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Chapter 1678: Investigating what happened that year (3)

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Sima You Yue thought that Yin Su Su would know quite a bit more, but she shook her head instead, saying, “I only know this much. It was also because I just happened to see them. However, I don’t like the Yuan Clansmen. That’s why I don’t pay them attention either. This time, it was also because I heard that you were going to meet the Yuan Clansmen and thought of the last time you helped me, so I decided to give you a little warning.”

Sima You Yue was rather disappointed but she recovered and started chatting with Yin Su Su about other things.

After half an hour passed, Yin Su Su stood up and said goodbye. Before she left, she took out a jade bottle and placed it in Sima You Yue’s hands.

“This is a mark of my Yin Clan. If you should encounter any troubles while you’re in the Fifth State, use this to seek out my men. If you have any needs, you may just order them to get it done.” Yin Su Su said.

Sima You Yue considered rejecting it. She and Yin Su Su were not really considered close, so it wouldn’t be too good for her to casually accept her things.

“I know that you have the Xuan Yuan Pavilion helping you, but the Xuan Yuan Pavilion will not be able to help you every single time. Who knows, if anything urgent happens, this might be able to help you.” Yin Su Su left after speaking without waiting for Sima You Yue to reject her as she opened the door and left.

Sima You Yue lowered her head and looked at the jade bottle in her hand. She sighed as she went to lock her door.

Yin Su Su had told her these things and had even left her an escape route like this. That was also because she had saved some of the people from the Yin clan before. For people like them, the gratitude they owed her would not turn into vengeance like it did for Eastern Lai Li. However, they didn’t like to owe her either.

If accepting this would give them a peace of mind, then she would just accept it.

For the next few days, Yin Su Su did not come to seek out Sima You Yue again and she happily rested. She stayed in her house reading books all the way until some servant girls notified her that they had arrived.

She kept her things away and found that many people were already waiting on the deck. She looked around but she did not find Yin Su Su.

“Young Miss, she has already gotten off the ship.” The servant girl seemed to have guessed what she was thinking and said.

Sima You Yue was shocked. She asked, “Does this spatial ship belong to the Yin Clan?”

“That’s right.” The servant girl smiled, “Young Miss has instructed us that you have no need to pay the fees the next time you take our spatial ship.”

After speaking, she returned the fees that she had collected before.

Sima You Yue finally understood. It was no wonder Yin Su Su was able to find out that she was on the ship later on. It turned out that this belonged to her clan in the first place.

Yin Lang had helped her figure things out the last time, and this spatial ship belonged to the Yin Clan as well and now this item. This Yin Clan really was extremely powerful and rich.

After handing her the ticket, she got off the spatial ship. She didn’t recognise a single one of those passengers, so she went out and bought a copy of the Fifth State’s map.

Although the map was a little expensive, the cities in the Fifth State were mapped out in detail. There were even some summaries of a few powers written by the side.

Sima You Yue looked at the map and thought about how the map in her brain was also quite detailed, and couldn’t help but think of Helmsman Tuo again. He had told her his map would be of use to her again, but also seemed to say she wouldn’t return to the Lost Place again.

She had no idea what he meant.

Since she couldn’t figure it out, she wouldn’t bother to think about it. This was her modus operandi. She believed that she would figure it out once she got there. Since she didn’t understand it yet, then the time had not yet come.

Curiosity killed the cat, and this way of thinking had saved her life more or less.

She found a quiet place to study the map and knew that the Yuan Clan was not far from her. She would arrive in two days by teleportation array. However, the Yuan Clansmen were rather guarded. The city she was in, Kangmar City, didn’t have a teleportation array at all. She could only head to the nearest city and get there on her own.

“This Yuan Clan probably has a lot of enemies, so they dare not use the teleportation array. They’re afraid that others will head to them directly and destroy their base.” Sima You Yue knew that it was likely that the eldest miss of the Yuan Clan had poisoned Yu Ke Luo and then had fancied her father, so she had a bad impression of the entire Yuan Clan.

She knew the path that she had to take so she kept her map away and planned to take a teleportation array to the nearest place so she started making her way there slowly. In any case, she was early and had no need to rush.

The city closest to Kangmar City was known as Fortune City. It was said that Fortune City was a satellite city to Kangmar City. The powers that resided in Fortune City were aids of the Yuan Clan, similar to how the Guo Clan had attached themselves to the Tao Clan.

She went to the Spirit Master Guild, wanting to take the teleportation array. However, before she even opened the door, she heard the high pitched sound of someone crying.

“Sob sob, you guys get lost. Don’t touch me! Sob sob-”

The voice sounded rather young, the owner was probably less than ten years old. However, it absolutely turned out to be an arrogant and willful owner.

“What are you looking at? If you keep looking, I’ll dig out your eyeballs!” The child glared at the people around her and said maliciously.

Sima You Yue glanced over there and saw a little girl in a ruffled skirt with her hair tied up in two buns, sitting at the side of the road. Her eyes were red as she glared at the people around her. It was a pity that she wasn’t cute at all, and that pair of eyes ruined her aura.

A man recognised the girl as he stepped forward, ” Xi Er, what are you doing here on your own? Where are your elder sisters?”

“Big sisters and the others have run away.” Xi Er said, Big Brother Mu Yi, Si Er cannot catch up to Big Sister and the others, sob sob sob-”

Mu Yi saw how much she was crying and he went forward to sit beside her, comforting her in a soft voice while his subordinates immediately started to disperse the crowd who had come to watch the show.


“You say that your elder sisters have run away? Why did they?”

“It seems like she saw one of her enemies from the past, so she ran over there.” Xi Er said tearfully.

“You guys go and look for the few young ladies of the Yuan Clan. After you find them, tell them that Xi Er is waiting here for them.” Mu Yi instructed his subordinates.

Sima You Yue was about to enter the Spirit Master Guild when she stopped and changed direction. Instead, she headed to the teahouse across the street. She found a private room facing the street and opened the window. She happened to be able to see the spirit master guild from here along with a young girl sitting by the side.

Those people received his orders and departed immediately, disappearing from the street quickly. A short while later, a group of girls ran over. When she saw Yuan Xi Er, they moved even quicker.

“Xi Er, are you alright?” One of the females in the front hugged Yuan Xi Er.

“Second Sis, Third Sis, where did you guys go? How could you leave Xi Er all alone here by herself? Sob sob sob-” Yuan Xi Er protested loudly.

“Your Big Sisters overlooked it. I thought that your Third Sister had taken you while your Third Sister thought that you were following us from behind. In the end, we never thought that you would be here all on your own. Alright, don’t cry anymore.” The Second Young Miss of the Yuan Clan, Yuan Li LI, said as she patted Yuan Xi Er and comforted her.

“That’s right, Xi Er, don’t cry anymore. When we go back, I’ll get Eighteenth Brother to let you play with his ancient spirit beast, alright?” The third Miss of the Yuan Clan, Yuan Qing, went to give Yuan Xi Er a hug and soothed her.

“Second Young Miss, Third Young Miss.” Mu Yi bowed to both of them.

“Thank you, Lord Mu, for sending your men to look for us. Otherwise, who knows how long Xi Er would have waited here.” Yuan Qing said courteously.

“I just happened to come out as well and didn’t think I would bump into Xi Er. I’m heading to Kangmar City, do you guys want to come with me?”

Yuan Li Li shook her head, “We haven’t caught that slut yet. Since she’s in the city, we’ll only return when we capture her.”

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