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Chapter 1679: Investigating what happened that year (4)

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Sima You Yue watched the events unfold below and fell deep in thought. Once the Young Misses of the Yuan Clan left, she called out her scarlet bees to trail them from afar. Then, she asked the waiter for the bill before taking her leave as well.

On the way there, she strolled unhurriedly before coming to an inn to stay in. The shopkeeper led her to one of the rooms and left as she entered the room alone.

She walked in front of the window and pushed it open. She could see the inn a short distance away, which was the most luxurious inn in Fortune City.

The few Young Misses of the Yuan Clan were currently staying there.

She just wanted to see who the one the Young Misses were yelling about killing was?

Nothing happened in the day as her scarlet bees reported to her saying that the Yuan Clansmen had sent men out to investigate. When night fell, the scarlet bees told her that the Yuan Clansmen had already begun to move.

“The other party seems very powerful. They actually had to pay so much attention to this. The offense must be great.” She muttered in a small voice as she slowly disappeared from where she was originally standing.

The west side of the city was where the ordinary folk lived, and a silhouette was chased after by a group of people. Based on his stagger, it seemed like his injuries were not light.

The ones who were chasing him down immediately surrounded him.

“Liang Chu Xing, go ahead and run! I’ll see where you can escape to today!” Yuan Qing walked in front of the whole group and glared at the man in the centre.

“Hmph, so many of you came to chase me down. You even took a few months and ended up having to outnumber me. If word of this got out, your Yuan Clan would be shamed.” That Liang Chu Xing was heavily injured and his body was rather weak. However, his stubborn attitude really looked down on the Yuan Clan.

“It’s just the few of us here, who would spread the word?” Yuan Qing snorted, “As long as you’re dead, we would have avenged our eldest sister!”‘

“What do you even need to avenge her for! I’m the one who obviously lost out. It really blinded me and caused me to have to spend a few months looking for clear water to wash out my eyes, tsk tsk. It really was bitter beyond words!” Liang Chu Xing made himself sound pitiful, as if he had suffered a huge grievance.

“Get lost! You saw my sister’s jade-like body and you dare say that it tainted your eyes? I will kill you today and use your blood to cleanse my sister of the disgrace!” Yuan Qing said as she attacked Liang Chu Xing with her spirit power.

“Tch, she’s ugly and was an affront for the eyes, but you still want to kill me to silence me. The Yuan Clan really does things well! However, I want to know, why didn’t Yuan Yu Qiu come to kill me personally? Could it be that she’s ashamed and has committed suicide at home?” Although Liang Chu Xing was injured, he was able to deal with Yuan Qing skillfully and was even able to mock the Eldest Miss of the Yuan Clan at the same time.

“My eldest sister is very busy every day. She has no time to waste on you!” Yuan Li Li walked over, “However, it’s not the same for us. We have the time to waste on you!”

“Second Sister, it’s a waste to use any time on him. We have to make things clear here today! Second Sister, hurry and help me!” Yuan Qing turned around and shouted to Yuan Li Li.

“Kneel!” Yuan Li Li said as she attacked him with her spirit energy while Yuan Qing retreated to the side.

Yuan Li Li seemed to be more powerful than Yuan Qing. Liang Chu Xing, who had been so skillful with his words before, could no longer speak and wasn’t even able to stand up anymore. At the end, his body was riddled with wounds.




Liang Chu Xing was attacked by the spirit skill and he fell from the sky, landing harshly on the ground as he spat blood out.

Yuan Li Li’s body floated down as she landed in front of Liang Chu Xing. She glared at him icily, “Liang Chu Xing, you’re the Fifth State’s infamous flower thief. Today will be the day of your eternal rest, though. What a pity!”

“Second Young Miss Yuan, if you feel like it’s a pity, why don’t you join me? I’ll definitely let you enjoy the pleasures of life along with various positions that require a lot of skill. Mm, based on your figure, I think you’d be able to do it.” Liang Chu Xing grabbed his chest as he chuckled.

“Scum!” Yuan Li Li raged as she took out a knife and stabbed it straight into his stomach.

“Second Miss, for someone like him, you should cut off his little brother!” Yuan Qing cried out from the side.

“You’re right. Even if he goes to hell, he will only be able to become a rootless ghost!” Yuan Li Li pulled out her sword and gestured towards the lower half of his body.

It was only now that Liang Chu Xing’s expression changed and stopped joking. He cried out to the sky, “Friend, you’ve watched the show for such a long time, on the basis of me putting on such a grand display for you, could you help me out!”

“Liang Chu Xing, there isn’t a single person here. Don’t attempt to distract us and take the chance to escape. Today, you won’t be able to run!” Yuan Qing shouted, “Second Sister, hurry and castrate him!”

Yuan Li Li nodded as she took the sword in her hand and wanted to attack.

“Receive my attack!” She smirked icily as the sword slashed downwards.


 Liang Chu Xing subconsciously cried out sharply. How was a rapist without his lethal weapon supposed to continue to commit rape?


“Friend! Friend-” Liang Chu Xing saw the sword fall and cried out sharply. Even his voice had changed.

“Sigh-” A light sigh was heard beside him. His voice was light, and you definitely would not be able to hear it if you didn’t pay attention.

However, this sigh was like music from the heavens when it sounded beside Liang Chu Xing’s ear. That the other party was willing to make a sound meant that they wouldn’t remain uninvolved!

When the sword landed between his legs, the pain that he expected to come did not come. He raised his head lightly and saw that the blade had very clearly landed in that position, so why didn’t it hurt?

“Space distortion!” Yuan Li Li and Yuan Qing cried out at the same time.

“Aaahh-” Liang Chu Xing hurriedly retreated and saw that he was perfectly fine down there and the blade hadn’t even touched his pants.

“Who?! Who’s there?” Yuan Qing looked all around them but they didn’t see anything out of place.

The others looked warily around as well, but they couldn’t detect the faintest oddity.

“Ah- Second Young Miss!” A servant girl suddenly cried out loudly.

“What’s wrong?” Yuan Li Li shot the servant girl and disgruntled glare.

There was still an unknown person spying on them now, how could she be yelling and making a fuss at this time!

“Second Young Miss, he- he’s gone!” The servant girl pointed at Liang Chu Xing’s position and there was a missing person now.

“Where is he!” Yuan Qing cried out.

“He was right there just now! We didn’t even notice how he managed to disappear!” The servant girl knew that Yuan Qing had a bad temper so her words were careful.

As expected, Yuan Qing immediately slapped that servant girl, “There are so many people here, how could you not have noticed his disappearance? What does the Yuan Clan raise trash like you for?!”

“Third Young Miss…” The servant girl lowered her head grievously. The two young misses were the most talented with regards to spatial skills, and even they didn’t know. How were they supposed to have known?

“Alright, Third Sister, Liang Chu Xing was taken away by someone using space.” Yuan Li Li said solemnly.

“Second Sis, your control over space is so high but that person was still able to take him away without anyone knowing. Could it be that old man?” Yuan Qing asked.

“I don’t know who it is. To be able to hide in space for such a long time means that the person isn’t anyone ordinary. Since he rescued Liang Chu Xing, it will be even more difficult to kill him next time. It’s so infuriating! Let’s return!”

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