasts, which is why they fell here.”

Based on the aura that the bones left behind, she could tell that these people were not weak. Furthermore, there were even a few of them huddled into a group. Under circumstances where their spirit energies were not suppressed, they actually still died here. It seemed like this place was really dangerous.

“Yue Yue, I can sense a powerful aura.” Little Seven suddenly said, “it’s even one that’s familiar to me.”

“You’re familiar with it? Could it be a rank similar to Qing Yi’s?” Sima You Yue called out Little Seven.

Little Seven appeared and even took Qing Yi along.

After Little Seven appeared, she sensed her surroundings, saying, “Yue Yue, we’d better not continue any further.”

“Is it really another ancient creature?” Sima You Yue wondered. She thought of how Qing Yi was one too and laughed, “I didn’t mean you.”

Qing Yi didn’t mind her words as he said, “There really is a powerful aura here.”

“Is it a vegetation type beast like you guys are?” Sima You Yue guessed.

“It is.” Qing Yi nodded, “I’m guessing that it’s around the same level as my aura.”

Sima You Yue frowned. The Sage Pavilion actually had such a powerful guy.

“Under ordinary circumstances, it is really only our types that can live for so long.” Little Seven said, “But Yue Yue Yue, you don’t have to worry. Those like Qing Yi don’t casually attack others.”

Sima You Yue recalled what Qing Yi said before and said, ” It won’t casually attack and can even offer the Sage Pavilion some resources. Otherwise, the Sage Pavilion wouldn’t be able to rise above the other powers. The guy here wouldn’t be the divine medicine, Phoenix Nirvana, right?”

“It’s not.” Qing Yi said confidently, “Even if it is a divine medicine, it’s not as valuable as that guy.”

Sima You Yue’s eyes shone as she said, “Since it won’t attack me randomly, I can go and meet it right? I might be able to take it away and destroy one of the Sage Pavilion’s foundations.”

Qing Yi: …

Little Seven, though, was excited. She pulled on her hand, saying, “Alright! Alright! This Sage Pavilion has caused you so much bitterness, it’s time for us to collect the interest!”

“Little Seven, can you defeat that guy?” Qing Yi asked.

“Although I can’t figure out who that is yet, my sixth sense is telling me that that guy shouldn’t be an enemy. As long as it isn’t an enemy, it will be easy to deal with! Aiya, let’s go, let’s go!” Little Seven cheered happily.

Qing Yi was always powerless against Little Seven’s requests, so he had to follow her ahead. However, before they managed to make it far, a spirit beast suddenly jumped out and blocked their path.

Sima You Yue looked at it. It was like a tiger but wasn’t a tiger, like a leopard but wasn’t a leopard, like a bird but wasn’t a bird. Its aura was powerful and she knew at a glance that it was an ancient one. It was stronger than her spirit beasts, and seemed like its strength was already on the same level as advanced rank paragon experts.

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