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Chapter 1634: Rumors

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When Sima You Yue saw the Wu Clan Patriarch, she was momentarily stunned.

He looked very familiar, with a resemblance to a certain someone.

Patriarch Wu saw that she was staring at his face and he looked at her with a light smile.

“I was caught up in some issues earlier on and was unable to receive you, please do not take offense.”

“It is us who are intruding. We heard of the great name of Patriarch Wu when we were on the island, and are finally able to meet you today.” Sima Xiu Qi casually said.

“Haha, please come inside.” Patriarch Wu smiled widely and led them into the guest hall. “I heard that you came in from outside. Since you are here, then please stay a while longer.”

“Wouldn’t this bother you too much?” Sima Xiu Qi said, “The most important reason we came this time was to participate in the Crimson Pearl Convention. Now that the Crimson Pearl Convention is over, we will be leaving after a period of time.”

“Don’t you still have a bit of time? Just stay in our Wu Clan for two days. You don’t have anyone else you are familiar with, so why don’t you stay here.” Patriarch Wu said warmly.

“If so, then we will have to bother you.”

Sima You Yue sat down obediently. She didn’t listen to Grandfather and Patriarch Wu’s banter and, suddenly, had a premonition in her heart.

The Wu Clan…1, 2these two surnames were not similar, and should have been extremely different from one another. However, she subconsciously thought of them.

Wu Lingyu was a child that Old Devil Mo had picked up. As to where he had come from, what he was really named, she had no idea. Old Man Devil said that he had once asked the one to two year old Wu Lingyu what his name was, and he had once said ‘Wu’, so he had given him the name Wu Lingyu.

At that time, he was so young. So which character ‘Wu’ was he referring to?

It was not her fault for thinking too much. The reality was… Patriarch Wu and Wu Lingyu looked rather similar. Also, the Wu Clan gave her a very familiar feeling.

She thought of it now. She knew why she felt that the stone lion was so familiar. She had once seen this kind of stone lion in Wu Lingyu’s little realm. However, it was merely around the size of a fist.

She had asked him before what that was as it was unlike him. He had told her later on that this was something that was found inside his interspatial ring when he was young.

No wonder…

She didn’t know whether or not the Wu Clan had any relationship with Wu LIngyu. However, she had no plans to say anything. She would tell him later on. If he wanted to investigate, then he could do it himself. If he was not willing to, then she would just let this situation pass.

Once she had thought this through, she didn’t reveal anything. She thought about how her Master and the others had come here before and so she asked during the brief pause in the conversation between Sima Xiu Qi and Patriarch Wu, “Patriarch Wu, I heard that during the previous Crimson Pearl Convention, Xu Jin and Ge Lang once came to your residence?”

Patriarch Wu was stunned for a moment as he nodded and admitted, “They did. At that time, it was also after the Crimson Pearl Convention. We invited them over as well. At that time, there were many who invited them, but they replied to us alone. However, they left that very day.”

“Then when they were here, did they say anything?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Say anything?” Patriarch Wu looked at Sima You Yue a little puzzledly, “They merely casually conversed with us when they came. We wanted to invite them to join us, but they were unwilling, so we didn’t speak of it again. Then, they left.”

“Then did they ask you anything or tell you where they were going?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Lady Sima seems to be very interested in them.” Patriarch Wu said.

Sima You Yue smiled, saying, “I won’t hide it from you. Xu Jin is my Master and Ge Lang is my Teacher at the sect. After coming to the Lost Place, we lost contact with them. I have come here this time in order to find my Master.”

“Ge Lang’s your teacher?” Patriarch Wu was rather surprised, but he looked like he understood.

It was no wonder they would treat the sick at the same time. It turns out that they were related.

“These three are my seniors. They are also very worried about Master, so they have come here as well. If Patriarch Wu knows anything, please let us know.” Sima You Yue said earnestly.

“If they said anything, it was probably to ask us a few questions.” Patriarch Wu recalled what happened back then, “Our ancestor once possessed a Divine Devil Physique, so they asked us how the ancestor managed to resolve the issue with that physique.”

Sima You Yue and Jiang Jun Xian exchanged glances. Back then, they had initially gone to try and find a solution for Sima You Yue’s physique, saying that there were answers here. She didn’t expect that they would come here for answers.

They didn’t say anything, so Patriarch Wu continued, “We really did have an Ancestor with this physique. However, it was something from a few tens of thousands of years ago. How could we possibly know how we resolved it? So we could only apologise.”

“Then did your Ancestor die as a result of his physique?” Sima Liu Xuan asked.

“No, he used some unknown method to resolve the issue with that physique. However, he entered the devil clan.” Patriarch Wu said.

Sima You Yue’s heart skipped a beat.

A few tens of thousands of years ago… The Divine Devil Physique… Mo clan… the Wu Clan’s ancestor couldn’t have been Mo Sha, right? If it really was, then Mo Sha and Wu Lingyu were…

“Patriarch Wu, on that day, did Master say where they were headed to next?” Han Miao Shuang’s words interrupted her train of thought.

“When they heard that we had no solution, they were very disappointed. Then, we asked them what their plans were and they said that they didn’t know either. They really didn’t know who would know how to solve this issue. Since that was the case, there was no use for them to stay here and they planned to leave. That’s why, if you didn’t tell me that they were missing, I would have just assumed that they just left.”

Sima You Yue knew that he was speaking the truth. Xu Jin and the others were really not here. From what Helmsman Tuo said last time, they were undoubtedly in the Hao Clan.

They knew this, so they were not too disappointed. As such, they accepted the warm welcome of the Wu Clan and this served as a good excuse for them to come into Black Tortoise city.

For the next few days, they stayed in the Wu Clan and answered a few of the questions that the Wu Clan’s doctors and alchemists had. They passed the days in a rather leisurely manner.

Very quickly, rumors began to spread outside that the first ranked doctor had entered the Wu Clan and had become their guest, which was why she had gone in for so many days without coming out.

They were enjoying their harmonious relationship here, while a few people on the other side were upset. They had received their invitation, but had actually gone to their arch rivals, the Wu Clan. Patriarch Hao’s expression was extremely dark.

“Patriarch, Sima You Yue’s medical skills are indeed excellent, especially her abilities in acupuncture. If she could pass that skill onto our Hao clan, our medicinal skills would advance by leaps and bounds.” Someone said.

“That’s right. I initially heard her use some acupuncture methods, but I never saw it with my own eyes. This time, I’ve been enlightened.” Someone else said, “There were a few of the sick people inside that I had arranged, and I am extremely well versed in their condition. It was just a few days, but they had almost recovered back to full health.”

“Patriarch, should we return to our old methods?”

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