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Chapter 1657: The Big Day

On the big day.

The guests almost filled up the whole Valley, Paramount Valley’s Alchemists and Poison Masters almost fainted from refining so many antidotes. Lucky for them, these events didn’t usually happen as they might faint from having to look at the same pills over and over again.

The ceremony started at noon. When the guests were seated, a cry of a Phoenix was heard from the entrance of the Valley.

“Is that…. A Phoenix?” Everyone thought that the Phoenix Clan came at this time of the ceremony. When they lifted their heads, they saw a rainbow Phoenix flying above their heads, while eight uniquely coloured Phoenixes pullied a carriage that had ‘luxurious blessing’ decorations while flying in the air.

“Oh my god, Phoenixes are pulling the carriage, this is too extravagant!”

“This is so breathtaking!”

“Tsk tsk, she’s the only one who can do that.”

Phoenixes were proud as they had the blood of the Divine Bird.They would stick their nose up if anyone were to ask for help, but they helped to pull the carriage. If anyone forced them, neither side would win. Worse still, both parties might die.

To date, Ximen Feng actually used the method where Phoenixes pulled the carriage to represent each clan, this scene wasn’t often seen!

The Rainbow Phoenix in the front was bright and beautiful as it flew speedily. Although they noticed that it didn’t have a carriage, all the other carriage was pulled according to its path, the other Phoenix would fly where it flew. It then landed on the high platform after leading the Phoenix for a round.

And those phoenixes also landed behind her with the wedding carriage.

Rainbow Phoenix transformed into a human form after landing. It was actually a fully grown Rainbow Bird. After she finished her task and transformed into human form, she flew to Sima You Yue… beside Halcyon.

A strong wind blew as it lifted the red muslin. Ximen Feng, who wore a long wedding robe, came out from the carriage and turned around as he helped Xiang Yi out of the carriage.

Kong Xiang Yi was dressed in a red cape that didn’t cover her head. A bashful expression was plastered on her face, and she smiled at Ximen Feng with a smile that infatuated everyone when they looked at her.

“Big Sister Xiang Yi is so beautiful today.” Little Seven stood beside Sima You Yue while holding her hand, “Yue Yue, you’ll be even more beautiful when you get married next time!”

Sima You Yue rubbed Little Seven’s head as she was secretly looking forward to it. She wondered what kind of wedding he would give her.

After both of them came out of the wedding carriage, those phoenixes opened their wings once again, leaving the high platform with the wedding carriage. Xiang Yi walked on the high platform and the appearance of it changed as she waved her hand.

There were many lamp posts with red lanterns hanging on it on the empty platform. A big painting was hanging towards the north direction with both the bride and groom painted remarkably true to life. There were also two chairs and a table in front of the painting.

“Let’s welcome the next of kin of the groom.” The master of ceremonies looked towards Sima You Yue’s direction.

Sima You Yue looked brighter and more beautiful than usual as she wore a formal dress with some light makeup. She held Third Aunt Du’s hand as they both disappeared from where they were and appeared quietly on the high platform.

All the guests had their eyes fixed on the high platform and were shocked when they saw that Sima You Yue appeared quietly.

With these Spatial Skills, she could throw them off more than ten streets away!

“Please have a seat.” The master of ceremonies told both of them.

Sima You Yue and Third Aunt Du took a seat, everyone noticed that Sima You Yue sat on the main seat on the left while Third Aunt Du sat on the second seat on the right.

Both their contract beasts then flew over to their side and stood in a row. Everyone found out their status as they didn’t cover up their aura.

Divine Vermilion Bird, Little Roc the Roc King, Thousand Resonance and so on. Although it wasn’t the first time that they saw their spirit beasts, it was still shocking every time they saw it.

Just before the master of ceremonies began the ceremony, a movement suddenly appeared in the space as two shadows appeared in front of everyone.

Sima You Yue smiled and stood up upon seeing both of them, “Fang Fang, Yuan Yuan, why are you guys here?”

“We came here on the Master’s order.” Fang Fang continued, “Master knows that it’s your Little Brother’s wedding and ordered us to send some gifts.”

A few boxes appeared in his and Yuan Yuan’s hands as he spoke and waved his hand. Both of them passed the boxes to the bride and groom as they walked towards them and said in blessing, “Feng Clan wishes you both a long and happy life together and to be bonded forever.”

“God, we actually get to see someone from the Feng Clan!”

“It looks like Paramount Valley has a strong and solid background!”

Everyone below broke the ice as they looked at Fang Fang and Yuan Yuan in admiration.

Because of what happened in Lost Place, things had spread throughout the Continent regarding what happened to the Lost Place and Feng Clan. That was where everyone knew there were other Clans that were stronger than Hidden Families. As they hadn’t communicated with the Feng Clan before, it made them more mysterious. No one would have thought that they would attend Ximen Feng and Kong Xiang Yi’s wedding!

Those that were in Lost Place before knew how high Sima You Yue’s status was in Feng Clan and it was because of Sima You Yue that they attended the wedding.

But it was good enough as long as they attended. Now everyone knew that there was another one backing Paramount Valley. If anyone wanted to attack Paramount Valley, they would have to think twice for the sake of the Feng Clan.

With that, it seemed like they were fixing up an invisible protective umbrella over Paramount Valley!

Ximen Feng and Kong Xiang Yi kept the gifts and said, “Please help us to convey Ximen Feng’s gratitude to your Master. Both of you please take a seat in the valued guest area and drink some wine.”

Fang Fang and Yuan Yuan took a glance at Sima You Yue, seemingly like there was something they wanted to tell her as they nodded and followed the servant down.

After they left, there was movement in the space again and a few men with stern faces appeared on the high platform.

Before Sima You Yue got back to her seat, she looked at them and was stunned as she bowed in greeting.

Wasn’t it these people from White Tiger City, who had brought her to meet Helmsman Tuo?

“I represent the order of the Island Master of the Lost Place to bring wedding gifts for the newlyweds.” They said to Sima You Yue as they brought out the gifts and passed it to Ximen Feng and Kong Xiang Yi.

“Thank you for the blessing from Island Master.” Ximen Feng and Kong Xiang Yi received the gifts, feeling that the two gifts that they received were of high quality.

“Didn’t he go for a tour?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Yes. But he still knows of the happenings around, especially things involving Young Miss You Yue.” The guard replied, “My Master also passed a message to Young Miss You Yue, saying that he’s waiting for you there.”

“Waiting for me? Where?” Sima You Yue frowned, what did Helmsman Tuo mean by that? In connection to what he said earlier, where was he waiting for her? What did he mean by that? Where should she go?

“Yes. The Island Master said that you’ll know in time.” the guard replied, “Since the gifts have been received, I’ll take my leave now.”

Sima You Yue sent them off as she put down the curiosity in her heart and nodded to the master of ceremonies to signal him to start the ceremony.

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