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Chapter 1633: Killing Eastern Lai Li (2)

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He only saw Sima You Yue pushing her two hands apart as a bout of energy poured out from her palms.

The people on site could tell that she was releasing her domain!

A person who had not even reached Paragon Rank was able to release a domain!

Eastern Lai Li and Northern Du Hao’s expressions became extremely complex when they saw her gaze. They were geniuses, but they were far more inferior as compared to her.

The most important thing was that this kind of person was such an enemy who remained so low key!

If she were a friend, they would not have needed to fight her. If they knew that she had these kinds of cards, they would not have prepared to come and kill her.

Really, when others had this kind of talent, they couldn’t wait to let everyone know. Why did Sima You Yue hide herself so deeply?!

As for the others there, although they knew she had a domain, this was the first time they had seen it and were all incredibly surprised.

Sima Xiu Qi sighed, “Her domain is bigger than ours, and more secure.”

“Isn’t that so?” Huang Ying Ying said this, but the smile on her face deepened.

Sima Liu Xuan and Feng Zhi Xing exchanged glances, and their eyes were unresigned. They were actually inferior to one from the younger generation. This father and master of hers were a little lacking!

It seemed like they had to work even harder from now on.

As for Han Miao Shuang and the other two, they only zoned on. She really was… too powerful!

Sima You Yue didn’t think about what their reactions were as she released a part of her domain as she brought everyone inside together. Only then did she realise that everyone was stunned. She furrowed her eyebrows lightly as she said, “Grandfather, Grandmother, this is not the time to zone out.”

After she spoke, everyone came back to their senses and continued to attack Eastern Lai Li and Northern Du Hao.

Inside her domain, she suppressed the power of Eastern Lai Li and Northern Du Hao. very quickly, Feng Zhi Xing pierced her through the heart.

Until the very moment she died, Eastern Lai Li never thought that she would lose her life here today. In the Lost Place, she lost her own life.

Even as she fell, her eyes were still wide open. She really died unwillingly.

Northern Du Hao was also taken down very quickly. Of course, at this moment, he was breathing out a lot more than he was breathing in.

Sima You Yue tossed the remaining undead, Eastern Lai Lis’ corpse and Northern Du Hao into her spirit pagoda before keeping everyone else inside as well.

“Keep him alive.” She instructed Little Spirit.

At this moment, she hadn’t the heart to deal with the undead. As long as they entered the Spirit Pagoda, he would not be able to die even if he begged for it.

Sima You Yue tidied up the scene before leaving this place. A short moment later, there were people who had rushed over after hearing the chaos.

“There was really the aura of a domain here just now. We just wonder which paragon expert was battling here.”

No matter how they tried to guess, they would never have thought that it would be Sima You Yue.

In order to prevent anything from happening, Sima You Yue returned again after leaving. She secretly hid within the crowd. She noticed that their discussion seemed to be centred around the barrier that she made at the end but didn’t know that it was her, so she finally relaxed.

However, when they entered the city, she sadly realised that someone appeared to be trailing her directly. She just didn’t know when the person started following her. If he had seen that scene earlier, then she was in trouble.

However, she also refuted this guess.a t that time, she had set up a domain one kilometre around where they were. If there was really someone inside, there was no way she wouldn’t have known.

Once she thought about that, she guessed that the person probably started following her from the time she started watching from the crowd.

She entered the city and headed directly to the inn. When she reached her room, she called them all out.

However, the few of them were not happy from their victorious battle. Instead, they all looked a little out of it.

“What’s wrong?” Sima You Yue asked rather puzzledly. Why did these people become unhappy after coming out?

Finally, it was Sima Liu Xuan who spoke, “That Northern Du Hao is a stubborn one. There were so many of us who took turns to question him, but not a single one managed to find out information about the undead.”

“You guys have tortured him already?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Yes, you said he just has to remain alive.”

“I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have done that.” Sima You Yue said, “it’s just that Northern Du Hao’s body has a bit of death aura as well, so he shouldn’t be able to feel things like pain.”

Since he couldn’t feel pain, then all those things were useless against him.

“I also tried using the method you mentioned about going into his sea of consciousness, but I found out that his had been sealed. The moment it’s touched, his mind might shatter.” Feng Zhi Xing was disappointed, feeling like he was useless.

If one’s mind shattered, he would be an idiot for the rest of his life, and there would be no way of ever knowing anything about the undead from his memories.

That was because even he would never think of this ever again!

It was no wonder they were all so listless. They couldn’t force him nor could they forcefully read his memories. It seemed like Norther Du Hao was a huge roadblock.

After understanding this, she smiled, saying, “You don’t have to be anxious. When we entered the city, I sensed that I was being followed.”

“So you’re saying that the big fish has been hooked!” Han Miao Shuang cried out excitedly.

Sima You Yue nodded, “However, they can’t be hooked so easily.”

“Mm, but we can begin the next step of our plan.”

On the second day, Sima You Yue and the others checked out. By the time the Mo Clansmen checked out of their rooms, they realised that Sima You Yue had actually received an invitation from the Black Tortoise’s Wu Clan and had gone to be their guests.

When Mo Xue Yang heard this piece of news, his eyebrows subconsciously furrowed as he muttered a sentence about how she had actually gone ahead and done it. It confused the people beside him.

She had only gone to be their guest, she wasn’t walking into a perilous situation. Why did Young Master sigh like that?

However, Mo Xue Yang didn’t explain anything. He just got his men to pay attention to the happenings of Black Tortoise City.

Sima You Yue and the others stood at the gates of the Wu Clan. they looked at the majestic stone lion and suddenly felt as if there was something that was involuntarily beckoning out to her.

The Wu Clan. it actually gave her a weird sense of familiarity.

She felt like it was a little strange. She had never encountered the Wu Clan before, so why would it give her a sense of familiarity?

“Everyone, this way please.”

The one who came to pick them up was one of the main in-charges, and he welcomed them kindly.

This was while everyone was zoning out in front of their gates, which was not really a polite thing to do.

“Our sincerest apologies, We have rarely seen these types of things and felt like those two stone lions were extremely unique, so we took a few more looks.” Sima You Yue explained.

“Young Miss You Yue, you’re too kind.” The steward said with a smile, “The Lord is waiting for you all inside.”

“Please.” Sima Xiu Qi nodded as he took the lead to walk in.

There was nobody who was familiar to her, and there was no familiar impression either. So why did this seem so familiar?

The steward led them inside and the one who had been watching them from the street the whole time suddenly disappeared.

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