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Chapter 1706: Here he comes

Towards the one who had love for every single strand of his fur, Little Roar thought about it again and again when he returned to his room, but he still didn’t tell Sima You Yue about it.

“In any case, that lady and Yue Yue are friends, so it’s fine even if Yue Yue doesn’t know about it. If I tell her, then that woman will definitely burn all my fur off. Yue Yue is so far while this lady is so near. I better pacify the woman here first. Yue Yue won’t blame me even if she knows.”

After thinking it through, he ran to Ximen Li’s bed and lay down with his four paws facing the sky. He peacefully slept away.

Ximen Li realised that Si Yue was an entertaining person, and someone who was careful. She seemed very familiar with the situation here. There were a few guards who were rather powerful, and she was very aware of how powerful they were.

“Big Sister Si Yue, how do you know how powerful they are?” Ximen Li asked curiously.

“Isn’t that simple? I just had to sense it.” Si Yue said.

“But didn’t they seal our cultivation? How are you still able to sense it? Could it be…”

“Ssh- it’s fine if you know it. Don’t shout.” Si Yue covered her mouth, “Don’t think that there’s nobody here just because you don’t see anyone. There’s someone who keeps a constant watch over things here.”

After speaking, she pulled Ximen Li and went into the room, casually setting up a barrier.

Ximen Li swallowed her tongue apologetically, saying, “Sorry, I was too shocked. HOwever, Big Sister Si Yue, are you really not poisoned?”

“I’m not of the same level of strength as you are, of course I’m not poisoned.” Si Yue said.

“Then why have you stayed here for two years? Didn’t you have a chance to leave?”

“Sigh-” Si Yue heaved a long sigh, “I know that I’m waiting for someone to come and rescue me, but I’ve overestimated my importance. I’ve decided to wait for your Big SIster to come and save us before leaving with you. I won’t wait anymore and… I won’t think about it anymore.”

“Won’t think about it anymore? Won’t think about what anymore?” Ximen Li blinked her eyes as she looked at her curiously.

“Oh, nothing!” Si Yue waved her hands, “Right, when is your sister coming!”

“I don’t know, she’ll need a few days!” Ximen Li said, “I wonder whether anything will change during this period of time.”

“They haven’t caught enough people, so there shouldn’t be any changes in the meantime.” Si Yue wasn’t worried at all.

“Big Sister Si Yue, do you know why those people captured us?” Ximen Li asked.

“I don’t really know why, those people have never mentioned it before. However, it seems like they’re waiting for some specific type of person.” Si Yue said, “Since they caught us but are not harming us and every single one is so beautiful, it might be that they’ve captured us for some evil intentions. Maybe something like selling us to a brothel or to be cultivation furnaces. Mm, it might be like I said.”

Ximen Li saw how excited Si Yue was as she spoke and pursed her lips.

The light in Si Yue’s eyes wasn’t one of fear, right? Why was she excited? Was she not afraid of being turned into a cultivation furnace? Most people wouldn’t have that kind of expression under these kinds of circumstances, right?

Si Yue realised that she had scared Ximen Li and said, “Relax, if there is any danger, I will definitely protect you. Who asked you to call me Sister!”

For the next few days, those people captured a few more beautiful women and they were poisoned just like they were and had no way to use their spirit energy.

Those women had been given quite a big shock and their eyes were filled with terror.

Si Yue and Ximen Li were at the door cracking melon seeds when she suddenly spat out a shell and said, “Did you see that? That’s the expression that those who just come in here should have.”

Ximen Li laughed. At that time, she had not been too flustered. The most important thing was that she knew that the dough was going to emerge soon, and she had also contacted Sima You Yue, so she had been rather calm.

“They’ve been catching more people these few days, and I don’t know what they want to do with them either.” Ximen Li said.

“Just watch, we probably don’t have to wait for much longer.” Si Yue said, “They’ve almost caught enough people. The one behind the scenes should appear soon.”

“Big Sister told Little Roar today that they have already arrived in the twentieth district, but they don’t know where this place is. That’s why they can only look for us based on her connection with Little Roar. So she’ll take a while to reach here.”

“She came so quickly. It seems like she really cares about you as her sister.” Si Yue said enviously, “It’s so great to have an elder sister.”

If Si Ze and the others heard this, they would definitely be depressed. She had no elder sisters, but she had a huge pile of elder brothers, okay?!

Suddenly, she looked at a guard with shock and she stared directly at him. That guard was uncomfortable under her gaze and furrowed his eyebrows, saying, “Big Bro, those two women are huddled together. Will that be a problem?”

That big brother of his followed his line of sight and said, “No problem, it’s just two women. What could they do? Could they escape?”

“That’s true. We just have to capture ten more before we can report that we’re done with our mission.”

“Mm, the two of you, toss those women into the rooms. We’re heading back.”

The guard that was stared down by Si Yue left with his elder brother without looking back. Si Yue ran to her own room and happily hopped around.

“Sister Si Yue, are you alright?” Ximen Li saw how happy she was and wondered whether she had gone crazy from the provocation.

“He came to save me! He came to save me!” Hahaha, he cares about me after all!” Si Yue grabbed onto Ximen Li’s shoulders and said happily.

“Was there someone you recognised from within the guards?” Ximen Li merely glanced over at those guards, but she didn’t take a close look.

“Hehe, he came. I just knew that, after following him for such a long time, he wouldn’t not have any feelings towards me.” Si Yue tossed away all her pent up frustrations from before and her excited heart couldn’t stop at all.

“Mm, I understand. You didn’t escape all this time because you wanted to see if the one you have your heart set on would come to save you, right?” Ximen Li was infected by her smile and was happy for her as well, “Isn’t it good now, he’s here.”

“Mm, Third Mo came. He really came.”

“Third Mo? Third Mo is the one who you were talking about? The one who has a good relationship with my elder sister?” Ximen Li looked at her with confusion. Was the Third Mo she was talking about the Third Mo that she knew?

“That’s right, that is him. He was in disguise just now but I could still recognise him. It is definitely him! Just watch, he’ll definitely come and look for me tonight.” Si Yue felt like this was the best day she ever had all these years!

“If that really is the case, he will definitely know where this place is.”

“Mm, once he comes tonight, we can ask him.”

That night, a person hurriedly scuttled into Si Yue’s room. He was stunned when he saw the other person in the house.

“What are you guys doing here as well?”

Third Mo was speaking to Ximen Li and Little Roar. Once Ximen Li heard him talk this way, she knew that the stranger she didn’t recognise today was Third Mo.

She looked at his aura and it was like he was a completely different person. She secretly wondered how on earth Si Yue managed to recognise him at all?

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