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Chapter 1670: A few fish who had escaped the net

The interrogation process was not troublesome. Those people quickly revealed why they had acted against those people.

It turned out that it had all been an attack against the Sima Clan. However, the reason was not because of the Northern Du Clan, but because of a reason that they never expected.

Jiang Clan. It was a clan that had wanted to swallow the Sima clan but had ended up exterminated by them. There were even a few fish who had escaped the net. At that time, who knows where they had escaped to, but they ended up borrowing the power of a sect called the Green Spirit Sect to take revenge. It was said that one became the husband of the sect leader and obtained his favour, so she was willing to take revenge on his behalf.

“I have never heard of the Green Spirit Sect before. I wonder what kind of power the sect has that they wanted to deal with us at this time. I’m afraid that it’s no coincidence.” Sima He Shun said.

“You’re saying that this is all orchestrated by someone?” The Great Elder asked.

“It’s possible.” Sima He Shun speculated, “If the Green Spirit Sect had power, there’s no way we would never have heard of them. This proves that they’re just a small group. Does this kind of power dare to act against us?”

“That’s right. Those people dare to act against us so fearlessly, which must be because someone is pulling the strings in the dark.” Sima Zhi Yuan said, “It should be the Northern Du Clan who’s attacking us.”

“Without solid evidence, we can’t do anything against them.” Eldest Senior spat angrily.

“Hmph, just this little bit won’t hurt us.” Sima Zhi Yuan didn’t care much for this power.

“Great Grandfather, I’m guessing that they have chosen this time to act because they want to wreck your celebration as well. This incident will affect your celebration if it’s not handled well.” Sima You Yue said, “That’s why we have to be careful.”

“You’ve already activated the bird clan. I believe that they won’t dare to do these small things anymore.”

Sima You Yue shook her head, “Since they’ve already started, they won’t fear this. I’m guessing that they merely stepped back for a moment. If nothing happens during this period, something will definitely happen on the day of your celebration.”

“I think the same way as You Yue. If something happens on the day of your celebration and your guests are dragged in, I’m afraid that it will be difficult to give an account.” Third Elder said, “if this is really the case, we have to be on our guard.”

“If I knew that this would bring so much trouble, I wouldn’t have set this up.” Sima Zhi Yuan said impatiently.

“Even if this didn’t happen, they would attack us on other fronts. It’s all the same.” Sima You Yue said, “These people are too low ranked and know nothing. Right now, we don’t know what plans they have. However, we’ll counter soldiers with arms, water with earth. With absolute power, we don’t have to worry about any schemes that they can cook up.”

“Hahaha, your words are absolutely right.” Sima Zhi Yuan guffawed, “It’s high time to let them see the power of our Sima Clan!”

“Since they want to cause trouble for us, we’ll take the opportunity to become famous!”

“That’s right, hahah”

Sima You Yue watched her enthusiastic elders laughing happily and said nothing. She only smiled.

Elevating and bringing the Sima Clan to a higher stage had been the lifelong wish of the older generations and it was finally going to happen. How could they not be joyful? However, they still had to be extremely careful. Since they were so happy, she had to pay more attention to things.

The area that the Sima Clan was living in was extremely lively and many people came from other places. They all came to congratulate Sima Zhi Yuan. Some of the Sima Clansmen from outside had returned as well. It was rare for the Sima Clansmen to gather. Sima You Yue got to meet those few uncles and cousins.

She followed Sima Liu Xuan to greet a group of people. The good thing was that they were mostly cultivators and all had a good memory. When it came to greeting one another, it was easy for her to remember all her elders.

She was even wondering beforehand that the ones she met the most in the clan were Sima Zhi Yuan and the group of elders. Otherwise, it was Sima Yi Yun and the youngsters. It was rare for her to meet the generations in between. It turned out that it was because they had been sent outside. She had never met those people even after all those years.

Actually, those people returned home often. It was just that Sima You Yue usually didn’t remain in the clan. When she was in the clan, she would just remain in her courtyard without leaving. Since those people came and went, she just rarely ever met them.

As for those people, she only now got to know that, as it turns out, her Great Grandfather was not the eldest in the clan. Instead, he was actually the youngest. For some unknown reason, he had become the patriarch. Incidentally, this line of descendants was also much younger than the others.

“It’s a good thing that cultivators don’t care much for flourishing the family line. Otherwise, we would have more than a thousand granduncles, uncles and so on.” Sima You Yue muttered softly.

Sima Liu Xuan was standing right beside her, so he heard what she said. He laughed, “We have quite a few people here. Your mother’s side of the family is a lot smaller.”

The ghost clansmen had even less of an interest in heirs. Furthermore, it was fundamentally more difficult for them to give birth. That was why they had less offspring. Despite that, when you added all of her aunts and uncles together, the numbers were still quite considerable.

“Father, since we’ve already acknowledged all our relatives, if there is nothing else, I will take my leave.” Sima You Yue pulled on Sima Liu Xuan’s sleeve and said softly.

There was no need to mention her position in the clan. When everyone saw her, they were incredibly warm. Some grandaunts and aunties would pull her hand and praise her nonstop. She was at her limit…

Sima Liu Xuan could tell long ago that she was not comfortable here. He smiled, “They’re just too fond of you. Alright, you can head back if you want. I’ll just let them know.”

“Thank you, Father!” She smiled at Sima Liu Xuan before turning around to leave quietly.

Sima Liu Xuan saw the way she was acting and smiled helplessly.

She was just a younger generation in the clan, but since his daughter did not like these kinds of gatherings, he would just help her out.

Sima You Yue returned to her courtyard and contacted Little Roc and the others. There were still three days to the celebration and many people had come during this period of time, so Little Roc and the others were rather busy.

“Yue Yue, I’ve already sent out my orders. During this period of time, they will act as their protective escorts.” Little Roc said.

“Will they be happy about having to help out so much?”

“What is there to be unhappy about? Who in the bird clan doesn’t know that you are the contracted master of the Divine Vermilion Bird? To get them to work for you is their honor, would they still be unhappy about it?” Little Roc huffed.

“Once they heard that they had the chance to meet Crimson Flame, every single one of them was excited beyond belief. If not because I stopped them, they probably would have run over to you long ago.” Halcyon added in as well.

“Aren’t you guys afraid that Crimson Flame will get angry?” Sima You Yue laughed.

“He won’t. Although he doesn’t like it, he is still the protector of the bird clan. He won’t let them down.” Little Roc chuckled as he spoke.

“Mm, there are still three more days left. You guys, be careful. On the day of the celebration, use the power of the contract to rush back.” Sima You Yue instructed.

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