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Chapter 1705: Little Roar, this living treasure

When Sima You Yue heard this, she calmed down a lot. This meant that this was not an act that specifically targeted them. It was just a coincidence.

Also, the fact that they had captured so many women showed that these people were definitely looking for women with specific characteristics and that Li’er had happened to fall within this category so they had captured her.

“Little Roar, pay attention to the situation happening where you are. Let me know if anything changes. We’re going to rush over there now.” She instructed Little Roar.

“I got it. Yue Yue, hurry up and come!” Little Roar was extremely grieved. He had obviously come out here to play and have fun but he had landed up in danger instead. He was so unlucky.

Sima You Yue didn’t cut the contact that she had with Little Roar. this way, she would get notified the moment they encountered any danger.

“Father, we’re going to rush towards theTwentieth State right now.”

As for where LIttle Roar waas, he was currently lying lifelessly in Ximen Li’s embrace.

“How was it, did you manage to contact Big Sister?” Ximen Li asked.

Although she was rather afraid, she was not flustered and even seemed rather calm.

“I did. However, the inner region is so big. Even if Yue Yue rushes over, she’ll still need a bit of time. We can only remain trapped here until then.” Little Roar said.

“I’m sorry, I dragged you down.” Ximen Li said reproachfully.

“How could this be your fault! I was the one who failed to protect you. Yue Yue asked me to come with you so that I could protect you.” Little Roar said as he sighed, “Sigh, if not because that guy happened to be in a deep sleep right now, we wouldn’t end up in this state.”

“I didn’t expect either that although I absorbed that thing, I didn’t become any stronger and only made it fall into a deep sleep.” Ximen Li sighed. That dough really found an inopportune time to advance in rank.

“When that guy advances in rank and then returns the favour, you will advance in rank as well.” Little Roar thought that Ximen Li was chastising herself for not becoming stronger, so he comforted her.

“Relax, Little Roar. I will definitely make sure that nothing happens to you.” Ximen Li said as she patted his head, her eyes filled with resolution.

“I won’t let anything happen to you either.” Little Roar rubbed against Ximen Li, using the opportunity to take advantage of her.

Ximen Li felt his little action and poked him on the head.

“Let’s take a look somewhere else.” She hugged Little Roar as she left her room, wanting to try to take a look at the people in the other rooms.

There was a lady staying in every house. When those people saw Ximen Li, they all revealed terrified expressions. There were even doors that were closed, so she didn’t know who was living inside.

“These people are really cowardly.” Little Roar muttered in a small voice.

“They should have been scared.” Ximen Li said.

She walked to the room on the furthest end and saw a lady dressed in red, living inside. The lady sat leisurely at the door, suntanning with squinted eyes.

“Hello.” Ximen Li took the initiative to greet her.

The lady opened her eyes and looked at Ximen Li. She didn’t plan to respond, but when she saw Little Roar in her hands, a deep look appeared in her eyes.

“You really are gutsy!” The lady sat up, “We’ve all been trapped here, but you’re the first one who dares to walk around outside.”

Little Roar had already closed his eyes and began to sleep. When he heard her voice, her body trembled and looked at the lady with disbelief. He stretched out his short paws and said, “You- You- What are you doing here!”

The lady grabbed onto his little paw and immediately pulled him over. After playing with his ears, she huffed, “Why can’t I be here?”

Ximen Li watched the way they interacted and asked, “Do you know each other?”

“That’s right! I do know him. This guy even tried to steal my food!” The lady recalled their past grudge and ravaged him again.

“Si Yue, if you keep doing this, I’ll make sure Yue Yue doesn’t cook for you anymore!” Little Roar couldn’t escape her clutches and could only threaten her.

Si Yue heard Little Roar’s threats and did not continue to ravage him. She lifted him up by his neck instead, saying, “Where’s that cruel brat of yours? She hasn’t contacted me for such a long time. Did she forget me, her friend?”

“Si Yue? Are you Big Sister Si Yue?” Ximen Li looked at Si Yue curiously when she heard what Little Roar said.

Si Yue looked at Ximen Li and asked, “Who are you? Where is You Yue?”

“I am Ximen Li. I heard Big Sister mention you before.” Ximen Li said with a light smile.

Si Yue appraised her and said, “You are Ximen Li? Why do you look so different from You Yue?”

Ximen Li smiled but she didn’t follow up. She couldn’t possibly say that she looked like Ximen You Yue instead, right?

“Big Sister Si Yue, how did you get captured here?” She asked.

“I definitely wouldn’t…” Si Yue stopped herself halfway and rubbed her nose, saying, “I was careless for a moment and ended up being captured here.”

This was Ximen Li’s first time meeting her, so she didn’t know that her acting this way was obviously out of guilt.

“Then have you been here for a long time?” Ximen Li asked again.

“That’s right, I’ve been here for two months.” When she said this, she pouted and muttered in a soft voice, “It’s already been so long. That person wouldn’t really have decided not to look for me right?”

When she thought about this, her heart ached a little.

She casually tossed Little Roar to the side before patting Ximen Li’s shoulder, saying, “You don’t have to worry. I will ensure your safety.”

“Thank you, Big Sister Si Yue.” Ximen Li replied, although she did not really believe her.

Sima You Yue had only mentioned Si Yue before, but had not mentioned anything else. That was why she had no idea what Si Yue’s identity was nor did she know how powerful she was. That was why she did not believe that she would be able to make sure she was safe.

“You seem like you’re not afraid at all?” Si Yue saw how calm she was and said, “These few days, I’ve met many women who were captured here and every one of them was frightened out of their wits”

“I am afraid, but I know that it’s useless to be.” Ximen Li said, “I might as well check out the situation first to see if there’s any opportunity for me to escape. In any case, Big Sister said that she would come to rescue me.”

“You Yue is coming?” Si Yue said with surprise.


“Then we’ll just wait. It’s been a long time since I met her.” Si Yue said a little deviously. It caused Xime Li to worry a little about whether or not something would happen when she met Sima You Yue.

Si Yue lay on her rocking chair. When she saw Little Roar run back, she threatened him, ‘You’d better not tell your master that I’m here. Otherwise, I’ll burn off all of your fur!”

Little Roar’s little legs trembled before his body was frozen for two seconds. Then, he turned around and ran as fast as his little legs would carry him.

He definitely had to stay far away from this lady who always stole his food! A lady who was a glutton and powerful and held grudges was the most fearful type of woman!

Si Yue saw the way Little Roar was acting and burst out with laughter. The unpleasant feeling in her heart dissipated quite a bit.

She wondered where You Yue had gotten a living treasure like him. When she returned, she definitely had to find one, so that she could mess with it whenever she was upset.

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