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Chapter 1656: Untitled

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After that, Sima You Yue stayed in Paramount Valley without going out. Everyone intentionally didn’t tell her about what happened outside. They had seen how tired she was for the past few years so they didn’t want to disturb her with these things.

Hence, in all these years, these few months were the most peaceful. She chatted with them everyday and discussed Alchemy, Armament, Beast Taming and Arrays and cultivated after. Her life was free and easy.

For other matters, she didn’t intend to poke her nose in it. Afterall, there were so many things under the sky and she couldn’t do everything herself. For now, all she had to do was to watch Ximen Feng get married.

Time flashed past and nine months passed in a blink of an eye. Just when Sima You Yue felt that she was going to be depraved by a carefree lifestyle, Feng Kai, who was in charge of reception, came over.

At that point, she was drinking tea while discussing Alchemy with Bei Gong Tang and the rest in the courtyard.

“Boss.” Even after so many years, the way Feng Kai addressed her hadn’t changed.


“There are some matters that we need you to handle.”

“What happened? Did something happen at the reception?”

“Mm. The small town outside can’t accommodate anyone anymore.” Feng Kai replied.

“Can’t accommodate anyone anymore? Why? Didn’t we fix up a few houses?” Sima You Yue had already guessed there would be more people, so she had already ordered them to build more houses.

“It’s not enough.” Feng Kai continued, “In addition, in the past two days, some of them who were uninvited came as well.”

“Why are they here without an invitation?” Everyone was curious.

“They said they’d received help from the Boss, so they sent their men over to take a look. Some even came here themselves.” Feng Kai continued, “Most of them came from the inner regions and they looked like they were from a huge force. Boss, since when did you give grace to others?”

“They might be the ones I rescued from the Lost Place.” Sima You Yue continued, “Since that’s the case, serve them even if they have no invitation.”

“About the accomodation…”

There were still three more days before the Valley Master’s wedding ceremony. There wouldn’t be enough time to fix up more houses.

“Inform them and get them to improvise.” Sima You Yue continued, “They wouldn’t place too much importance on this if they came here sincerely to wish them well. It’ll be fine if you serve them well.”


After thinking about it, she felt it wasn’t enough and said, “Forget it, let me explain it myself.”

Those people came here for her. Now that the situation had changed, it was better for her to handle these on her own.

Feng Kai and her went outside of the Valley, and the small town that welcomed guests was already bustling and lively.

They built that initially as they wanted to build Paramount Valley. It was usually empty but was now put to use with Ximen Feng’s wedding and it wasn’t enough even if it was extended.

Sima You Yue went to the place that welcomed guests as she saw some unfamiliar faces waiting in the courtyard. One of the stewards who was troubled because of the lack of accomodation, quickly put down whatever was in his hands, came over and greeted them the moment he saw Sima You Yue and Feng Kai

Sima You Yue nodded to him and walked to them, cupping her hands in greeting.

“Are you Young Lady You Yue? Sorry to trouble you since we came here uninvited.” A guy in white said as he returned his greetings to Sima You Yue.

“What trouble is there when you guys have come here to attend Feng’ers’ wedding? We can’t wait to welcome you.” Sima You Yue continued, “You guys are…..”

“We’re the Wang Clan from the Twentieth State. One of our Clan Elders was able to come back because of Young Miss You Yue. We’re eternally grateful, and have come here to congratulate and join in the liveliness when we heard that the one getting married is in a very close relationship with you.” That guy exclaimed.

“So it turns out to be Uncle Wang’s clan members, welcome welcome.” Sima You Yue remembered who they were talking about, “Please forgive us for being inconsiderate when you guys have come so far.”

“Young Lady You Yue, you are too courteous.”

“We don’t have enough courtyards left as we didn’t calculate thoroughly, so I need you guys to bear with it and stay together.” Sima You Yue said apologetically.

“It’s our fault, we troubled you. We’re all cultivators, we won’t mind. If we stay together, we can also make some friends.”

“Thank you for your understanding.” Sima You Yue said thankfully, “When the ceremony comes, I’ll make sure Feng’er gives you guys a toast.”

“Sure, we’ll be waiting then! Hahaha——”

“Sure, sure.”

Afterwhich, the steward arranged accommodation for these clans, grouping them together so that they could fit in.

After that, Sima You Yue went to the accommodation of those who had already settled in and told them that more people might join them.

Those who were invited were either in close connections with Paramount Valley or Kong Valley, so they wouldn’t make things difficult for the host when they knew such a problem arose. They were willing to let others stay with them.

The accommodation was settled just like that.

Just like what everyone anticipated, there were more people who came without an invitation. Most of them came because of Sima You Yue and some came because of the reputation of Paramount Valley. However, regardless of who they came for, they realised that no one could get on Paramount Valley’s nerves when they came here. It would be like asking for death as they had so many allies!

What surprised everyone the most was that the Ancient Spirit Beast also came to join in and people gifted them ten over Ancient Mines. All these Ancient Mines were different, and there should be something good inside. Other than these, there was some Ancient Spirit Medicine. Although it wasn’t as popular as Divine Medicine and Saint Herbs, they were still Ancient items and these items were priceless.

All these weren’t important, what mattered the most was why did Ancient Spirit Beasts give Paramount Valley gifts? Ancient Spirit Beasts hated Humans, so why were they willing to come to Paramount Valley? This was more surprising than having Hidden Families give their blessing.

Paramount Valley’s power wasn’t that strong, but their connections with everyone made others envy!

Ximen Feng’s wedding would definitely be one of its kind of ceremony in the whole Continent!

Paramount Valley couldn’t stay calm and collected anymore after facing so many guests. Their reputation would fall if the ceremony was bad. Fortunately, Sima You Yue had predicted that this would happen and transferred all the chefs of Memory Restaurant from nearby cities and went into the Spirit Pagoda to bring some fruit wine, strong liquor and spirit fruits. People who could cultivate weren’t interested in food but they loved wine and spirit fruits, so she made all these and the quality of the ceremony improved by leaps and bounds.

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