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Chapter 1658: Wedding Banquet

The ceremony was simple, because of Sima You Yue, they arranged the kneeling ritual for bride and groom with a modern twist. After they made their vows, Kong Xiang Yi couldn’t help but cry out of happiness.

The dishes came while the ritual was ongoing, and everyone was dazzled by the different specials from the Memory Restaurant. The fragrant smell of wine spread throughout the whole place when the wine was served. Once the ritual ended, Ximen Feng and Kong Xiang Yi went to get changed in preparation to toast to each and every guest.

Sima You Yue and Third Aunt Du went along as they were the next of kin for Ximen Feng. Although Ximen Li, who was secluded in Spirit Pagoda, tried to rush to get out before the wedding, she couldn’t get up the high platform as an Elder. Many people then found out that Ximen Li had a Younger Sister when they went around for a toast.

The sky darkened as they went around toasting their guests.

After Sima You Yue finished drinking, she threw Ximen Feng and Kong Xiang Yi into the bridal room so they could consummate their marriage. With her words, she said that the Ximen Clan’s population was wilting and they needed to work hard to branch out and increase their population.

Then, she brought Ximen Li to have a toast with everyone so she could be familiar with others and ensure a path for her to walk on the Continent.

Sima You Yue felt sorry for this Younger Sister as Ximen Feng and herself couldn’t give her a safe environment. In order for her to grow quickly, she had to go into seclusion and even actual combat had to be trained in Spirit Pagoda. Before the wedding, she told Ximen Li that she would go out there to get experience. Afterall, there were things that couldn’t be learned in the Spirit Pagoda.

Although Ximen Li didn’t have any objections to staying in the Spirit Pagoda, she was happier if she could travel around. This made Sima You Yue guilty.

Fortunately, her power increased quite a lot these years. Little Dough gave her back most of the power after it had transformed, and it also became stronger. It should be safe to travel if they sent her more guards to protect her.

At this point, she seemed to forget that she had never brought guards out, but she was always worrying about whether something was going to happen to Ximen Li when she went out. Ximen Feng laughed at her as she was acting like their Mother, which was met by Sima You Yue rolling her eyes.

With this opportunity to push Ximen Li out there, everyone would help her for the sake of Paramount Valley if she were to get into trouble in the future.

Other than Sima You Yue and Ximen Li, Paramount Valley’s high rank officials also came out to keep them company. This should be enough for the guests’ likings.

This ceremony ended on the second day. Some of the guests left right after the ceremony while some of the guests went back to the small town below and left after two days.

When Liang Wu Ming brought Old Bi to see the guests off, Sima You Yue was already gone from drinking.

This was the first time she had let herself loose and drank so much.

Ximen Li and Bei Gong Tang just finished cleaning her when Sima Liu Xuan and Feng Zhi Xing went into her house.

Before the wedding, Ximen Li and Sima Liu Xuan had met before. After knowing that he was Sima You Yue’s Father, he didn’t speak much and merely got up to greet them.

“How is she?” Sima Liu Xuan asked.

“She drank too much and has already lost consciousness.” Ximen Li said.

“She had so many things to do these few years and has almost finished solving it. It’s time for her to let loose.” Bei Gong Tang looked at Sima You Yue as she felt sorry for her, “Also, she met so many of her friends that she hasn’t seen for years, so she didn’t moderate her drinking.”

Violet Water Dragon Clan, Qin Mo and the rest came this time, so she had to accompany so many of them and drank too much.

“Father.” Sima You Yue frowned and cried out in pain, everyone thought she was awake but her eyes were still closed tightly. “Father, I’ll definitely get Mother out. I will.”

“This girl, when will she be able to live for herself.” Feng Zhi Xing felt sorry for her.

“It’s my fault for being useless, that’s why she has all these burdens on her.” Sima Liu Xuan blamed himself.

Why would she need to go through all this pain if Father was stronger?

Feng Zhi Xing sighed, when would he stop blaming himself? But there were some things that could only be done by her, there was no way for them to help even if they wanted to.

A day passed and Sima You Yue woke up, she had a hangover and it felt like her head was going to split. She ate a pill that would dissipate the effect of alcohol and got out after she felt better.

“You’re finally awake.” Bei Gong Tang was going out and almost bumped into her at the door.

“Bei Gong, what’s the situation out there?” She rubbed her temple.

“The guests are almost gone.” Bei Gong Tang continued, “Second Valley Master was saying that someone was going to travel around, Ximen Li was thinking of going together so she got me to see if you’re awake, if you’re awake, you can give me some idea.”

“Where are they?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Second Valley Master’s courtyard.”

“I’ll go take a look.” Sima You Yue disappeared in a flash and appeared in Ximen Li’s courtyard.

Ximen Feng, Kong Xiang Yi and Ximen Li were talking in the courtyard. Ximen Li’s eyes brightened upon seeing her and she ran towards her and held her arms, “Elder Sister, you’re here at the right time. Second Brother doesn’t want to let me go.”

“Elder Sister, are you alright?” Ximen Feng asked her in concern as she didn’t look well.

He knew Sima You Yue put in a lot of effort for his wedding as she still drank with the guests even after they left and collapsed from drinking.

“I’m fine.” Sima You Yue continued, “With regards to Li’er’s travelling, I’m the one who suggested it. She has been in the Spirit Pagoda for so long and it’s time for her to get some experience from outside.”

“But it’s so messy outside…” Ximen Feng was worried.

“It’s alright now.” Sima You Yue continued, “She has to get out there soon or later. Moreover, she is capable of protecting herself. After all, she came out from Spirit Pagoda.”

“See, Second Brother, I told you I’d be fine.” Ximen Li threw her head back proudly.

She had been in the Spirit Pagoda for a decade, which would be a few hundred years worth of time in Spirit Pagoda. In addition to Sima You Yue’s nurturing, she was good in all ways. The only thing she lacked was the real experience and wisdom of the world.

Ximen Feng didn’t know of Ximen Li’s capability so he was worried for her. However, since Sima You Yue agreed to let her go out, he had nothing else to say.

Sima You Yue asked Ximen Li over so she could put a part of her Divine Senses in her mind, like how Feng Zhi Xing did to protect her. Her Divine Senses would come out to protect Ximen Li if she got into any trouble. She could sense it from her side at the same time.

She then called out Little Roar to go with her. Although Little Roar was a little unreliable, his pure nature could help Ximen Li grow quickly.

Little Roar happily accepted the important mission that Sima You Yue gave him and promised that he would protect Ximen Li. Despite that, Sima You Yue knew this guy just wanted to go out to have fun.

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