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Chapter 1671: Day of the great celebration (1)

Everything that she did was done in secret. Aside from Sima Zhi Yuan and a few others who knew about it, the other clansmen were kept in the dark.

During these three days, even more people arrived in their town. Just like it happened during Ximen Feng’s wedding, a few had received invitations while others had come on their own accord. They came in order to draw closer to Sima You Yue.

As for the Green Spirit Sect, they had remained quiet these few days. They didn’t try to assassinate anyone else. However, this caused the Sima Clan to be even more on guard.

On the day of the great celebration, Sima You Yue went out to the front of the courtyard in the morning. There were many guests today, so she had to help entertain them.

Because she was rather young and was not very senior in position, the people that she received were of the younger ranks. However, Sima Zhi Yuan ended up bringing her by his side to receive those who were more senior.

Really, if she had known this earlier, she wouldn’t have come. She had to entertain these guests till her head hurt and couldn’t help lamenting inside.

“You Yue.” Just as she was thinking of finding an excuse to escape, Su Liu Nian and the others walked over.

“Aunt He!” Sima You Yue came back to life immediately and smiled as she went forward to greet her.

He Zhen Zhang came in front of Sima Zhi Yuan and took a box that he had been guarding.

“Congratulations, Old brother Zhi Yuan, on your great celebration.”

“Hahaha! Thank you, Old Brother He, for coming here personally. Forgive me if anything is unsuitable for you.” Sima Zhi Yuan beamed.

Because of his relationship with Sima You Yue, the He Clan and the Sima Clan had been on rather good terms. They were already at the level of referring to each other as brothers.

At this time, two people walked in from the side. They took out some gifts and handed them to the Sima Clansmen who were standing nearby. “Congratulations, Patriarch Sima.”

Sima Zhi Yuan was stunned. Did these people not come with the He Clan?

“Great Grandfather, they are from the Su Clan, Uncle Su Yang and their Young Master. Uncle Su Yang and Aunt He are twins.” Sima You Yue recognised them. Weren’t they the two people that she had rescued?

“So they are our guests, the Su Clan. Hahaha, please, please come this way. Third Elder, bring them in.” Sima Zhi Yuan said.

“Old Brother Zhi Yuan, you must be rather busy. It’s better if Third Elder stays here to greet the other guests. You don’t have to bother so much with us. We’ll be fine with just You Yue.”

“This…” Sima Zhi Yuan was rather hesitant. One of them was Patriarch He while the other were his guests, the Su Clan. it wasn’t really customary to let a person of the younger generation like Sima You Yue receive them.

“It will be fine. We are familiar with You Yue, so we may not be too used to having someone else.” Su Liu Nian said.

Sima Zhi Yuan saw that Su Yang and the others didn’t disagree so he said to Sima You Yue, “You Yue, since this is the case, I’ll leave you to take care of them.”

“Yes, Great Grandfather. I will definitely take good care of them.” Sima You Yue happily bowed to Sima Zhi Yuan before winking gratefully at Su Liu Nian. she smiled, “Uncle He, Aunt He, Uncle Yang, please come this way.”

She led them into the Sima Clan. Initially, she wanted to lead them to rest where the guests were, but Su Liu Nian said that she preferred a quieter place, so she led them to her own courtyard and planned to lead them over before the celebrations started.

On the way here, it was primarily Su Liu Nian who spoke while the other three remained silent. Once they arrived at Sima You Yue’s courtyard, Su Liu Nian grabbed onto Sima You Yue’s hand and said, “Child, I really don’t know how to thank you for taking care of Uncle Yang. if not for you, we would never have known that he was trapped there. First you saved me then you saved You’er and finally my younger brother. I really don’t know how to thank you.”

“Aunt He, you’re too courteous. Wasn’t it just a coincidence every time? In any case, I didn’t expand much effort, it just happened along the way. Aunt He, if you speak this way, you’re treating me like an outsider.” Sima You Yue said with a smile.

“To you, it may have been done in passing, however, it is of extreme significance to us. We know that you do not like to hear us say these things, so I will only say it once. We will always remember the help you have rendered to us.” Su Liu Nian patted her hands as she spoke.

After that, she really didn’t mention anything else about her rescue.

“You Yue, did you hear about the Yang Clan?” He Zhen Zhang asked.

Sima You Yue blinked her eyes as she thought about the grudges that the He Clan had with the Yang Clan. They had their eye on the Yang Clan for many years. Because of what happened with Su Liu Nian, the Yang Clan and He Clan would remain at odds forever. Initially, the Yang Clan had been attacked and the He Clan had also expanded quite a bit of effort. Now that the Yang Clan was hiding, they definitely had to root them out.

However, she didn’t tell them about the relationship that the Northern Du Clan had with the undead. Which was why they couldn’t guess where the Yang Clan had hidden.

“If my guess isn’t wrong, the Yang Clansmen should be hiding within the Northern Du Clan right now.”

“Northern Du Clan? That hidden family?” Su Yang frowned. If they really had a relationship with the hidden families, it would be very troublesome.

“Didn’t we suspect before that the Yang Clan had a backer?” Sima You Yue gently prodded as she looked at He Zhen Zhang.

“You managed to investigate?” He Zhen Zhang looked at her with shock.

Just how much effort had they expanded into this all these years, wanting to find out who the Yang clan’s backer was? However, they ended up fruitless every time.

“I didn’t find out by investigating. I just happened to find out.” Sima You Yue didn’t tell them about what happened with Northern Du Hao. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust them, but that this situation was best if less people knew about it.

Furthermore, they only needed to know the end result. The process did not matter to them.

“If the one behind them is really the Northern Du Clan, then this situation is even more problematic.” Su Liu Nian said worriedly.

“That’s right, it really is quite sticky.” Sima You Yue sighed. It was just a pity that she did not have the absolute strength to go up and crush them immediately and solve it once and for all.

“Did the issues that the guests faced on the way here have anything to do with them?” Su You asked.

They had also heard about the assassinations of the guests on the way here and initially thought that it had to do with a personal grudge that the Sima Clan had with someone else. However, seeing things now, it probably wasn’t as simple as they originally thought.

“The ones who acted against us are from a group known as the Green Spirit Sect. They said that they were taking revenge on behalf of their Master’s husband. That person is known as Jiang Kun, who was someone who escaped the Jiang Clan. However, we still don’t know if there’s anyone controlling things behind the scenes!” Sima You Yue chuckled lightly.

“Since they didn’t succeed before, I’m afraid that they will try again later.” Su Yang’s mind moved quickly and he quickly saw the twists and turns of the entire situation.

“Mm, I think the same. Great Grandfather said that he’s afraid that today will not go smoothly. However, we have also made our preparations. We’ll make sure that they won’t return alive!”

“If it really is a hidden family that is pulling the strings, I’m afraid that things won’t be that easy. If anything happens, we won’t just stand by and do nothing either.” Su Liu Nian said.

“I’ll have to thank you.” Sima You Yue bowed to Su Liu Nian, not turning down their good intentions. Whether or not she would use the favor was one thing. Their kind intentions were another.

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