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Chapter 1629: Same methods

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Sima You Yue bowed towards the judges and said, “I am.”

“You have already treated them all?”

“Indeed. Judges, please make your evaluation.” Sima You Yue retreated to the side after speaking.

The first step was to inspect the bodies of the ten people, this was to prevent them from switching any of them out.

Very quickly, they ascertained that these ten people were indeed the ten sick people from before.

Actually, there was completely no need for this step. That was because the rooms were not fitted with doors and outsiders were all able to clearly see what was happening inside. There was also a person in charge allocated to the outside of every room to observe and guard the inside.

You want to switch the people out? There was no door and there weren’t even windows!

Once they ascertained the identities of the ten people, they looked at their medical records. If they didn’t ascertain the identities of these ten people, they might not have believed that these ten people were once inflicted with hopeless illnesses.

As every single sick person came out from the room, they would also read out the sickness that they were previously inflicted with. When those around them saw how they were now compared to before, they suddenly felt like the person inside was a divine doctor!

Ten of them. The judges very quickly obtained Sima You Yue’s results this time. Every single sick person was healed beyond expectations. Furthermore, it had been done so quickly. If she didn’t take first place, nobody would.

After Sima You Yue was done, she didn’t leave but chose a place to sit down and rest, as if she was waiting for someone. When she acted this way, those people knew that she was the divine doctor who had completed first.

Sitting in the resting area, she leisurely brewed herself some tea while examining whether or not there were any Hao Clansmen who had their eye on her.

Not to mention the Hao Clan, the other clans began to offer her olive branches and many gave her invitations, inviting her as a guest to their residence once this Crimson Pearl Convention was over.

Sima You Yue looked at those invitations and smiled. She chose two of them, then remained silent as she placed them to the side.

By the time Mo Xue Wu came out after two days, the invitations she possessed were already stacked as high as the height of half a person.

Mo Xue Wu saw Sima You Yue sitting there resting and was first stunned before she laughed and walked over.

“I thought that by coming out earlier, I would be able to take first place! Does that mean that the divine doctor everyone is talking about is you!” Mo Xue Wu said with a smile, “What are you still doing here?”

“Didn’t we agree that whoever came out earlier would wait for the other one so we could leave today? How could I renege on my words?” Sima You Yue kept the invitations into her interspatial ring.

Mo Xue Wu recalled their earlier conversation and they did agree to leave together. However, she thought that she would be the one waiting for her. She didn’t expect her to come out first.

“Let’s go. We’ll head back to the inn. I’m guessing that the outside is definitely talking about your divine medicinal skills.” Mo Xue Wu pulled her along and they left via the passage for doctors. However when they were at the exit,Sima You Yue pulled Mo Xue Wu back.

“We can’t go out just like that.” She smiled in response to Mo Xue Wu’s puzzled gaze, “Listen.”

Mo Xue Wu listened and it was extremely outside. It went without saying that there were definitely many people outside waiting ro her. If she boldly went outside, she would definitely be dragged down by them.

“Then what do we do?” Mo Xue Wu looked at her helplessly.

Sima You Yue grabbed her hand and smiled secretively. Then,she brought her through a passage and disappeared.

As for those people who had chased after her, they watched as two people just disappeared…

When Mo Xue Wu returned to the inn, she felt like something was off. It didn’t feel like she had sensed any fluctuations in space.

She looked at Sima You Yue with shock, secretly thinking that her spatial abilities were too powerful!

Sima You Yue released her hands and laughed, “It’s a lot quieter now.”

“Mm. However, they should be waiting for us outside the gathering area.” Mo Xue Wu said.

Sima You Yue thought about it. Alchemy and Poisons didn’t take as long as the Doctor’s competition. That was why they had come out long ago and were waiting for the Doctor’s competition to end to mark the closing of The Crimson Pearl Convention.

So she took out her Mother Stone and contacted Sima Liu Xuan and the others, telling them that she had already returned to the inn.

Father, Master and the others were really over at the meeting area. When they heard that she had returned, they returned to the inn.

Mo Xue Wu had already gone upstairs, telling Mo Xue Yang and the others about the convention. When she told them about Sima You Yue’s divine healing skills, she was in adoration. Especially when she said that she had brought her back using spatial skills. Her eyes and words were gushing with envy.

Mo Xue Yang smiled lightly, “Who would have thought that Lady Sima would look so young yet be so powerful.”

“It’s really unexpected.” Mo Xue Wu agreed.

While Mo Xue Yang was chatting with his younger sister, his mind had already wandered far away.

He knew what Sima You Yue wanted to do, and had also seen them mention the Hao Clan in Tuo Yi Xuan’s letter. He had personally gotten his people to investigate what happened to the person who took first place and from it, found out that Xu Jin and the others had likely been captured by the Hao Clan.

Usually, outsiders wouldn’t snatch the first position in the Crimson Pearl Convention because this would embarrass those from the island. However, this time was a little different from the previous time.

Why Xu Jin and the others would take first place, he had no idea. However, he was able to guess what Sima You Yue’s motive was.

She definitely wanted to infiltrate the Hao Clan.

However, was the Hao Clan so easy to enter? If she was the slightest bit careless, even she would get trapped inside.

However, she had no choice but to do it.

However, during this period of time that they interacted, he realised that Sima You Yue was a person with a lot of confidence. She definitely wouldn’t do anything dangerous that would cause her to fall into trouble.

He was a little curious about what cards she had to play. Just what gave her the confidence and peace that she would be able to leave the Hao Clan?

Thinking up to this point, he became a lot more interested in Sima You Yue than in her confidence in her infallibility.

When Sima Liu Xuan and the others returned to the inn, they headed directly to Sima You Yue’s room to tell her what the people outside were saying.

Jiang Jun Xian and the others didn’t obtain first place in alchemy and could only wait for them together.

However, what surprised her more was that Eastern Lai Li took first place in alchemy while the one who took first place in poisons was Northern Du Hao.

Sima You Yue knew that Eastern Lai Li was highly proficient in alchemy, so that wasn’t too strange. What surprised her was that Northern Du Hao was proficient in the use of poison.

What made it even more confusing for her was how the both of them managed to clinch first place? It was said that nobody from the secret clans had won these types of competitions before.

The people who came out from the secret clans were naturally not weak, but none of them had achieved first place. Why did things change now?

She believed that this was not a coincidence.

“Junior Sister, there were some people who, while they were refining pills, were using the method that Master taught us.” Su Xiao Xiao said.

Sima You Yue was stunned as she asked, “Were they from the Hao Clan?”

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